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Mct Oil (medium Chain Triglycerides)- 16 Oz



Medium Chain Triglycerides are absorbed and digested in ways that by-pass typical fat absorption routes. This ease of utilization makes MCTs ideal for those needing to access energy rapidly during continuous and strenuous exercise. MCTs purported thermogenic properties support conversion of fat into energy promoting weight balance while preserving muscle tissue.

473g / 16oz

Ingredients: Pure blend of medium chain triglycerides: 60% caprylic (C8:0) and 40% capric (C10:0) fatty acids

How To Use MCT Oil:

– Take 1 tbsp daily to help sustain energy and burn excess fat.

– Take in the morning with or without food.

– Additional tablespoon may be taken one or two hours before a strenuous work-out.

– Use in lieu of other sources of saturated fat in your diet.

– Consume within 8-10 weeks of opening the bottle.

– Consult your health care practitioner or dietitian prior to use if you have diabetes, ketosis or liver disease.

– Shelf stable. Keep away from light in an air-tight container. Shelf life: 2 years


No Trans Fatty Acids Vegans Gluten Free no gmo Kosher Easy Pour No BPA

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