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A Ten Year Search for Safe and Effective Stem Cells Has Ended!

I have been interested in stem cell therapy for over a decade.  Yet, I have been hesitant to use them because I was not happy with how most companies were processing  and testing their stem cells. 

Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated cells that can differentiate into any specialized cells.  Stem cells are utilized in the human body to repair and replace old and injured cells.  Stem cells can regenerate tissues in the body which could prove useful for treating a host of chronic illnesses that conventional medicine has struggled with such as:  diabetes, heart disease, burns, cancer, stroke, and arthritis.  In addition, the proper use of stem cells may prove to be able to treat neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and spinal cord injuries.

Due to the potential of stem cell therapy, I became interested in their use many years ago.  I had patients suffering from terrible illnesses travel great distances to try stem cell therapies.  Initially, stem cell therapy was limited in the U.S. because of concerns about their efficacy and safety.  I had patients travel to China, India, and the Caribbean for stem cell therapy.   When I investigated what form of stem cells they were using, I was concerned as I did not believe the stem cells being used were of good quality nor were they properly tested for safety. 

Approximately a year ago, a colleague and friend of mine, Dr. John Trowbridge (Humble, TX) lectured about his success using stem cells from Burst Biologics (  I questioned Dr. Trowbridge in detail about Burst  Biologics.  Dr. Trowbridge shared my concerns about the poor quality of most stem cell products on the market.  When I began researching Burst Biologics, I was pleasantly surprised that they were extracting and producing stem cells with the quality control that I was searching for.

There are two major stem cell products available for use now:  Adult and perinatal stem cells. 

Adult stem cells are derived from the fat and bone marrow.  They are widely promoted as safe and effective treatments for a variety of conditions, including the illnesses I previously mentioned. 

I was never thrilled with using adult stem cells as these stem cells are not equivalent to young perinatal stem cells.  Adult stem cells have higher death rates when compared to young stem cells.  Adult stem cells have already passed their true potential and I see little value in injecting forty, fifty, or sixty year old (or older) adult stem cells in order to treat illnesses.  I believe that adult stem cells are overhyped and overpriced therapies that should be more carefully regulated by the FDA.  I have seen many patients receive this therapy and have little or no positive results. 

Perinatal stem cells, made from umbilical cord blood, provide pluripotent, young cells that do have the capacity to regenerate into any tissue form.  Dr. Trowbridge spoke of his success with using perinatal stem cells.  I told him at that meeting, “There are so many terrible stem cell products in the marketplace.  Most of these companies are using old stem cells and not properly testing them for infectious agents including retroviruses.”  He agreed.

Burst Biologics uses perinatal stem cells produced from U.S. mothers who donate their umbilical cords for extracting stem cells from the cord blood. When I investigated Burst Biologics, I was pleased that they far exceeded FDA guidelines on checking their products for infectious agents—especially for retroviruses. 

Although self-harvested stem cells do not need to be tested for infectious agents—it is coming from and going back to the same person–perinatal stem cells do need to be properly tested.  Sadly, many companies who use perinatal stem cells are not adequately testing their products for infectious agents.  They may be following FDA guidelines, but that is simply not enough.  

Another problem with many stem cell companies is how they extract their products.  DMSO is commonly used to preserve stem cells.  However, DMSO has been shown to be toxic to stem cells–in effect, DMSO will kill stem cells.  Why would anyone use DMSO in preparing stem cells?  To cut corners and save money as it is cheaper to use DMSO than other methods which actually preserve the stem cells.  Sadly, most stem cell companies continue to use DMSO in their preparation.  If a company is using DMSO to extract stem cells, I suggest you avoid that product.

Many companies use morcellation to literally grind up an umbilical cord to extract stem cells.  This process destroys the fragile cells and results in the contamination of the final product with debris.  Morcellation should not be used when extracting stem cells.   Similarly, any company that uses morcellation should be avoided. Why would a company use morcellation?  To cut corners and save money.   

In researching Burst Biologics, I found they did not use DMSO nor did they utilize morcellation in deriving their product. 

I spent part of last week visiting the facilities at Burst Biologics in Boise, ID.  Besides a miserable snow storm in Minneapolis, MN, it was a fruitful trip.  I was impressed beyond words at the quality control Burst provides in processing their products as well as ensuring them to be safe.

For the past six months, my partners and I have utilized stem cells from Burst Biologics with satisfying results.  I can recall only one out of many patients who reported no benefit from stem cell therapy.  I would like to provide you with a couple of satisfying results from using perinatal stem cells. 

Jackie is a 79 year-old female who was suffering from congestive heart failure had an ejection fraction of 23% in her heart.  Normal ejection fraction of the heart is between 50-60%.  After three months of stem cells, I saw Jackie back in the office.  At that visit, I commented, “Boy, do you look good!”  A repeat measure of her ejection fraction showed it was up to 55%.

