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About Sheryl Shenefelt, C.N

Praise for Sheryl Shenefelt

Sheryl Shenefelt is a Certified Nutritionist and the co-author of five nutrition books with David Brownstein, MD: The Guide to Healthy Eating, The Guide to a Gluten-Free Diet, The Guide to a Dairy-Free Diet,The Soy Deception and The Skinny on Fats. She is also the author of three eGuides including The Healthy Handbook, Shop with Sheryl and Meal Plan with Sheryl, as well as co-author of Your REAL Holiday Survival Guide to help you not only during the holiday season but all year long.

As a nutritional consultant, Sheryl is dedicated to serving the nutritional, lifestyle and wellness needs of individuals and families. And as an author, speaker and mother with a passion for studying and researching food and nutrition, Sheryl especially enjoys teaching workshops aimed at improving the nutritional status and overall health of her students. Her “Shop with Sheryl” classes are particularly popular. She is also a past board member of Healthy Traditions Network (for her local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation).

Sheryl and her husband Bob have two beautiful children, Grace and Nick. Her family is her main inspiration for wanting to eat healthy foods every day, for every meal. “Thanks to my experience as a nutritionist wanting to help my clients and as a wife and mother wanting to keep my family healthy,” Sheryl says, “I recognize the importance of carefully selecting the type of food we eat, knowing where our food comes from and buying foods in their most natural state – and from local farmers! — whenever possible.”(Looking for some local Michigan farm resources? Click here)

Sheryl and her husband Bob also co-founded iMatter for Kids, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded to help kids realize they matter!