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Coronavirus Part II


A little over two weeks ago, I wrote to you about the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic in a blog post titled, ‘Coronavirus: What to Do.’ In that post, I suggested that coronavirus, like most flu-like viruses, can be effectively managed with a holistic approach of eating a diet free of refined sugar, taking vitamins and minerals—particularly vitamins A, C, and D as well as iodine, and avoiding the flu shot.


Why avoid the flu shot? The flu shot is approximately 1-2% effective in preventing the flu—that is the absolute risk difference which is much more reliable than relative risk difference. That means the flu shot fails to protect the vast majority who receive it. And, there are studies that found those who get the flu shot are MORE susceptible to similar non-flu-like viruses including, you guessed it, coronavirus. Getting the flu shot and increasing one’s risk to other flu- and non-flu-like illnesses was first written about 60 years ago by Thomas Francis, Jr., M.D. (1) Sixty years of an expensive, lousy medical intervention is enough; the flu vaccine should be pulled from the market.


But, I digress.


The new coronavirus, COVID-19 is still spreading in China and elsewhere. As of 2.14.20, the data indicates that 1,400 have died and over 64,000 are infected. Although those numbers are grim, I would like to put them in perspective. These numbers correlate to a 2% death rate (1,400/64,000). In other words, 98% of those infected survive. Keep in mind, those are the reported numbers. I am certain there are many more infected people who are staying home convalescing on their own.  Factoring those individuals in the total numbers would lower the death rate.


Any death is a tragedy, but the death rate from this new coronavirus strain is not severe. I think we will see a significant amount of corona virus infection in the US but I think our death rate will be lower. We do not live in as crowded nor as polluted conditions as the Chinese do in the affected cities.


As with any viral illness, the best protective measures are to ensure the body has all the nutrients it needs to maintain a strong immune system. That means eating a clean diet free of refined sugar, maintaining optimal hydration and ensuring that you have optimal levels of vitamins and minerals.


At my office, we find great success with doing IV nutrient therapy when our patients are ill with a viral or bacterial infection. I received a note from a physician colleague of mine (a “Yooper”) who, at my request, gave himself a hydrogen peroxide IV and recovered from the flu in a day. Intravenous vitamin C, glutathione and ozone are other therapies that also help with viral infections.


Holistically, there are a lot of things to do for a viral infection like coronavirus. Conventionally, there is little to offer. My best suggestion? Become a patient at the Center for Holistic Medicine. We have many safe and effective therapies to treat viral, bacterial, parasitic, and yeast infections.  If you don’t live near my office, find a holistic practitioner near you.


My final predictions: The coronavirus (COVID-19) will cause a large number of US citizens to become ill with an uneventful viral illness. I think the death rate will be low.  However, viruses can mutate. It is best to prepare yourself in advance by following the steps I outlined in this and my previous blog post, ‘Coronavirus: What To Do.”


To learn more about virus’, vaccines and other health issues from a holistic point of view,  join me on Saturday, March 7th for my annual lecture, ‘Holistic Medicine for the 21st Century’. See below for details.


To Everyone’s Good Health!

~Dr B


Event: Holistic Medicine for the 21st Century

Date: Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Location: VistaTech Center at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI 48152

Time: Doors open at 8:30am. Lecture is from 9:00am to 11:30am. Brief Q & A to follow.

Price: $25.00 pre-order or $35.00 at the door.


Space is limited. You must be registered in order to attend. Proceeds will be donated to local charities. No refunds please.


To register online visit:


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Author Info

David Brownstein, M.D.

Comments ( 21 )

  • Author Icon
    Sean McDonnell

    This is going to be such an awful situation here in America. You need to stock up on food and supplies. This is a controlled demolition just like those buildings they blew up. By the time people get to reading this it will no longer be funny. You are out of time, get prepared.

  • Author Icon

    My Goodness, everywhere I look I see conflicting reports regarding the CV. The best explanation I have found so far was done by a Youtuber named Dana Ashlie. Someone encouraged me to go give it a look – it was well worth it. It is her latest video titled ‘The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you’ve heard all month! Kinda.’

