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Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you have found your time here to be informative. Please use this form to contact me (or my team) with questions or feedback. I appreciate your patronage. Due to the large volume of questions submitted, I am unable to answer them all individually.

For questions regarding International book orders or wholesale book orders (including Canada), please contact Medical Alternatives Press directly at: 1-888-647-5616 or email them at:

As many of you may know, we have continued to experience intermittent issues with our new online store and apologize for this inconvenience. Please know that we are currently re-working the site to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing difficulty while trying to submit an online order, please contact Customer Service at 866-877-6467 or You may also contact our Business Manager directly at 248-851-1600 ext 230. We will gladly make adjustments to honor any discounts or free shipping where applicable. We greatly appreciate your patience. Thank you!

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