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Are Environmental Toxins Causing Obesity?

Researchers recently studied samples consisting of over 20,000 animals from 24 populations (equally divided between males and females) representing eight species living with or around humans in industrialized societies. They found that in all animal populations, there was a trend for increasing body weight over time.

The scientists also reported that over the past several decades, average mid-life body weights have risen among primates and rodents living in research colonies, as well as among feral rodents and domestic dogs and cats. The authors of the report, which appeared in the November 24, 2010 issue of Proceedings of the Royal Society of Biological Sciences, suggest that the cause of increasing body weight in animals may be similar to what is causing the increasing body weight in humans.

In industrialized societies, the human population is facing an unprecedented obesity epidemic. Over two-thirds of adults in the United States are either over weight or obese.

Obesity leads to a host of problems, including diabetes and hypertension. My experience has shown that limiting refined foods is a healthy way to approach one’s diet and combat obesity.

But this study points to another factor: Toxin exposure could be causing animals as well as humans to gain weight. One of the body’s defense mechanisms against toxin exposure is to gain weight in order to store the toxins (fat) safely away from vital organs.

Every day we are exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in plastics, body lotions, and food. In order to fight this onslaught, it is important to ensure that your body’s detoxification capabilities are properly maintained. This can be done by eating a clean diet, drinking plenty of water, ingesting unrefined salt, and taking the appropriate nutrients to aid detoxification.

One supplement that can aid any detoxification plan is vitamin C. I typically suggest taking at least 3,000 mg per day of vitamin C- if your stomach can tolerate it or to bowel tolerance. It is also important to find a healthcare practitioner who is knowledgeable about detoxification.

To Your Good Health! Be Well!

– Dr David Brownstein

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