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Osteoporosis: You Can Fight It and WIN!

Don’t let conventional medicine fool you! While it is true that your bones are going to change as you age, it does not necessarily mean that you have to develop osteoporosis. It certainly does not mean you have to take prescription drugs to prevent this condition either. Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become

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Take Your Multivitamins

Scientists studied nearly 34,000 Swedish women for 10 years to ascertain if multivitamin use would decrease the risk of developing heart attack. Compared to women without heart disease who did not take a multivitamin, women who took a daily multivitamin had 27% less chance of heart attack. The women who took other supplements (in addition

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Are Environmental Toxins Causing Obesity?

Researchers recently studied samples consisting of over 20,000 animals from 24 populations (equally divided between males and females) representing eight species living with or around humans in industrialized societies. They found that in all animal populations, there was a trend for increasing body weight over time. The scientists also reported that over the past several

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