    Personally, I believe it to be a combination of both. The hype and panic saturating the internet and is exasperating. Just like H1N1, SARS… I am not at least worried about something which is the source of the common cold, mutated though it may be. I have total faith in my immune system to handle it, but 5G now that I am very concerned that not enough people have awakened to stop it.

    Thanks for you Blog Dr. Brownstein and for you sound wisdom.

    • Author Icon

      Yes, I watched Dana too. Her discoveries are amazing and make a lot of sense.

  • Author Icon
    Krishna Chandrasekaran

    Hi Dr. Brownstein,

    you mentioned IV nutrient therapy as a quick and thorough cure for the flu infection. Specifically, you mentioned a patient of yours that took Hydrogen Peroxide IV and recovered from the flu in only 1 day! My question is, how does one obtain and administer those treatments to him/herself? Is it something you can buy online or do you need a prescription or something similar to obtain it? Please let me know at your earliest convenience – Thank You!

  • Author Icon
    Chance Peterson

    Hi Dr. B
    As it relates to refined sugars mentioned in your post, I have long been a believer in avoiding refined sugars. Recently a coworker of mine introduced me to “thefitnesschef”, an Instagram influencer that discusses dietary tips. He is big on explaining that our bodies process refined sugar molecules the same way as natural sugar molecules – and that the biggest difference is that the refined sugars lack the micronutrients which natural sugars possess. Would you agree with that statement? Regardless, do you have any links you could share with me on this topic? Thanks!!

    • Author Icon

      I do agree. Please look at my book, The Guide to Healthy Eating, for more references.

    • Author Icon
      Joe Adams

      That’s part of the problem. Additionally, as I understand it: (a) processed foods often contain sugar in much higher amounts, overloading the body and forcing it through different metabolic pathways in the liver; (b) they do not contain the pulp and other fibers that are usually found accompanying natural sugars, and hence get metabolized even faster than they would be otherwise, causing blood sugar spikes even in healthy people, and worse ones in diabetics; (c) a lot of products contain not natural sugars but high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), posing additional dangers from the contaminants frequently found therein, such as heavy metals from the raw materials, and traces of the enzymes used to manufacture them, which have the nice effect of processing starches, fiber, and more complex sugars in our digestive tract into even more HFCS. The rapid metabolism of sugars and other high-glycemic carbs then promotes insulin, leptin and ghrelin resistance, leading eventually to metabolic syndrome (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and eventual death via stroke, kidney failure, heart failure, cancer, or some combination of the above). Sugar in its natural form is healthy for most people, but, for the above reasons among many others, should NOT be consumed in its refined and processed forms.

  • Author Icon
    Karen G

    Thanks so much Doc for this info! Very helpful and seems like it would work for most any seasonal bug. The IV Peroxide sounds awesome, getting rid of flu in one day!! WOW! Would the IV ozone, C and/or Peroxide be a good treatment for Lyme or cancer? So many things conventional drs have no clue about. Sad!

    • Author Icon

      Yes, the IVs are good treatments for any infectious illness, when used as part of a holistic treatment regimen.

  • Author Icon
    Jean Parent

    Dr. B:
    I am so unhappy that I will miss your lecture this year! I recommend it to all of my friends and look forward to hearing about it when I return from Florida. Oh yes, GO GREEN!!

    • Author Icon

      Hi Jean,
      I will have some things to say about “Go Green!” 🙂
      Sorry you won’t be there,

  • Author Icon

    You mention A C D and iodine. Is there a supp you recommend for these essentials?

    • Author Icon

      I do not use one supplement that contains those large doses. I would recommend using individual doses. Bio AE mulsion from Biotics Research is the vitamin A–10 drops per day, D3 50,000 capsule also from Biotics. Iodine is your choice of Lugol’s or tableted Lugol’s solution. We have all the products at my office:

      • Author Icon

        10 drops of the bio AE mulsions? The. Website says ONE?

        • Author Icon

          That is what I recommend to my patients for four days at the first sign of infection.

  • Author Icon
    Drew Corey

    I live on Long Island and ask you if you can recommend someone in this area that practices similar medicine to you.

      • Author Icon
        Joan Harman

        Is there any possibility you will livestream your lectures or make videos available in the future for those of us who are unable to travel to them?

        Thank you.

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