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Part II: Cholesterol Lowering Medications and Vaccines Are Safe? Where Are the Safety Studies?


In part I of this series, I wrote about why Repatha should be pulled from the marketplace. In that article, I showed you that both Repatha and the fake placebo used in the study were both associated with nearly 25% serious adverse effects including hospitalization, death, and disability. Recall that in the fake placebo, polysorbate 20 was a main ingredient. I surmised that perhaps the high rate of serious adverse effects in the fake placebo was due to the polysorbate 20. Please refer to my original blog from May 3rd, 2019 “New Cholesterol-Lowering Medications Associated with 25% SEVERE Adverse Effects!”


Polysorbate is used widely in medicines as a dispersing agent—it helps the medicine absorb better. Polysorbate 80 is also found in many vaccines. As I will show you in this post, similar to polysorbate 20, polysorbate 80 has not been properly studied–especially as an injectable agent.


The Powers-That-Be state that vaccines are safe and effective. To make the ‘safety’ claim, one would think that there must be many studies on the safety of injectable items before they are allowed to come to market. If the FDA, CDC, and HHS were doing their jobs, there would be appropriate safety studies on injectable ingredients.   However, for over 25 years, I have been writing about the failure of our Governmental agencies to oversee The Big Pharma Cartel.   This colossal failure is a large part of why we are spending so much money on health care yet we continually rank last (or next to last), when compared to other Western countries, on every health indicator according to the WHO.


POTUS ran on a platform of draining the swamp. So far, the health care swamp hasn’t been drained. In fact, it is enlarging and getting worse. POTUS’ appointments to CDC, HHS, and FDA have ALL been swamp insiders who know how to promote Big Pharma’s agenda.


But, I digress.   Let’s get back to Part II of this series; the connection between the toxic effects of Repatha and vaccines.


Polysorbate 80, found in many vaccines, is a very similar substance to Polysorbate 20 and the MSDS sheet reads similarly. Unbelievably, Polysorbate 80 is found in many vaccines that are mandated not only for our children but for adults as well. Perhaps we are seeing an epidemic of childhood illnesses because of the overload of toxic products found in vaccines.


Section 11 of the Material Safety Data Sheet for polysorbate 80 states, “May cause reproductive effects based on animal test data. No human data found. May cause cancer based on animal test data. No human data found. May affect genetic material (mutagenic).”[i]


The Vaccine Link

Even though it has not been properly tested, Polysorbate 80 is used in many vaccines including:

  • DTaP (Infanrix);
  • DTaP—IPV (Kinrix);
  • DTap-HepB-IPV (Pediarix);
  • DTaP-IPV-Hib (Pentacel);
  • Gardasil
  • Influenza (Agriflu);
  • Influenza (Fluarix);
  • Meningococcal (MenB-Trumenba);
  • Pneumococcal (PCV13—Prevnar13);
  • Rotavirus (RotaTeq);
  • Tdap (Boostrix)5


Animal studies have shown that injecting polysorbate 80 can cause reproductive problems including damage to the ovaries and uterus[ii].


As I previously state, polysorbate is a substance that helps to disperse or dissolve chemicals. In the case of vaccines, Polysorbate 80 is used to help the vaccine bypass the blood brain barrier. The blood brain barrier is necessary to keep dangerous substances in the blood stream from damaging the central nervous system. With vaccines, polysorbate 80 allows the ingredients in a vaccine to penetrate the brain. Since vaccines contain viral and bacterial components as well as toxic metals (such as mercury and aluminum) along other nefarious ingredients, why would anyone think that injecting polysorbate 80 into a human being, much less a child who has a poorly developed blood brain barrier, is acceptable? Once injected, polysorbate 80 can break down into sorbitol and ethylene oxide. Sorbitol, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is not to be injected (under drug warnings[iii]). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found evidence of carcinogenicity (promoting cancer) with ethylene oxide exposure.[iv] Ethylene oxide is associated with reproductive effects in mammals as well as leukemia in female rats and malignant tumors in male rats.


Is it safe to inject any human, much less a baby, with either polysorbate 20 or 80?




This may explain why nearly 25% of those in the Repatha study—in BOTH the treatment and ‘placebo’ groups which both had polysorbate in them–suffered a “serious” adverse event. In the case of vaccines, there should be studies that prove that polysorbate 80 is safe to inject. There are not. In fact, there are studies that show problems with injectable polysorbate (see part I of this series).


