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CDC Whistleblower Case Three Years Later: Nothing Happening

I honestly cannot believe I am still writing about this.  It was three years ago that a senior CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, claimed whistleblower protection after he issued a statement that he and his fellow colleagues altered, hid, and threw out data that showed a direct association between the MMR vaccine and autism.   In August, 2014, I wrote in a blog post, “Now, there may be proof that the CDC not only knew about the link between the MMR vaccine and autism but they changed the data in a landmark 2004 study to hide the damning data. What did the heads of the CDC do? They altered the data and reported in 2004 (1) that there was no association between autism and the MMR vaccine. Who wrote this article? William Thompson, PhD, the whistleblower, was one of the authors of that 2004 study. He is reported to be suffering with regret and remorse over the damage that has been done to our children over the last ten years.”

The data that was altered showed a whopping 240% increase in autism cases among African American males who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age.  Furthermore, there was a 69% increase risk in any male injected with MMR before 36 months of age.  Guess which racial group has the highest incidence of autism?  If you guessed African American males, you win the prize.  Guess who suffers with more autism, boys or girls?  If you guessed boys, you win again.

In that 2014 post, I stated, “If the information I have presented here turns out to be true, heads should roll. Big heads. There can be no justification for injecting anyone, especially our youth, with contaminated vaccines.”  You can read other blog posts about this topic by clicking here or here.

A logical person might assume that when a senior CDC scientist states that major misconduct has occurred at the CDC–which may impact the health of millions of our children–our Government would go into action investigating the situation.

When it comes to our Government, logic is thrown out the window along with our children’s health.  There has not been a single hearing form either the U.S. House of Representatives or the Senate.  To date, three years later, the CDC whistleblower has not been formally questioned under oath.

Folks, I am tired of writing about this.  I see patients who have been damaged by vaccines.  There is no excuse for any healthcare practitioner to defend the current vaccine schedule when it has not been properly studied.  There is no excuse for any healthcare practitioner to justify the use of vaccines that contain neurotoxins and carcinogens that include aluminum, formaldehyde and mercury.

Our children are mandated by the Powers-That-Be to have more and more vaccines.  The state of health of U.S. children is a disaster.   When compared to other Western countries, our children suffer with more autism, arthritis, cancer, and chronic illness.  Our schools are suffering under the enormous weight of special needs children.

Somebody show me a study where our children, the most vaccinated children on the planet, are healthier than other Western children.

It is time to speak up and it is time to vote the idiots out of office who do nothing. I know I have asked you to call the Office of Government Reform (OGR) before.  OGR is supposed to investigate U.S. Government whistleblowers.  The Government will work for us IF we make our voices heard.  If we say nothing and do nothing, we will get more idiocy.  Chaffetz, the former do-nothing Chair of OGR is, thankfully, gone.  Trey Gowdy is the new chair.  Let’s hope Mr. Gowdy does what is right:  Call the CDC whistleblower to testify, under oath.   The phone number for OGR is:  202.225.5074.  Put the number in your speed dial and call every day and ask why the CDC whistleblower has not been called to testify.

You can find your Congressperson here:  President Trump has expressed an interest in the issue of vaccine safety.  You can send him a note here:

It is up to us, the people of this country to act.  If your health care provider is not listening to you, find a new one.  If your Congressperson, Senator, or President is not listening to you, find a new one.




  1. Pediatrics. Vol. 113, N.2. Feb 1, 2004.
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David Brownstein, M.D.

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    PS, I forgot to mention, soon Dicamba, and 2-4-D will be in them, and of coarse not on that monstrous list of small print BS that comes with them.

    My family including myself have been effected by both the vaccines and GMO’s, my boy had ADHD, and I haven’t been vaccinated since July 76 in the Marines, but have had a DVT/PE that almost killed me, and a couple years ago my heart almost exploded. Anthony said GMO’s was a factor for the DVT/PE. We were lucky in the big picture. Many haven’t, and to those you have my deepest, heart felt sympathy. I’ve read and heard so so so many heart wrenching stories.
    God Bless you all.
    Jon Abe

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    I share your sentiment Doc B! Maybe a glyphosate enema would help?

    Maybe we should all call our controlled whores in DC and ask them why they support mass genocide. I’ve been at this dance for 9 years now. I’m no health expert, but I’m still capable of using logic and critical thought. All I can say is I’m done being respectful of all them DC whores.

