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Congress Should Be Shamed: The Vaccine Crises Continues

I just returned from watching the movie, Vaxxed, From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.  The movie is upsetting and infuriating.  If you have not seen the movie, I highly recommend that you go see it.

This movie chronicles the controversy about the CDC whistleblower (Dr. William Thompson) who claims that the CDC altered, hid, and destroyed data that showed a link between childhood autism and vaccines.  I have been writing about this controversy since August, 2014. (You can access the first post here: In August, 2014, Dr. William Thompson, a senior CDC scientist who co-authored 10-year-old studies that exonerated vaccines from causing autism came forward and claimed that the studies he co-authored were fraudulent.  Dr. Thompson’s allegations are chronicled in this movie and in my previous blog posts.

Every parent, physician, and thinking human being should see this movie.

Whether Dr. Thompson’s claims hold true or not, Congress needs to investigate why our children are given more and more vaccines and yet, have become sicker and sicker.

Since 1997, autism rates have skyrocketed in the U.S. and the Western world.  In the U.S., the latest (2015) statistics show that one in forty-five children are estimated to have autism. (1)   In 1995, it was estimated that autism was prevalent in one in five hundred children.   That is an increase of 1,100%!  If the autism rate continues to climb at its present level, some have estimated that one of every two U.S.  children will be diagnosed with autism by 2025.

Folks, this is serious stuff.  In medical school, I was taught that vaccines were one of the miracles of medicine.  I was not taught much about the science behind vaccines, rather I was indoctrinated into the idea that vaccines have been well studied and the proof of their efficacy is beyond questioning.

What I learned after medical school told a different story.  When I researched the science behind vaccines, I was stunned to realize that there is not a lot of good science proving that vaccines are safe and effective.  There is no doubt in my mind that some vaccines do work to decrease the incidence of certain diseases.  For example, the chicken pox vaccine and the measles vaccine do effectively decrease the incidence of those specific illnesses.

But, the more-important question to consider is, “Are we healthier for vaccinating our children against measles, chickenpox and other infectious agents?”  When you consider how many U.S. children are ill, the answer to my question is not so clear.  Our children are sicker than ever—they have more asthma, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, cancer, allergies, and autism than any other generation of children.  The rate of sick children is skyrocketing as exemplified in the autism statistics that I reviewed above.

Nowhere in medical school was I taught that it was safe to inject any living being with toxic items such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum or MSG.  And guess what?  It is not safe to inject toxic elements into any living being including children and pregnant women.  (By the way, there are zero safety studies on vaccines in pregnant women.)

This movie raises a lot of troubling questions that need answering.  Unfortunately, our Government, which is entrusted to ensure that vaccines are properly studied and that they are safe and effective, is not doing its job.  When a CDC whistleblower comes forward, you expect the proper U.S. Governmental agencies to investigate the situation.  In this case, nothing has happened in 21 months.

Think about the Flint water crises.  After the crisis made national headlines, within two weeks, there was a full Congressional hearing, with the Governor of Michigan testifying.

Yet, when a vaccine whistleblower from the CDC states that fraud has occurred at the CDC, where are the hearings?  Where is the media? Where is the AMA?  Where are the Congressmen/women?

Folks, the truth of the matter is that the claim that vaccines are safe and effective is an example of a platitude that is continually repeated.  Vaccines have not been properly studied and many vaccines simply don’t work.  The truth of the matter is that the vaccine schedule has never been studied.  We simply don’t know if it is safe to inject our children with over 70 vaccines before they are adults.

I can assure you of one thing:  It is not safe to inject our children (or any living being) with toxic additives such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum or MSG.  It is not rocket science to predict that people injected with toxic items that negatively affect the human body will suffer neurological and immunological problems.

Simply repeating that vaccines are safe and effective does not make them so.  Watching our young people suffer with so many chronic illnesses should make anyone question the validity of injecting more toxins into them.

