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4 Years After CDC Whistleblower Comes Forward: Nothing Happens

It was four years ago, August 2014, that a senior CDC scientist—Dr. William Thompson–claimed whistleblower protection by claiming that the CDC had committed fraud by hiding and manipulating data that showed the MMR vaccine was associated with a higher risk of autism.   In August, 2014, I wrote,  “Now, there may be proof that the CDC not only knew about the link between the MMR vaccine and autism but they changed the data in a landmark 2004 study to hide the damning data. What did the heads of the CDC do when they were notified of this fraud? They altered the data and reported in 2004 (1) that there was no association between autism and the MMR vaccine. Who wrote this article? William Thompson, PhD, the very same whistleblower, was one of the authors of that 2004 study. Dr. Thompson  claimed he was suffering with regret and remorse over the damage that has been done to our children over the last ten years.”


According to the CDC, we are currently suffering through an exponential increase in autism since the 1970s.  In 1970, the autism rate was 1 in 10,000.   In 2018, the rate of autism epidemically increased to 1 in 59 children.   That is a 169-fold increase in autism in U.S. children over nearly 50 years!


You would think a senior CDC scientist who claims malfeasance at the CDC is responsible for the rapid rise in autism would immediately trigger Congressional investigations to find out the truth.


However, our dysfunctional Congress would prove you wrong. Four years later, there have been no investigations by Congress.  There has been no presidential vaccine safety commission studying the matter. 


Four years later, there has been nothing.


I am sick of writing about this travesty.


Folks, The United States of American simply cannot survive if 1 in 59 of our children is being diagnosed with autism.


I know that the Powers-That-Be continually state that vaccines are safe and effective.  They claim that vaccines do not cause autism.


If the Powers-That-Be are correct, then why are U.S. children so ill and why do so many suffer with autism?  We have significantly more autism, chronic illnesses, cancer, asthma, and autoimmune disorders per capita when compared to any other western country. 


We are also the most vaccinated.   Show me the data where more vaccines result in better overall health for our population.  I can assure you that there is no data to show.


What can we do?  It is time to start calling the Office of Government Reform (OGR) and demanding that they investigate Dr. Thompson’s claim.  Chaffetz, the former do-nothing OGR Chair failed to do his job, even when he told everyone to stop calling his office so that he could do something. 


To Dr. Thompson: Where are you?  Do you still believe what you said four years ago? If you do, how are able to sleep at night knowing nothing has changed?  If you don’t, what has changed?


Trey Gowdy is the present Chair of OGR.  It is time to let Mr. Gowdy and your own Congresspeople know how you feel.  Call the OGR today and daily and tell them to investigate Dr. Thompson’s claims. Tell them Dr. Thompson needs to testify in front of Congress, under oath.  The phone number for OGR is:  202.225.5074.  Put the number in your speed dial and call every day and ask why the CDC whistleblower has not been called to testify.


Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have anything noteworthy to share from the conversations that you have with your Congressperson or OGR.


~Dr B




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David Brownstein, M.D.

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    Mary Godwin

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    Lisa Ostendorf

    Dr. B,
    I’m wondering if your website may have been hacked. I tried to go on it today to read your blog and Firefox said it was an unsecured site with a weak encryption certificate that could not be validated, and that I could be “spied on” or my information could be hacked if I went on it. I’ve never had this happen before. :/ I had to do an override to get onto your site. I really hope everything is ok with your site and that the “powers that be” are not sabotaging your information getting out there!
    I was part of a lawsuit in Ca. trying to overturn the mandatory vaccination law and expose the lawlessness of our elected officials and the real dangers of vaccines, (with scientific evidence), and our fearless leader had to give up on the suit because of the outright fraud being accepted in our courts, And the fact that men in black suits were stalking him at his home. This is No joke. Last time I checked, all the lawsuits against the mandatory vaccine law here had been thrown out of court. The mandatory vaccine law here goes directly against the Nuremburg Code from the Geneva Convention, and yet our judges “somehow” see this law as not against the internationally accepted Code. I am appalled and petrified over the situation in our state and union. It’s hard to imagine how we can make any progress fighting the hugest and richest mafia/corporations (Big Pharma), the world has ever known, who now also own our government.
    Hoping you stay safe, and thank you so much for always being a source of truth, and ideas for action!!

