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5 Steps To Build Your Foundation To Good Health

freedom: woman enjoying the wind and the seaAre you looking for a way to improve your health, but not sure how to start? Why not begin with a basic foundation that includes just 5 simple lifestyle changes and a proper supplements program? You would be surprised to find that some of the most basic changes in your daily habits and routine can really take you a long way. In my practice, I have found this easy plan to be effective for myself, as well as for many of my patients:

  • Physical Activity: Keep things moving! Mild to moderate exercise, as little as 20-30 minutes a day, three times per week, can make all the difference. This is particularly true during these cold winter months, when it is not conducive to being outside and easy to resign yourself to being sedentary. Consider your local health club or YMCA to take a few laps around the track or a light ride on a stationary bike. I know 1st hand that the challenge is often times finding the motivation to get there; but once you are done, you will be glad that you made the effort and will feel better for it!
  • Clean Diet: Eat plenty of organic vegetables and ‘good fats’ from olive oil & coconut oil. Organic eggs and free-range cattle or chicken are excellent sources of protein, as well as nuts and seeds. Avoid soy products. Knock out processed foods, including sugar, any flour, and milk protein. Wild rice and black beans as a source of carbohydrates is just fine. Choose wild-caught fish over farm-raised fish particularly with salmon, trout, tilapia, and catfish. Avoid swordfish and tuna as they generally have high levels of mercury. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of pure clean water. Remember, beverages including coffee, soda, and sports drinks don’t count!
  • Adequate Sleep: Be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. As a physician, I have seen patients who are active and maintain a good diet, but often take sleep for granted, especially among young adults. It is not possible for your body to function properly without plenty of rest. A good night’s sleep always guarantees a clear mind and improved productivity the next day.
  • Spiritual Balance: Life is a true gift and I am sure that many of you would agree that time is passing us by far too quickly! I am a firm believer that good health is also attributed to spending quality time with your significant other, your children, & your friends. Make each celebratory event a memory, and never be too busy to make time for loved ones. As hectic as the days may be, I try to remind myself of this daily.
  • Supplementation: Your body requires vitamins and minerals to support the immune system, promote normal growth, and keep cells & organs functioning properly. Unfortunately, our food supply is deficient in these nutrients due to excess processing, which makes supplementation necessary. Chief among these nutrients are vitamins C & D, unrefined salt, iodine, and a good multi-vitamin.

Below are my Daily Supplements Packages that I have recommended to many of my patients, and have seen great results. It is best to begin your supplements program gradually by following the suggested dosages below. After 2-3 months, it is fine to follow as directed on each product. These dosages may be taken with meals:








  • Iodoral12.5mg by Optimox Corporation: ½ tablet daily (under the guidance of your physician)- Iodine is necessary for the production of all hormones, including the thyroid. Adequate iodine levels are necessary for proper immune function. Iodine contains potent anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties, as well.
  • Vitamin C1000 by Optimox Corporation: 1 tablet / twice daily- This nutrient protects against heart disease and eye disease, boosts immunity, and works to keep our skin supple.
  • Celtic Light Grey Sea Salt by The Grain & Salt Society: 1 teaspoon daily -This is the healthiest type of salt to consume because it contains more than 80 minerals. Refined (regular) table salt has all its minerals removed and takes on toxic heavy metals during processing. Learn more about salt from Dr David Brownstein’s blog, ‘Why Salt Is Actually GOOD For You & 5 Healthy Ways To Use It.’
  • Bio D Mulsion Forte by Biotics Research: 2 drops / 4000 iu daily- This is the best form of absorbable Vitamin D. There are numerous studies showing that low vitamin D levels are associated with increased incidence of viral illness. People with higher vitamin D levels usually have a shorter course of viral illness, with fewer complications.
  • Bio Multi Plus by Biotics Research: 1 tablet / twice daily- This is a great mulit-vitamin that is rich in natural, bio-identical versions of nutrients typically lacking in our daily diet. – OR –
  • Gluc-Control by PureZen Health: 1 tablet daily- Also rich in nutrients, Gluc-Control is a good multi-vitamin alternative for those who may be struggling with their weight because of its proprietary blend of Cassia Bark, Bitter Melon Leaf, & Green Tree Leaf Extract.

If you are looking for additional information on how to build a basic foundation to good health, I encourage you to read the healthy diet books by Dr. David Brownstein & Sheryl Shenefelt, C.N. These are marvelous resources that will provide you with a wealth of information on healthy lifestyle choices & diet:

  • The Guide To Healthy Eating
  • The Guide To A Gluten-Free Diet
  • The Guide To A Dairy-Free Diet
  • The Soy Deception

A final note:

‘You have permission to heal yourself. Don’t fall in to the trap of thinking that you need a very clever doctor who can write you a prescription for drugs. It’s the permission to heal & really taking ownership of your own health. That is what you need to do. I, personally, could not get well until I took ownership of my health.’ – Dr. Richard Ng

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Richard Ng, M.D.

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