We can change that by calling our Congressmen/women and asking them to call Dr. Thompson to testify.  Furthermore, we can change things by calling the Office of Government Reform (OGR—phone number 202.225.5074) and asking them to call a hearing on this matter.  I call this office on a nearly-daily basis and ask them to hold a hearing on the CDC whistleblower.  It is time for you to do the same thing.


(1)    National Health Statistics Report.  N. 87. Nov 13, 2015.   U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics

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David Brownstein

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    Sarah Thieben

    I am New to this site. Dr. Brownstein, how do you respond to the following breakdown of the controversy:
    PS: I really want to know, this is not argumentative at all….

    What got lost in the brouhaha over Dr. Thompson’s “confession,” allegations about a “cover-up” at the CDC, and threats of whistleblower lawsuits was what should have been the main point: Did collected data actually prove that the MMR vaccine produces a 340% increased risk of autism in African-American boys? The answer is no, it did not.

    On 27 August 2014, Dr. Hooker’s article published in the journal Translational Neurodegeneration that concluded “African American males receiving the MMR vaccine prior to 24 months of age or 36 months of age are more likely to receive an autism diagnosis” was removed from public domain due to issues of conflict of interest and the questionable validity of its methods:

    The Editor and Publisher regretfully retract the article as there were undeclared competing interests on the part of the author which compromised the peer review process. Furthermore, post-publication peer review raised concerns about the validity of the methods and statistical analysis, therefore the Editors no longer have confidence in the soundness of the findings.

    The CDC issued a statement regarding the data in question, with instructions for accessing the study at the center of the controversy. As the CDC noted, the authors of that study suggested that the most likely explanation for the moderate correlation between autism and vaccination in young children was the existence of immunization requirements for autistic children enrolled in special education preschool programs:

    Access to the information on the birth certificates allowed researchers to assess more complete information on race as well as other important characteristics, including possible risk factors for autism such as the child’s birth weight, mother’s age, and education. This information was not available for the children without birth certificates; hence CDC study did not present data by race on black, white, or other race children from the whole study sample. It presented the results on black and white/other race children from the group with birth certificates.

    The study looked at different age groups: children vaccinated by 18 months, 24 months, and 36 months. The findings revealed that vaccination between 24 and 36 months was slightly more common among children with autism, and that association was strongest among children 3-5 years of age. The authors reported this finding was most likely a result of immunization requirements for preschool special education program attendance in children with autism.

    For a thorough analysis of the flaws and misinformation associated with the current CDC autism “cover-up” conspiracy theory, we recommend the posts on the subject at ScienceBlogs, which note of the claim at the heart of this matter (i.e, allegedly suppressed proof of a 340% increased risk of autism in African-American boys after MMR vaccination) that:

    Vaccination data were abstracted from immunization forms required for school entry, and records of children who were born in Georgia were linked to Georgia birth certificates for information on maternal and birth factors. Basically, no significant associations were found between the age cutoffs examined and the risk of autism. I note that, even in the “reanalysis” by Brian Hooker, there still isn’t any such correlation for children who are not African American boys

    So is Hooker’s result valid? Was there really a 3.36-fold increased risk for autism in African-American males who received MMR vaccination before the age of 36 months in this dataset? Hooker [performed] multiple subset analyses, which, of course, are prone to false positives. As we say, if you slice and dice the evidence more and more finely, eventually you will find apparent correlations that might or might not be real. In this case, I doubt Hooker’s correlation is real.

    There’s no biologically plausible reason why there would be an effect observed in African-Americans but no other race and, more specifically than that, in African-American males. In the discussion, Hooker does a bunch of handwaving about lower vitamin D levels and the like in African American boys, but there really isn’t a biologically plausible mechanism to account for his observation, suggesting that it’s probably spurious. There are multiple other studies, many much larger than this one, that failed to find a correlation between MMR and autism.

    What [Hooker] has done, apparently, is found grist for a perfect conspiracy theory to demonize the CDC, play the race card in a truly despicable fashion, and cast fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the CDC vaccination program, knowing that most of the white antivaccine activists who support [him] hate the CDC so much that they won’t notice that even Hooker’s reanalysis doesn’t support their belief that vaccines caused the autism in their children.