    • Author Icon

      Thanks for the concern but we were updating our SSL certificate–makes the site secure. Keep calling the Office of Government Reform and tell them to call the CDC whistleblower to testify.

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    This post, shows just another brick in the wall of decay and eventual collapse …of all systems, moving forward.
    I‘m noticing more and more, it no longer matters that governments or people, or systems keep the high road.
    No one in government is doing anything anymore. Lies, cheats and bullies have free reign now, and it is getting worse, faster and faster.
    The collaps of Rome also happened pretty quickly once it got rolling. This is were we are at in our time of history.

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    Pat Armbrester

    I have called the office and was told they have seen the blog site and that there was a hearing 4 yrs. ago and he would pass along the desire for an additional review of this problem. In other words, nothing else will probably be done about this. Dr. Brownstein, I feel as you do. This and many other corrupt activities in D.C. continue as the left has more influence than they should. Without God’s intervention of removing the majority of those in power in D.C. we will only get more of the same. May the people of this country repent and call on our Lord to have mercy on us and restore our country.

  • Author Icon
    Joel Chudnow

    Hi Doc!
    I share your concern.
    Both parties in power are complicit in corrupt government and its agencies.
    It is sad and tragic that so much harm has been done for ego, power and greed!💰💰💰💰
    Justice is blind and ignorant!⚖️🕳
    Thank for your kindness and for wanting US citizens to be well and not MALNOURISHED, ADDICTED AND PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY ILL‼️
    Be well.🙏😍🌝🤓

  • Author Icon

    I definitely agree that we need the next step to happen. I’m not sure it will happen because almost all reps are in the pocket of Big Pharma. We need a lot of next steps to happen in other areas too– organic food for everybody in the country, talk about healthy supplements, getting rid of vaccines totally — teach people that mega doses of vitamin C will get rid of the need for EVERY AND ANY vaccine, etc.

  • Author Icon

    Dr. B,
    I agree that there are many (if not all) vaccines on the market that are questionable at best–especially the ubiquitous flu vaccine! But if you look at the timeline you are referring to you should note the rise in the usage of glyphosate which is now being found in the bloodstreams of newborn babies. I fear that at some point in the future we (if there are any living beings left on the planet) will look back at some of today’s accepted practices (such as vaccines) and wonder what in the world were we thinking!

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    There is a federal law, The Civil False Claims Act, also known as the Qui Tam statute, that allows a private person to bring a lawsuit to recover money the government has paid for things that were falsely represented. The law also punishes manufacturers who lie about their products to the government in order to get paid.

    This could include vaccines if Medicaid or some other government health care program paid for misrepresented vaccines. This is a very effective law that not many people know about. You can read about it at and then contact them to find a lawyer who has expertise in how this law works. This organization has the resources to pursue this matter if it can be sufficiently proven with Dr. Thompson and/or some other evidence.

    The False Claims Act is about more than money. It is also about discouraging fraud and changing the culture of corporate America. As Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA) have noted, “Studies estimate the fraud deterred thus far by the qui tam provisions runs into the hundreds of billions of dollars. Instead of encouraging or rewarding a culture of deceit, corporations now spend substantial sums on sophisticated and meaningful compliance programs. That change in the corporate culture — and in the values-based decisions that ordinary Americans make daily in the workplace — may be the law’s most durable legacy.”

  • Author Icon

    I hope I have some useful information to share after I make my calls. Thanks for the heads up, David!

  • Author Icon
    Norman Frodsham

    I find the comment; “Dr Thompson, Where are you “? to be a bit harsh, because these people have the means of eliminating people who insist upon exposing their evil intentions. We know that their are many such whistle blowers that have been eliminated for daring to expose the truth, so the message has been delivered and anyone who values life will think twice about such exposure of the truth. We have the papers which expose the truth about such vaccines, we need to find a way to show these to the courts, not an easy task, when your life is in danger ?

    • Author Icon

      I hear you loud and clear. It took a lot of courage for Dr. Thompson to come forward. But, we need the next step. Four years is much too long.
      Someone has to get his testimony, under oath. If what he said is true, then we have a national disaster that is unparalleled and ongoing. It is time to know the truth.
      Let me finish with a quote from Elie Wiesel:
      We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

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