    I thought the problem with MMR was the glyphosate, since mercury and aluminum is absent and causing autism for 8 years now. Dr. Wakefield’s study is almost 20 years old now, and anyone familiar with this knows what happened! Instead of them whores that claim to keep us safe, kept the drug and chemical food industries. There’s a lot of things wrong with vaccines, but I’ve studied the Round-Up, and BT toxin angle. What we’ve found in just the last year would blow your mind! When I assisted Nancy Swanson on a series of articles for the GMO labeling vote in WA a few years back, our look at autism had a 0.989 on Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient! On a dart board, that’s a hair off dead center! The Autism chart is on page 27.

    Genetically engineered crops, glyphosate and the deterioration of health in the United States of America

    A year ago Stephanie and Anthony checked vaccines and gelatin-based products, including Jell-O, gummi vitamins, and protein powders for glyphosate.

    Vaccine-glyphosate link exposed by Anthony Samsel

    AUGUST 15, 2017 World Mercury Project
    Weeding Out Vaccine Toxins: MMR, Glyphosate, and the Health of a Generation

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    Mi Mom

    Thank you for your work… for updating us and keeping up with this topic.

    Wow – has it really been 3 years already? I have learned so much since then and become so callous about the massive vax cover up (among other things). I know you are spreading hope by telling people to call / email their legislatures, but it has become really obvious – especially with the last Russian sanctions bill – that they don’t work for us. They work for someone who has no name / no face / big pocketbook.

    But, as I said, I admire your hope.

    The system is crumbing all around us and it seems as if only a handful of people even realize it. Very strange time that we live in.

    I really wish you were taking new patients.

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    Priscilla Rich

    Dr Brownstein: following up on what action CAN TAKE PLACE, my member of the House is on the committee you refer to: Mark DeSaulnier (CA – 11th congressional district)

    He would have the capacity to push for a hearing, so I will make my best shot at this.

    I am requesting to speak directly to his legislative aide that deals with health issues.

    Your blogs will be the key part of my focus.

    I will stay in touch, and let you know of any progress, using this blog for updates.

    My best – Priscilla, aka Polly

    PS – I have welcomed your advice, especially in one area: taking iodine has put my Duprey-Trens in one hand in remission. THANK YOU for this!

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    Priscilla Rich

    Dr Brownstein: you might have the right so-called president in the WH now, however there is so much chaos under him, I am not sure this is even the right time for this.

    I WOULD WELCOME you sharing how WE AMERICANS can be our own advocates.

    I WELCOME YOU publishing a statement to parents and grandparents on this.

    I apologize if you have done this already.

    MOMS ACROSS AMERICA would be a good place to start this conversation.

    I believe they would welcome interviewing you on this subject. I know the founder and have her email.

    Would you like an email introduction to her?

    Let me know!

    My best – Priscilla, aka Polly

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    As the grandparent of 5 and our 6th due in February I live in fear for these precious little
    loves of our lives. Their parents, our 3 children, were born in 1980-89 and we’re fully
    vaccinated. Our son, the oldest, experienced 106 fevers after vaxxes as well as
    banging his head on the ground and other things. Our middle daughter became a
    Type 1 diabetic at age 5 after getting “caught up” on her vaccines so she could go to
    school. She is now 31 and has a whole host of autoimmune probs and dibilitating eczema.
    Our youngest daughter has anxiety and digestive probs and is our least vaccinated
    child. My instincts as a mother knew something wasn’t right with vaccines and
    I tried over and over to voice that to their peds. Everyone kept telling me they were safe
    And I thought there was just something else going on with all 3 of my children. I didn’t
    know any different and I trusted the docs. Not anymore. There needs to be accountability
    for this gross negligence. The pharmaceutical companies have and continue to do harm to
    the most precious beings in our lives. I have enormous regret for my lack of diligence…I
    trusted in people who didn’t deserve it. This needs to change now. I will call and make my
    voice heard for my grand babies sakes. Thank you Doctor Brownstein….keep fighting
    for the children…God’s most precious miracle.

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    Follow the money.. greedy manufacturers prey on our innocent children… shameful. Parents need to be parents and wake up, protect your own. Don’t allow pediatricians/schools to bully you into vaccinating.
    Thanks for the contacts Dr. B!