    Last updated: 3 February 2015

    David Mikkelson

    • Author Icon
      David Brownstein

      How do I respond? Have the CDC whistleblower testify, under oath. That is how I respond.
      The Flint water crises happens and a full hearing takes place within a week. A CDC whistleblower comes forward, claims fraud, and two years later–nothing. It is shameful that our elected officials get away with this nonsense.

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    So many doctors are dying for this cause and Dr. Andrew Wakfield discredited for his research. When will money stop being the driving force to evil.

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    for Colette Harmer: read the 2 books: 1) Dissolving Illusions, Suzanne Humphries MD; 2) Vaccine Safety Manual, Neil Z Miller (esp the 2 introductions — I have the 2008 edition.)
    Modern Medicine is reductionistic to an idiotic degree. BP was 150/90; we gave Norvasc; now BP is 140/80 — great. Isn’t Norvasc good? They never look at the broader picture — are the people who take lots of prescription medications, healthy? Not at all. Modern Medicine does not produce health. I am a practicing MD (a specialist in fact), and therefore see the folks who come in Rx’d to death — they are not healthy. The kids vaccinated to the moon aren’t healthy. But we can zero in and say — did the vaccination cut the chickenpox rate? Yes. Did the Norvasc reduce the BP? Yes. Are the patients of Modern Medicine better off in general? No. With the exception of life and death crises (emergency/critical care), conventional medicine has poor overall outcomes.

    • Author Icon
      David Brownstein

      Dr J,
      I could not agree more.

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    Great synopsis of the current situation, Dr. Brownstein! I recently reversed my son’s diagnosis of T1DM by quickly initiating a LCHF diet, therapuetic doses of Vit D/probiotics/omega-3s, and eliminating IgF and IgG allergens form his diet and surroundings. I promptly waived further vaccination for him and my 5 year old son.
    I hypothesize that many children are suffering from sub-clinical gut disorders (imbalance in gut flora, leaky gut) due to the rising toxicity of our food, water, air and soils as well as poor dietary choices. This gives rise to overactive immune systems in these children which may present as allergies, asthma, chronic ear infections, rashes, eczema, etc, (or sometimes no perceptible outward symptoms at all unfortunately). As this growing scenario goes unnoticed by your average pediatrician, children are unwittingly exposed to further immune excitation due to the adjuvants that are added to modern day vaccines.
    I find that the medical practitioners that I am antiquated with don’t even consider the topic critically and with this level of complexity as they are just as susceptible to the “antii-vaccination=crazy person” image that the mass media pushes.
    I feel that if the above were brought to the attention of the medical community as a clearly presented hypothesis we would see more cooperation. Any thoughts?

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    David Weiner

    Congress should be disbanded.

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    Mark Stoval

    “Vaccines have not been properly studied and many vaccines simply don’t work. The truth of the matter is that the vaccine schedule has never been studied. We simply don’t know if it is safe to inject our children with over 70 vaccines before they are adults.”

    It would be a wonderful post if you would just point out the situation (yet again) where the vaccines have never been given proper, independent trials.

    Where is the long term, double blind, placebo controlled, independent study comparing vaccinated kids to non-vaccinated kids?

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    Pediatric NP

    I have two children with autism and the problem is very real. I saw the film Vaxxed and I truly hope that some change and sunlight on the complicity of government and pharmaceutical companies comes of this. Today I saw a patient come in with his completely deaf mother- the father stated her deafness was the result of measles vaccination complications.

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    Beverly Allor

    Just saw Vaxxed again, very powerful. Jail time is too good for the members of the CDC that are involved in this cover-up. This is not an anti-vax movie, it is exposing the fraud in the CDC and pharma companies that have known this vaccine causes autism and autoimmune in a subset of children. There are two well known doctors from the Doctors TV show in this doc and both are very upset. All they are urging is to bring back the single dose measles, mumps, and rubella instead of the combination vaccines. If you vax, do it one at a time. Great documentary, I urge everyone to see it, whether you are pro, anti, or somewhere in between, the government has to be held accountable. Contact your legislators and demand a hearing on this whistle blower case.