Brenda, at 24 years old, was suffering from severe hair loss and anxiety.  Her hair had been falling out for over a year and she struggled with anxiety for over five years.  After trying numerous therapies, nothing was slowing the hair loss and Brenda was becoming more distressed.   Brenda was injected with stem cells directly into her scalp.  A few hours after the injection, Brenda’s anxiety resolved.  Approximately one month later, her hair loss stopped, and new hair began to reappear.  It has now been six months, and Brenda is very pleased with her hair growth and she is thrilled to have her anxiety gone.

My stepfather, Sy, at 84 years old, was suffering from renal failure.  Sy’s kidney function was worsening on a monthly basis.  He was referred to a nephrologist who was preparing him for dialysis.  After IV stem cell therapies, Sy’s renal function improved by 30%.  It was a remarkable change.  Sy is no longer looking at dialysis in the short term and has repeated his stem cell therapy.

I have also successfully treated patients with severe arthritis with stem cells.

Stem cell therapy is truly a magnificent thing to observe.  However, there are a plethora of bad stem cell products in the marketplace.  I believe the majority of stem cell products available on the market are of poor quality.  Unfortunately, it is the “wild west” out there when it comes to stem cells.  Before you seek stem cell therapy, do your research. Do not rely on slick marketing campaigns.  If your health care provider does not know where or how the stem cells are extracted, then I say it is time to find one that does. If you are a patient of the Center for Holistic Medicine, and would like to learn more about stem cell therapy, please consult with your CHM practitioner.

To All Our Health,

(By the way, I have no financial interest in Burst Biologics—DrB)



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David Brownstein, M.D.

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  • Mary

    I have been getting stem cells about 4-5 times over 4-6 months. Not sure.
    My left hip is pretty much bone-on-bone.
    I can now sleep almost pain-free. Walking-weight bearing is still a bit difficult. I did not expect quick results so am looking at what results I have already received. It used to hurt every time I turned over at night. And I am a restless sleeper! So much better.

  • Corinne

    Hi Dr. B,
    I am 30 and have 2 bulging and degenerative discs in my lumbar spine. I also suffered from a compression injury a few years ago that has caused my back to be very unstable. I’ve tried many conservative methods (PT, chiro, cold laser therapy) with no success. My back goes out when I barely do anything. Could stem cell therapy help me?

  • Do we know if stem cells stop reproducing/growing when used in the body? I spoke to a board member of a medical foundation that donates to stem cell research and he said the biggest problem is unchecked growth with stem cells, which of course means cancer.

    • Linda,
      Stem cells have a short half life. They do not last long after injection. The real benefits from stem cell injections have to do with the other items such as cytokines and growth factors.

  • Ed DiGangi

    I have been diagnosed with Atrial Fib, never did feel any rapid heartbeat, picked up during an annual physical ekg.. Can stem cell therapy help this condition?? Do you happen to know a MD in the Conn area that utilizes this therapy?? Thanks. Ed DiGangi

    • Ed,
      There are many holistic therapies that can help Afib that I would suggest first. Hawthorne, magnesium, and vitamin C are examples. I suggest working with a holistic doctor. To find one, go to:

  • Linda White

    Dr. Brownstein, I had Guillian Barre Syndrome 20 years ago and have been left with nerve damage in my ankles and feet along with bilateral drop foot. Would stem cells help with this?

  • Mary

    you say you are not taking new patients however you have an NP and a PA doing stem cell treatments for you. Does that mean these individuals are NOT working under the supervision of a physician? Thank you.

  • Josef Martindale

    I am a 49-year-old man. My Parkinson’s disease appeared at the age of 47. My symptoms, at the beginning, were fine tremors and rigidity with joint stiffness. My neurologist prescribed entacapone with levodopa, carbidopa, and pramipexole. I opted not to go on prescription medicines but decided on using herbs instead, October 18, 2017 after being on the herbs you recommended, i had a total recovery from Parkinson’s disease with this natural herbal formula treatment. The tremors, Shaking, Joint Stiffness has subsided. When I stumbled upon you guys, it was just pure instinct. And from that day on it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. The caring that goes into explaining what herbs work for whatever ails me is astounding. In today’s world where so many are after a quick buck, selling without care, The Herbal Garden’s staffs amplifies the difference. I’m a believer in karma, and for generations to come, this is a herbal store that will be leaving it’s footprint in this world. Visit THE HERBAL GARDENS official web site www. theherbalgardens. org A world of thanks to The Herbal Gardens!”

  • Debbie Jennings

    Have you had any experience in treating Pudendal Neuralgia with this therapy? My sister suffers terribly from it and we recently heard that a doctor in Kentucky was having a lot of success with it.