If I am wrong here and it is not polysorbate then there is something else in both the Repatha group and the placebo group causing 25% to suffer from a serious adverse effect.


To those that criticize me as an anti-vaxxer, please show me a study (there should be numerous studies) that proves polysorbate is safe to be injected.


Big Pharma is using us as a great experiment. So far, the experiment is not going well. Our kids are sicker than ever. It is time for the pro-vaxxers out there to stop parroting the vaccines are safe mantra when they have not been properly studied for safety.


Vaccines are safe? Repatha is safe? There is no difference between the Repatha and the placebo groups in regards to adverse events? Somebody, show me the studies. How do you make those claims when the appropriate safety studies have NOT BEEN DONE!  Cholesterol lowering medications and vaccines are safe? Let me answer that with a quote from Clara in the old Wendy’s ads: “Where’s the beef?”


~ Dr B



[ii] Food Chem Toxicol. 1993 Mar;31(3):183-90.



Author Info

David Brownstein, M.D.

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  • Author Icon

    The studies do exist. They just aren’t readily available. At least not as low hanging fruit. Or are they?

    Every drug and vaccine insert details the ‘results’ of studies, by showing all the inherent dangers. Yes, they’ve done the studies.

    The doctors are taking notes on reactions and submitting them to the CDC. The military subjects all its personnel to vaccines and takes notes on the reactions. Who knows what’s happening in the prisons and penitentiaries. The CDC and pharmaceutical companies know full well what these products do. This is why they claim ignorance and/or demand liability protection.

    Plain and simple, this is biological and chemical warfare against the population. That’s a separate subject in itself. On this battlefield, Big Pharma is no different than the military industrial complex.

    • Author Icon

      Amen. The controlling powers are especially using the US in their nefarious schemes first. They name highways after veterans, but they poison them and force them to be vaccinated and then study the results. Also newly signed up suckers who fight in their manufactured wars have to go on food stamps to support their families.

  • Author Icon
    Dawn Varner

    I am a healthy, prescription-free 70-year-old with 6 grown children and 26 grandchildren. When I was a child I received the smallpox, DPT, and polio vaccines. Period. I had all the usual childhood diseases and came through just fine. Some of my grandchildren are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. Others follow the recommended schedule to the letter. I greatly fear the impending threat of mandatory vaccine laws. I wonder how many people who support these laws realize that they will impact everyone — children, adults, and seniors. If this becomes a federal law, we could be mandated not only to “catch up” on the CDC recommended schedule, but be forced to submit to any other new vaccine that the CDC recommends.

    I agree that Big Pharma is not really interested in curing anyone, only in “managing” chronic disease. With the long list of dangerous chemicals in vaccines — some of which are known carcinogens — it is clear that the Pharma-CDC-FDA-government cartel is not really looking out for the welfare or health of the people, but the health of their bottom line. And yes, I am one of those loony “conspiracy theorists” who believes that it is very likely (as Bill Gates admitted) that vaccines are being used as a method of population control. The US birth rate is at a 32-year low.

    It is very sad and alarming to witness the changes that have occurred in my lifetime, to see how industry and government are recklessly and dispassionately undermining the health of the people, and to see how lies and half-truths are promoted while truth is suppressed or punished. I greatly fear for my family — those now living and those yet to be born — and the health problems they will face. With the phenomenal rise in autism and childhood chronic illness, I wonder if there will be enough healthy people left to run the country! And I also wonder if those in charge actually submit to all the vaccines they want us to get.

  • Author Icon
    Tom M

    Since the 50’s, when I was born, vaccinations have gone up about 15-20 times from birth to age 20. I am beginning to believe that the reason for so many unproven vaccines is that Big Medicine is setting up the younger generations to experience more sickness as they age and therefore Big Pharma will ensure themselves of steady and growing incomes for many decades to come. Big Pharma seldom cures sickness and disease, but only manages it by MD’s prescribing drugs to be taken life long. There are some 1,800 drugs currently undergoing various phases of creation. What about the 1,000’s of previous drugs that have done little to fix anything? The medical system is an endless scheme that provides income for nearly 20% of the consumer economy and that will never change. Any major cures would leave a lot of companies broke and thousands of people in the bread lines. Many medical employees enjoy cushy incomes while the US spends gargantuan amounts on health care and gets few good results. Often, the best cures are the simplest and cheapest and thus they are swept under the rug. They do not make Big Pharma richer and therefore are to be ignored.

