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Air Bliss Oil Roll On- 1/3 Fl Oz



– A secret blend of essential oils
– Anti-inflammatory properties
– Regulation of fat metabolism

Notes from Dr Shealy about The Ring of Air:

Air Bliss -Neurotensin is an endogenous tridecapeptide found in the central nervous system. It is a neurotransmitter found in the hypothalamus, amygdala, basal ganglia, and dorsal gray of the spinal cord and it is now known that it also is produced in the intestine itself. Neurotensin plays a role in pain perception but its analgesic effects are not blocked by opioid antagonists. It also affects pituitary hormone release and gastrointestinal activity. Two possible aspects of neurotensin action in the central nervous system are involvement in the etiology of schizophrenia and its analgesic properties. Neurotensin actually is antipsychotic so that theoretically, enhancing neurotensin would prevent or treat schizophrenia. Neurotensin affects pituitary hormone regulation and a remarkable variety of gastrointestinal function. Neurotensin is a neuroleptic, not in the pharmaceutical sense of the word, but in its ability to allow cognitive dissociation. That is, neurotensin essentially increases the ability of an individual to detach from physical sensations and yet be mentally quite alert.

There is considerable clinical evidence of antinociceptive or pain relieving benefits of neurotensin. In nature, however, it is relatively rapidly metabolized so that giving neurotensin externally is not therapeutically feasible. At low blood sugar levels, neurotensin stimulates release of insulin. Interestingly, release of glucagon and somatostatin, the normal neurochemicals that are stimulated by glucose or arginine, are inhibited by neurotensin. There is a close metabolic relationship between neurotensin and histamine with neurotensin effects being reversed by histamine receptive blocks.

In summary, neurotensin has anti-inflammatory properties and decreases the body’s response to all known causes of inflammation. Because of the short half-life of neurotensin, an internally activated production is the most effective way of enhancing neurotensin effect.

It has been our intuitive perception that stimulation of the Ring of Air increases emotional, mental detachment, and helps stimulate holographic thinking or intuition. This would be compatible with its effect as a neuroleptic agent.

Stimulation of the Ring of Air with visualization and massage to these specific 13 acupuncture points has been done in classroom settings with several hundred individuals, most of whom report subjective feelings of increased connectedness accomplished at the highest levels of meditative experience. There is no accurate way of measuring lucidity or meditative states of awareness and obviously much further clinical work needs to be done, both to determine the subjective effects of activation of the Ring of Air, as well as the implications from increased levels of neurotensin.