  • Carole P

    Dr. B,

    You noted the Perinatal stem cells are from donated umbilical cords…….does that mean the cells are NOT from aborted fetuses?

  • MaryW

    In using Perinatal stem cells you address testing for infectious retroviruses. What about the herbocide glyphosate? I had heard that it is also found in cord blood and transferred to our upcoming children. Do you know if Burst Biologics address or tests for this human pollutant?

    I agree with Lisa comments about how hard you work at getting help out to those of us who are listening. Thanks.

  • Di

    My son has talked to me about stem cell therapy. I was wondering has it been used with interstitial cystitis? I have suffered for years and was told by my son that it may help with this condition.

  • Bart

    I was under the impression that the stem cells from umbilical cords came from the cord itself, not the blood.
    Do the cells come from the cord, the blood, or maybe both?

    • Bart,
      Different companies derive stem cells from different sources. Cord blood is the type I use.

  • Jacqueline Rayner

    Can stem cells help with chronic inflammatory demylenating polyneuropathy?

  • Doreen Dunn

    My brother suffered an incomplete C-4 injury over 1.5 years ago. I would love to hear your thoughts about the use of stem cell therapy for this injury. I know you’ve listed spinal cord injuries but not sure if the extent of the injury or the area of the injury would influence the decision on whether or not to try this type of therapy.

    Thank you!

  • Les

    Lisa, you could try Manuka Honey on your eyes twice daily. Slow but sure. It may sting a little& make the eyes water!! SO!
    Kris, there are certain high quality essential oils that may ease that problem (& I don’t mean expensive “network marketed”oils in particular)
    Try HerbHealers

    • Dale Rose

      What do you mean use Manuka honey ‘on’ your eyes? I assume you mean in your eyes (like you use eye drops). How do you get honey, which is thick and sticky, ‘ in’ your eyes and won’t that make your eyes sticky and affect your vision, looking through sticky eyes?

  • Les

    Dr B, if the umbilical cord is not severed untill ALL of the blood from the placenta (which I believe rightfully belongs to the newborn) is pulsed to them, where exactly are these stem cells coming from? I have no doubt that if more Dr’s realised that by severing the cord early they are stealing much important life blood from the newborn thus reducing the babes immunity & growth capabilities to mention a couple of more obvious very valuable assets. I appreciate your research on stem cell but wouldn’t education towards prevention of these mostly self inflicted “dis-eases” be a more sensible approach?

    • Les,
      It is impossible to drain “all” of the blood from the cord at birth. I agree, the cord is cut much too early in most deliveries.

  • Bonnie Camo MD

    I have several compression fractures of vertebrae due to osteoporosis, causing kyphosis. I am 75 yo. Could stem cells possible help my vertebrae to regenerate?

  • Ken Wolkoff M.D.

    You fail to mention the potential problems with growing someone else’s stem cells into tissue in a body that has different DNA. You are turning your patients into chimeras. It is energetically and genetically questionable. I am a fellow holistic physician not an adversary but these are important questions to ask and answer. We often produce short term gin without understanding long term consequences.. BTW it is Lyme disease, not Lymes.

    • Dr. W,
      You are correct. That is a concern with this therapy. However, stem cells do not transfer DNA. If the cells are processed correctly, there should be no transfer of DNA with them.

      • Bart Taylor

        Aren’t we ALREADY chimera’s?
        My Mom’s DNA, my Dad’s DNA, endless Virus DNA, endless bacteria DNA, endless fungus DNA. and whatever the origins of ‘junk DNA’.

      • Ken Wolkoff

        I was thrilled at first to hear that stem cells had no DNA. However I did some checking in case this was something I had missed for years. Stem cells DO have DNA. How could they possibly replicate and become tissue if they didn’t have a full complement of DNA from the donor? If the stem cell from the donor makes its way to tissue it will replicate and grow new tissue there -based on its own DNA. How could the donor cells grow, produce growth factors (one of the immediate benefits of stem cell therapy) without DNA? Please let me know if you have any information that supports the idea that there is no transfer of DNA in correctly processed cells. Energetically speaking, I am sure you have seen the research that shows that the emotions and personality of organ donors curiously has been documented to show up in the recipient. We are more that mechanical!!

        • Ken,
          I misspoke (late at night replying) about DNA and stem cells: Stem cells DO have DNA, but DO NOT transfer their DNA.

          • Ken Wolkoff

            It is not a question of transferring DNA. What happens is that the stem cells replicate with their foreign DNA and so we have tissue from another person of unknown origin growing in the recipients body. What does that do to heart, brain etc.? I contend that it is not a neutral event. It could be great with a super donor perhaps, but also a liability with a weak donor. There is more to DNA than its mechanics. It carries intelligence and reflects the soul’s manifestation of a body in a given lifetime.