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    Thank you for the article. I’ve believed for years that my beautiful daughter was adversely affected by the round of immunizations she received as a baby and directly caused her to be diagnosed with autism several years later. She was a bright eyed (full eye contact from early on, later to be eradicated in her little personhood), intelligent (even advanced at language) and social infant and toddler – then she wasn’t. She is now 21 years old, is doing very well “considering” but in my heart of hearts I do not believe she was “born this way”. I was the epitome of “natural” during pregnancy, gave birth non-medicated (not even an aspirin), nursed for over a year and made all of her food from organic ingredients. I KNOW in my deepest being that the series of shots she was given caused her to be on the spectrum. I will shout it from the roof tops for the rest of my life. Thank you for providing a voice and another place in which to add my voice.

  • Author Icon
    Mark Stoval

    Dr. Brownstein.

    I agree with you that vaccines contain toxic additives and “that is the truth”. I also agree that the toxic additives are very, very dangerous to health. I am of the opinion that there are effects to every child even if we don’t notice the effects in the stronger children. In other words, there is no safe level of toxic additives put directly into the blood stream.

    Where I disagree with you is that I don’t think we have ever proven conclusively that any vaccine really works to any degree. That would take a “gold standard” trial of vaccinated kids vs. non-vaccinated kids and the study would have to be long term. Has this ever been done? If so, I have not discovered such a study.

    However, I do agree with you that even if a study proved some benefit of some particular vaccine, that still would not outweigh the risks involved.

    Regards, Mark

  • Author Icon

    Dr. Brownstein,
    Where can we view the movie “Vaxxed”? How can we arrange a showing of it here in Marquette?
    Thank you for all you do to educate the public on critical health issues, and thank you for having the courage to speak the truth.
    Valerie Olson

    • Author Icon
      David Brownstein

      Vaxxed is currently at Emagine Theaters in Novi, MI. I highly recommend seeing this movie–which should, at least, start a discussion on how to make vaccines safer.

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    Dr. Brownstein
    Recently there was an article published about vaccines being safe and no longer containing any toxic additives.

    This is the kind of info many people find when trying to educate themselves and because of how it is written they actually believe it….
    Can you respond to this..I would like to have your views on this article if you have the time to address it.
    Thank you so much for all you are doing .

    • Author Icon
      David Brownstein

      I have already commented on what I think. Vaccines contain toxic additives. That is the truth.

  • Author Icon
    Robin Bond

    Dr. Brownstein,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your newsletters, books etc and I’m so glad you are speaking out about vaccines too. This is such a controversial subject that people don’t even want to listen to, they just become outraged…and it’s so strange.

    My question is now that I’m newly pregnant…what in the world can I do? I obviously don’t want my child vaccinated with these toxic chemicals but I fear that we will be forced and that my own family will not understand, because they don’t even listen to reason that these are drugs and are toxic…

    Any advice you can give to pregnant women and new moms facing this dilemma will be much appreciated.
    Thanks again for all of your important truth telling work!!!

    Oh and I will definitely follow your suggestions and contact our congressmen and women!


    • Author Icon
      David Brownstein

      The best advice I can give you is to EDUCATE yourself about these vaccines. Only then, can you make the best choice for you and your baby.

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    Debra Firehammer

    Mar 7, 2015 the Washington Times reported Cruz supporting GMO and Monsanto while campaigning in Iowa, calling those of us against GMO anti-science zealots. I don’t think he will be much help in office than anyone prior to him.

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    Attended the Vaxxed movie on May 1st and stayed for the panel discussion afterward with Drs. Brownstein and Ng along with Dr. Tent and 3 others. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of the questions and being unafraid to speak the truth! I am a patient of Dr. Ng and am slowly regaining my health after years of not knowing why I did’t feel well. I am outraged and heartbroken over the injuries caused to our precious babies and beyond furious at the lack of accountability by the government!

