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Adding Fluoride to the Water Supply: A Ridiculous Idea

How could anyone support adding a substance that is both a carcinogen and neurotoxin to our water supply? Yet, for over 50 years, across the US, we have been doing just that. Fluoride added to our water supply is a perfect illustration of terrible public policy and exemplifies what is wrong with our Government.


Fluoride, being a neurotoxin and a carcinogen, is toxic to nerve cells and has been shown to cause cancer.


A new Canadian study[i] found that, when compared to women in non-fluoridated areas, maternal fluoride exposure during pregnancy resulted in a significantly lowered IQ in their children.


Folks, this study is not new. In fact, over 50 previous studies have shown a similar problem—lowered IQ– with fluoride exposure.[ii]


Adding fluoride to our water supply is an example of medicating the population without consent. That is wrong. Adding a substance to our water supply that is both a neurotoxin and carcinogen is just dumb.


We know that lead exposure causes problems with lowered IQ and neurotoxicity. So, lead was removed from paint, gasoline and leaded pipes. When leaded pipes are found to contaminate water, a public health emergency is issued and steps are taken to remove it from our water supply. Lead exposure lowers IQ on par with fluoride exposure.


We were all taught that fluoride prevents cavities. That is FAKE NEWS! Studies of countries who fluoridate their water supply compared to those that do not show no difference in cavity rates. And, fluoride toxicity is occurring right before us. Just look in a youngster’s mouth; there is a 50% chance that US children will have dental fluorosis which is seen as stains on the teeth. Dentists will claim it is just cosmetic. That is incorrect. It is sign of too much fluoride.


Fluoride exposure causes problems with iodine as fluoride is in the same halide family as iodine. Fluoride causes the body to competitively inhibit iodine and causes the body to release iodine. We are currently suffering from an iodine deficiency crisis as iodine levels have continually fallen in the US for over 50 years. Iodine deficiency is associated with cancer of the breast, prostate, ovary, uterus and thyroid. These are all cancers that are increasing at epidemic rates at the same time iodine levels are falling.


What can you do? First, put a filter on your kitchen sink that removes fluoride. Next, elect Congressmen and women who have a functioning brain (a difficult task) and will work for us. They should demand that fluoride be removed from our water supply. Finally, I suggest having your iodine levels checked an supplementing with iodine when low. At my office, over 7,000 have been checked for iodine and nearly 97% are low, most severely low.


More information about fluoride and iodine can be found in my book, Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It.





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David Brownstein, M.D.

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    Don’t trust filters. Most don’t remove fluoride and others only reduce fluoride content and have to be changed more often than recommended. Buyer beware.

    The answer is political activism. Tell local, state/provincial, and national authorities to get the F- out of your drinking water!

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      AGREE! But, there are filters that do take out F. The best option is to get F out of the water supply. Agree 100%.

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    When we were deciding on a system to clean the F out of our water [as well as the rest associated with the chlorine] we got samples of each piece of equipment’s output and took them down to our local water company’s lab technicians and asked them to see what the f level was so we could make a decision on the equipment we had ordered. Then sent back what equipment didn’t satisfy our needs as the vendors were kind enough to offer money back if we found their equipment did not perform as claimed.

    The lab techs were able to do all 4 samples in about the same number of minutes, and were quite happy to help. And one of the RO units came with a testing device that measured the health of the supporting filters so we can monitor for unexpected trouble. ttyl, as we are forwarding the link to this DrB article to our county health commissioner and several other local officials.. Best as always, keep em on their toes DrB…

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    People also must stop waiting for the other guy to save them. Everyone must contact their local legislators to demand they stop adding unnecessary health-robbing, money-wasting fluoride chemicals into their bodies via the water supply. Politics, not science, supports fluoridation. We have to make it popular to oppose fluoridation. Even if people filter fluoride out of their personal water supply, virtually all foods and beverages purchased in restaurants, supermarkets and other stores contain fluoride because fluoridated water was used in the processing, from fluoride-containing pesticide residues or in foods with naturally high fluoride levels e.g. tea and ocean fish. It takes a village ……………….

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    Emily Meyer

    If people really understood the effect of fluoride on health, people would be horrified about the destruction caused by our government on our health and those we love. To alter water in this way with the valid research we have is evil and criminal

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    Andrew Petricca

    I’ve taken heat from dental hygienists for not giving my two daughters fluoride. They are 10 and 9 and their teeth are healthy. The hygienists mean well, which is why they tend to get angry, they just don’t understand what fluoride really is and what it really does. The accumulation occurs relatively slowly over time, so it’s easy to say it’s not the fluoride causing issues. If the fluoride does harden the outside of the teeth, it is a superficial hardening that can easily hide an otherwise unhealthy tooth beneath the synthetic hardening on the outside of the tooth, allowing the tooth to progress further into decay without notice. Besides quality food and flossing and brushing with a coral toothpaste, I’ve found a product called MI Paste is a big help with oral health.

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    Jan Palmer

    It is undoubtedly deliberate. Look at the mental health of our nation. You will know them by their fruit.

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    Agreed, fluoride is poison and fluoridation is beyond ridiculous. However, I depended on a high-quality filtration system to my detriment. None of them are really reliable. After decades of IBS, chronic fatigue, and arthritis – I went to no-low fluoride bottled water for everything, even to brush my teeth. All of my symptoms wen away in weeks.

    Get political. Tell your politicians on the local, state and national levels to get the F- out of our water!

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    Dr. Tom Baldwin

    Although retired from a Biological Dental Practice in Towson, MD after almost 40 years of practice, I have opposed the addition of fluoride to our water since my 2nd year of Dental School. You are right, David, on every single count! And I love the research proof you gave us, but I have to add: it’s really common sense! A no brainer! Thanks!

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