            • Ken,
              The current research has found that stem cells are not able to transfer their DNA to the host UNLESS there is a virus or vector that facilitates it. Stem cells do not live long after transplantation in the body–the effect is to change the milieu which allows the recruitment of the body’s own healing cells. This is facilitated by the growth factors and cytokines which are also present in the stem cell product.
              Is there risk to stem cells? Of course there is a risk since you are using a donor’s cells. I think the biggest risk is the viral transfer or obtaining a virus from the donor. That is why it is important to use a reputable company that goes beyond the FDA requirements.

  • Loretta

    Any hope for teeth?

  • Tom kUEHNERT

    Thanks for your input about stem cells. My learning journey is on the way, maybe 20 hour of reading so far. What do the top ten chemo drugs and radiation do to stem cells?

  • Milica jancevski

    Can stem cell therapy help Liver disease?

  • Donald Wudarski

    DR>B Where are you located and would you take me as a patient for stem cell therapy on my knees ?? I am 82 years old and do not want a knee replacement. If you do accept me can you give me an estimate of the cost? Thank you for your response.

    • Donald,
      I am not taking new patients right now, but I have a PA and an NP who are taking my new patients. For more information, you can call: 1.248.851.1600.

  • Jeanne

    Have you heard of stem cell therapy helping fibromyalgia?

  • Dawn

    Will stem cells eliminate cancer and the cancer stem cells?

    • Dawn,
      That is a good question. There is a concern that stem cells could stimulate cancer growth. Other research hints that it may help cancer. I know that is not a definitive answer, but that is where we are right now.

  • Pauleta J Clawson

    I can testify to the help that can come from your own stem cells. My husband had A-Fib and COPD for several years. He received stem cell therapy from his own fat stem cells. His breathing, stamina, and overall health improved tremendously. For the next 11 months he did very well. He went to sleep in his chair one night after being out in extreme heat most of the day and woke up in heaven. I am a huge supported of stem cell therapy – particularly from ones own stem cells.

  • Mary

    I work with a semi-retired anesthesiologist in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He is pretty familiar with stem cells here. I am not sure what he knows about source.
    He did say that adult stem cells are nowhere as good as the ones you mentioned above. He also remarked that the stem cells do not stay where injected and tend to migrate. That makes repeated application frequently need. That can increase cost even here where it is lower than the US.

    Wish insurance companies would allow their use as an insured person. Not sure what Medicare and the various Medicare supplements might or might not cover. It might even possibly lower their payments for continuous treatments if a useful state can be achieved with stem cells.

  • Kris

    Can stem cell therapy be used to treat Lyme disease effectively?

  • Lisa

    I look at how much you do, so the rest of us can continue to make more informed, and safe choices for ourselves, as nothing less than miraculous. Obviously, you have the ability to venture into many more and varied resources, but the fact remains, you work hard at it… and share your results.
    On a personal note, I suffer from wretched cataracts that cannot be removed because I have Fuchs-Gutatta, and have refused the option of cornea transplants. Even partial. The surgery isn’t 100% positive, nor is the thought of taking anti-rejection drugs. Have you heard of any successful stem cell treatments on the horizon for this particular malady?

    • Lisa,
      Thank you for the nice comments.
      I am not aware of stem cells helping that condition.

    • JenniferR

      Hello, Lisa, I am not sure if what I have to contribute is any help. I met a grazier here in Australia, who told me about his 80 year old mother with cataracts. She said this therapy had worked on her eye. She had one cataract removed with the normal surgical procedure, and later found out about another therapy. When her second eye needed cataract removal, she decided to use this natural therapy. Get an organic cabbage leaf with no insect damage to it, crush it up and put a drop of the juice in the affected eye. She did so, and 12 months later, she couldn’t remember which eye she had the surgery on and which eye she put the cabbage juice in. I didn’t meet the woman, only her son, and I haven’t tried the treatment.
      Like I said, I don’t know if this is of any value to you at all.

      • Elle

        Jennifer – you mean only one treatment with the cabbage juice or multiple treatments in 12 months. If so, do you know how often? Thank you.

    • Lisa, I am currently reading It’s the Liver Stupid pdf which I got free online. Somewhere in its pages I’ve read that using MSM, not MMS, eye drops will clear cataracts in pets and humans! MSM is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, 99.9% pure.

  • Ira Goodman

    So interesting. No problem with rejection? What about US Stem cells in Fla? They use adipose tissue, culture , expand, and freeze for uses later.

    • Dr. G,
      There have been no reported cases of graft v. host rejection after 10,000 plus uses- that was reported to me last week.

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