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    Statement in the movie by the Whistleblower:


    The VAXXED website recommends the following actions:

    1 – That Congress subpoena Dr. William Thompson and investigate the CDC fraud.
    2 – That Congress repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine injury Act and hold manufacturers liable for injury caused by their vaccines.
    3 – That the single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine be made available immediately.
    4 – That all vaccines be classified as pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.

    As a citizen, we all have the right to demand these actions from our politicians… your politicians today. The more people they hear from, the more they cannot ignore. NUMBERS MATTER, REACHING MASS MATTERS – TAKE ACTION!

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    Colette Harmer

    Dr. Brownstein,

    I tell my son who is in medical school right now about the issues you post and he always tells me that vaccines are doing more good than bad. I don’t know how to convince him. I even emailed him a study from WebMD that shows an increase in the rate of type I Diabetes in children that have had the Heb B vaccine as a child vs those that didn’t receive it. He sends back other studies that say otherwise, but I pointed out to him that the other studies he sent were about Adults not children.

    He even told me that one of his assignments was to find evidence that Wakefield’s studies are not backed up with additional studies that show it causes autism. I told him there are plenty of studies that show harm to the gut. He is completely convinced that there is no evidence that vaccines are not safe and thinks I am causing harm to society for telling people otherwise.

    Is there any credible evidence, other than people’s experiences that I can show him?

    I’m concerned for my grandkids because of the push to give vaccines to pregnant women (unheard of when I was having children)!

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    I called and spoke with “Jeff” who identified himself as a staff assistant. He would give no information other than it was a ongoing closed investigation. I asked lots of questions, but there were no answers. I will keep calling and my friends and family will call also.

    • Author Icon
      David Brownstein

      I know who he is. He knows my voice. We are both irritated with each other. KEEP CALLING!

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    why is it that some kids end up with autism or some other serious health issue and others don’t? Does genetics play a part or health care of the mom when pregnant? The rise in these serious health concerns is alarming to say the least. way to many vaccines given before the age of 1.

  • Author Icon
    Viola Newman

    I will be making many calls to the number you provided too. As a mom of a child with many neurological issues and chemical sensitivities, I am scared to death of being forced to restart the vaccinations I stopped in my children due to their constant chronic illnesses. I know in my heart of hearts these vaccines were harming my kids. We need transparency and truth at the CDC and we need the freedom to do what is right for our children. We are overusing vaccines just as we overuse antibiotics and all pharma drugs!

    • Author Icon
      David Brownstein

      Please, call each day. Congress needs to call a hearing on this matter now!

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    Linda N

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a book on Vaccines, Dr. B! Just like with your excellent other books on Cholesterol, Statins, Drugs that don’t work, Iodine and more, we need a single, concise source of information on the real skinny about vaccines. In any event, I am slowly collecting all of your books and keep up the great work on your blog.

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    I believe the goverment just doesn’t care as long as it makes money. I got shingles over a year ago on my head and head. I’m still breaking out on my body and was on the virus medicine 3 times and itching all over. I have been to seven doctors and I am not better. My doctor is sending me for a brain cat scan. The itching is from inside out and I have pain in my top of the head. Dr. Brownstein, God bless you for speaking up.
    edith alessi.

  • Author Icon

    Shasta let’s hope that Trump does get into office. Did you know he was THE only candidate that spoke out against so many vaccines for children!

  • Author Icon
    Danielle Sharon

    Thank you for this post. My husband and I saw Vaxxed today. We stayed after crying. Crying for these innocent babies.
    This is not a pro or anti vaccine film. It is a pro truth, pro child, and pro family film. Every single person should see it.

  • Author Icon

    My understanding is that Hillary Clinton supports Monsanto and mandatory vaccines. They will go for the rest of us then.
    She is not our friend. Not sure any of the others are any better. Trump??

    I understand that the Republicans in one state have decided where those votes will go even before the primary election.

  • Author Icon

    I know you through Gray Graham because he highly recommended you and I went through NTA training. I just want to say a HEARTFELT Thank You for all you do and the fact that you’re not afraid to “tell the truth.” We need so many more people like you! God bless…..