  • Author Icon

    One thing i think we can say is that these things did not happen by accident or because they are stupid. They may be evil, but they are not stupid.

    1. They’re hellbent to sell these vaccines to make money.
    2. They have to use polysorbate for some reason. Either because they can’t find anything else in sufficient quantities to do what they need, or the price is prohibitive of the alternatives.
    3. They know polysorbate is bad, but since they have no alternative, they have to cover it up.
    4. They cover it up by using a “placebo” that has polysorbate in it.

    Either the above is true and they are truly evil people….
    or they are stupid beyond comprehension.

    There are no other choices.

  • Author Icon

    For once I am glad to be over 60 with no young children that I need to protect from such madness (and financial disregard for human ethics).
    Not a grandparent yet…..but I guess that’s when the fear will kick back in.
    Thanks Doc…..over time I presume greater understanding will expand into the wilderness from which you currently call…and I hope it won’t take too long!
    Regards from Australia.

  • Author Icon

    Those responsible should be convicted of criminal negligence, or perhaps something even more serious. 🙁

  • Author Icon

    Dr. Brownstein…..your column and information is valued. Thank you profoundly for being the lone voice of reason in a wilderness of misinformation.

  • Author Icon

    People who are antagonistic toward those who are pro-life say they are “anti-abortion,” while claiming they themselves are “pro choice.” Those of us who question the safety of vaccines are called “anti-vaxxers,” while those who favor forcing vaccines on everyone are “pro-vaxxers.” Using the “anti” prefix to designate people is a derogatory classification, while the “pro” prefix … well, they must believe/promote something good, right?

    I think we need to find a different term to use to identify those who believe that political/government power should be used to coerce people into having toxins injected into their bodies, and the bodies of their children, against their wills. Certainly there must be a more descriptive term to more accurately portray them as what they are: people who are willing to pay others to do violence to their neighbors to force their beliefs on them. Sometimes I wonder… how can this craziness be real?

  • Author Icon

    Thank you. You remind me that in a quest for health you must be informed and brave enough to push back against the mainstream medical establishment for what’s good and right for you and your family. Partner with you doctor of course, but be the outspoken advocate for “do no harm” – – – as he has forgotten his oath.

    • Author Icon
      David Weiner

      I agree with you, that we need a better name to identify ourselves.

      I describe myself as an opponent of the government vaccine program. Because the fundamental issue is not the vaccines, per se. It is the coercion being employed to get people to take them as well as the fraudulent nature of the research and information used to promote vaccines. These are the things we must object to and they are intimately tied to a highly corrupt and dangerous government program, which must be abolished. Nothing beneficial ever came out of attempts at central planning, whether we are talking about a full-blown Communist state or governments trying to centrally plan the health of their subjects through mandatory vaccine schedules.

      • Author Icon
        James Howe

        A libertarian is someone who does not believe in threatening/initiating force (or fraud) to achieve social and/or political goals. Voluntaryist and anarcho-capitalist are two other terms defining individuals who live by the non-aggression principle, depending on one’s outlook.

  • Author Icon

    Interesting article, Dr. B!

    I just wanted to share a story. A few years ago, my dentist’s office was promoting a locally made dental rinse that was made of essential oils. I tried it and it seemed to make a positive difference in my oral health, so I also got my husband & son to use it too. Then one day, there was a shortage of the dental rinse & it seemed like it was no longer available. I asked my dental hygienist if she knew when the product would be available again & she said she didn’t know because the person who developed/made the product was battling oral cancer & was too ill to work. The dental rinse developer tragically passed away & was never able to resume manufacturing of the dental rinse.

    When I heard that the dental rinse developer had cancer, especially oral cancer, my first thought was, “OMG! Did she get oral cancer from using or making her own dental rinse? Maybe I should look a little closer at the ingredients.” Please note that I have no concrete evidence that she got cancer from using or making her own dental rinse. However, when I looked into the ingredients, polysorbate 80 raised a flag for me.

    The production of this dental rinse has been resumed by others who are using the same recipe, so it is now available to consumers once again. It also contains sorbitol and I learned from your article that sorbitol should not be injected, but this dental rinse is being recommended to people with gum disease where bleeding may be occurring. My dentist’s office is still promoting & recommending this product, but I am steering clear of it. There’s other options out there. I have told my dental hygienist why I am no longer using it & she respects that, but I know the office as a whole is still recommending it as a natural, effective option.

  • Author Icon
    David Winston

    And when you consider the insanely high prices of Repatha, it’s a no starter in my book.

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