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    The pharmaceutical mafia is definitely working on making vaccines mandatory for all. Already exemptions are slowly being eliminated for children’s vaccines in many states. It was a terrible mistake that Congess made and Reagen signed into law the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Act giving all vaccine makers immunity from lawsuits due to the harm caused by the vaccines. Another terrible mistake was allowing pharmaceutical companies direct to consumer marketing which captured the news media, which will never publish the truth about vaccines for fear of losing advertising money. The Supreme Court made a terrible mistake in a 2011 ruling that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, and vaccine makers do not need to even try to make them safer. The terrible mistake of Citizens United made it easier for pharmaceutical companies to buy lawmakers.

    So how will our corrupt government force adults to accept any and all vaccines? Just look to the latest ruling issued by the CDC on treating travelers suspected of having a communicable disease. Incarceration and forfeiture of assets to begin with and who knows after that. Will people who refuse vaccines be herded into “concentration camps” and be forced to accept vaccines under treats of physical violence as happened in Nazi Germany? That’s why the Nuremberg Code exists to prevent that but must be enforced by everyone.

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    I have lost much faith in the pediatricians of the area. There are several that are wonderful and willing to work with parents who choose to delay/minimize/avoid vaccination, but they are few. It’s more common, nowadays, for local ped’s. to bully parents/children out of practices that insist that all kids be vaxxed. These are the same people who sit in front of me at a ‘well child,’ visit, checklist in hand, and drill me on whether or not we have well/city water. Well water? The suggestion is to then run to the store and pour my child a glass of fluoridated water from a jug. This advice from the medical profession, mainly in terms of wellness/optimal health, goes against my instincts as a parent and an educated individual. In cases of urgent matter and emergency, these practitioners serve a purpose. Acute injury, infection, emergency? Absolutely important. Overall, however, especially when it comes to health/wellness, are they useful or harmful? I’m going with harmful, or, at the very least, highly unhelpful.

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    This is a subject that has to be shared with others. Even if we get some push back, we can share some facts without being too pushy. We need to get people to start researching. Otherwise mandatory vaccines will be the norm for our children and yes, us, as adults. They want that by 2020. That’s only 21/2 years away folks!

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    As I understand it, there is a court case involving Merck and the mumps portion of the MMR. Apparently there was a whistleblower who said the mumps vaccine HAS NOT been effective for some time. I think fraud is involved. There has not been pursuit of this court case either. It may be on Google.
    Vaccines are sacrosanct because of the enormous $$$$ involved.

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    American people are not healthy due to vaccines/gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/bad fats/Roundup/pesticides/chemicals/low sunlight/exercise and more. Vaccines are hurting babies/kids so they don’t even have a good start in life and baby formula maybe 1/2 sugar and GMO soy/GMO corn which may lower their immune system/lower their thyroid/hurt their gut lining. Breast feeding and less vaccines/not getting vaccines until age 3 may help, but American food is also hurting. Meat/dairy/soy/BPA/chemicals/fat may have estrogen which may hurt. Lead in water/arsenic in chicken and rice and more may hurt. Big business may want to keep you sick since they also make money off of that. We may lose a whole generation of kids to vaccines etc. People may have less kids in fear and gluten may lower fertility as it hurt intestines so less nutrients absorb. Who is helping heal the Autistic kids? Alternative doctors may help, but there are not as many and Conventional medicine tries to hurt what works in Alternative medicine. Insurance may not pay for natural help. They are starting to call Autistic kids “natural”/normal. ADD/ADHD/Autism etc may be helped by no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a lablel…taking vitamins/good oils/minerals…probiotic….LDN…detoxing and less/no vaccines. The American people want their vaccines. They think they are protecting themselves and that Autism just happened. Elderly may get a double dose of flu vaccine which may hurt/kill. People may get the Shingles/flu from the vaccine which may lower the immune system etc. Big business lying to cover up and not be held accountable is expanding to other countries with our gluten/GMO food/Roundup/vaccines. It is not a gift to them. It hurts them. They think we are Christian and are there to help, but get very hurt and don’t understand. Nature needs to thrive….wildlife/the environment/people due to natural help only.

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    We have a vaccine disabled child.
    We have spent all of my retirement money on them.

    No answers until I watched “The Truth about Vaccines” and “Vaccines Revealed” then we knew why.
    So we have found a cell membrane healing protocol.
    Strict diet, expensive but we have hope for the first time.
    Gardasil which should be “guaranteed to kill” is killing both girls and boys.
    This insanity has got to stop.

    Anyone willing to plan marches all over the country?

    We need a movement, as so far Bobby Kennedy has not don’t anything except travel and speak.
    No more words, action.

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