  • Author Icon
    Kallie Miller

    Artificial water fluoridation is political as well. The government, dentists and doctors all say it is safe and effective. Non of which is true. There are no toxicology studies on the toxic waste, hydrofluorosilicic acid, used to fluoridate. Science shows it is not effective. Vitamin D3, 1000 IU daily prevents cavities along with good diet and good oral health. My local health unit tells mothers to make formula with fluoridated tap water and make sure to boil it 5 minutes which concentrates the fluoride! Harvard studies show that fluoride lowers the IQ of babies by up to 7 points. WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING TO OUR CHILDREN WITH OUR TACIT CONSENT? Time to stop playing video games and lying on the couch. We must let our elected officials know that the harm has got to stop.

  • Author Icon
    Renee Watkins

    I have contacted Congressman Jason Chaffetz, (Chairman of U.S. House Oversight committee) office more then once and requested he call Dr. Thompson before his committee to testify about this. I will now call the Office of Government Reform as you recommend. The fact that Dr. Thompson reported this altered and destroyed data over a year ago and nothing has been done is outrageous and unethical. Thank you Dr. Brownstein for speaking out about this very important issue. We need more physicians like you.

  • Author Icon

    Is David Brownstein controlled by the opposition? If not, this post will be posted.

    People, vaccines are about depopulation. It’s part of eugenics. Furthermore, while we are fighting over informed consent, the government is dispersing vaccines via Geoengineering.

    Turning Nature against Man: The Role of Pandemics, Vaccines and Genetics in the UN’s Plan to Halt Population Growth

    Faced with resistance from civil society, pressured by an increasingly volatile world, handicapped by the loss of the cover of secrecy, disarmed of plausible deniability, and driven by the sustainability agenda, the UN and national governments have become desperate and isolated and have been forced to adopt a new strategy of population control that no longer relies on their lost ability to turn man against man but on a newly gained ability to turn nature against man. Population control via chemically-induced sterility and morbidity over the course of a lifetime through the adulteration of the basic elements of life with endocrine disruptors is being phased out as more ambitious depopulation targets via vaccine-induced apoptosis through mandatory immunization programmes are being phased in. This new methodology of subverting fertility and increasing mortality, the two means of stable populations, implemented under the guise of societal interventions for public health outcomes with the help of a new global instrument of coercion called ‘public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) requires far fewer financial and human resources but entails far greater risks for mankind and for all life on earth. This methodology allows for the concomitant pursuit of peak population and peak life expectancy by genetically programming sterility and morbidity early in life through childhood vaccines so the engineered demographic transition is accomplished worldwide by 2050 in the most economical fashion and with the furthest timeframe of responsibility, but also with little or no regard to the integrity of human life, fully outside the law and in defiance of constitutional guarantees.

  • Author Icon

    Hi, Did Hillary’s grandchild get vaccines? Do the doctors get the vaccinations? Do congressmen get vaccines? Did the CDC staff get vaccines? Forcing vaccines on kids and the military is big experiment… If Trump gets into office it will be about his views on vaccines and GMO. Big business taking over Amercia is not ok. Yes…all doctors need to be educated about the truth about vaccines. Thanks for your efforts to help others.

  • Author Icon

    Unfortunately, even when Congressional hearings have taken place, I’m at a loss to recall when rectifying action has actually been implemented. Vaccines are a source of income for the government, and Congressional members don’t wish to take a hit on their stock investments. It’s beyond disgusting how a worthless debt note has come to be valued above all else – even the lives of children and babies.

  • Author Icon
    Evelyn Brooks

    Whole heartedly Agree with all the points mentioned !

    Also, No one is discussing what the future will look like when our population of autistic children grow up and age.

    As a society we need to address autism honestly. It can no longer be denied or brushed aside, especially by those in

    positions of power who can make positive changes. In New Jersey the autism rate is 1 out of 41.

    Thank you for bringing up this important subject.

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