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Are Eggs Bad For Your Health? No!

This week I wrote an article about the health benefit of eating eggs for Newsmax.  I wanted to share this article with you.  You can find on here:

A recent headline in The New York Times reads “Are Eggs Bad for Your Heart Health? Maybe.” Instead of “Maybe,” a more accurate assessment would be “No!”
The article summarized the results from a prospective study of 30,000 subjects. Approximately two eggs per day were found to result in a 17 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and an 18 percent increase in risk of death from any cause.
This was an observational study, not a randomized trial. Therefore, this study cannot conclude anything with certainty.

For more than 50 years, scientists have vilified dietary cholesterol as a cause of heart disease, even though this theory has been fully debunked.
Statins, which are now taken by tens of millions of Americans, were promoted to lower the risk of heart disease by lowering the cholesterol levels. But statins have been shown to fail nearly 99 percent of people who take them. They provide no benefit for reducing heart disease risk. I have written about this extensively in my newsletter, Natural Way to Health, and in my book, “The Statin Disaster.”
In the Times article, the author writes that “the average cholesterol consumption of Americans has not changed much over the last few decades — about 300 milligrams per day. But even at that level, they found, dietary cholesterol is tied to an increased risk for cardiovascular problems.”

I have two words for that quote: fake news.
Death from heart disease has been steadily declining since the 1970s. Because the average consumption of cholesterol has not changed during that time period, it rules out dietary cholesterol sources as a cause of heart disease.
In 2018, scientists recruited 500,000 Chinese subjects to study the association between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease. They reported in the journal “Heart” that moderate egg consumption was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, independent of other risk factors.

Cholesterol is a vital substance. That’s why the body tightly controls cholesterol production. Adequate cholesterol levels are needed to maintain optimal brain and neurological function and provide for optimal hormonal production.
Cholesterol deficiency is associated with a host of problems from cancer to dementia-associated illnesses.
An organic egg may be the perfect food. It provides a complete source of essential and nonessential amino acids. It provides healthy fatty acids as well as vitamins and minerals essential for promoting a well-functioning immune system.

I have found my patients healthier for eating organic eggs.
David Brownstein, M.D., is one of America’s top holistic medical physicians. His Natural Way to Health newsletter focuses on the most crucial health issues affecting you and your loved ones. This monthly health advisory is packed with proven natural therapies — and the best of safe conventional medical care.


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