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Coronavirus Part III: Say It Ain’t So

The White House is asking Congress for AT LEAST (oy vey) $2.5 billion in emergency funds, in part, to develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus outbreak. (1)


I have written two recent blog posts about coronavirus which you can find on my homepage ( Before we give any governmental agency AT LEAST $2.5 billion dollars we should know how it is going to be spent. Recall the Zika scare from 2016. At that time we were being told by the US governmental agencies (FDA, CDC, and HHS) that somehow a relatively benign virus that has been around for nearly 100 years was suddenly causing birth defects in the form of small-headed babies. There were headlines in the major papers and fear mongering stories that Zika would do the same in the US. My first article about Zika can be found here: ‘Zike, Schmika! How To Waste $2,000,000,000!’ The title of the article says it all! I lamented that President Obama asked Congress for $2 billion dollars to research the “new” problem with Zika. I subsequently wrote three other blog posts stating that Zika would not be a problem in the US and was not the cause of the small-headed babies.   I thought giving the CDC $2 billion dollars was a waste of money. Congress ended up giving the CDC over $1 billion dollars to develop a Zika vaccine.   My fourth Zika post was titled, “Where is our billion dollars?”


Here we are 4 years later and…NO Zika vaccine and NO more reports of small-headed Zika infections. The reason there are no more reports is because Zika did not cause the problem in the first place. Zika is still occurring around the world and we are still surviving—without an epidemic of small-headed babies.


But, we are $1 billion dollars poorer. And, we still have no Zika vaccine.


So, should we give the US government AT LEAST $2.5 billion to make a vaccine against COVID-19 (the coronavirus strain currently active)? Right now, the answer should be absolutely not. We simply do not know how deadly this virus is. The information out of China simply cannot be trusted.


The CDC should be the last governmental organization trusted with AT LEAST $2.5 billion dollars to study COVID-19. The CDC has consistently lied and hid data that shows our kids are suffering adverse effects from receiving too many vaccines. The CDC is the same organization that refuses to complete a study comparing children fully vaccinated against those unvaccinated. That study would provide the final answer to whether too many vaccines are harming our children.  The CDC was tasked with that study decades ago and has the available data available, and yet…we still have no study.


If the Government snares another AT LEAST $2.5 billion from us to study COVID-19, it should be earmarked for treating and quarantining the sick. I say use the money and give the infected COVID-19 patients treatment with antiviral therapies that actually work such as intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and vitamin C. That would be a good use of our money. Please don’t use the money for lousy antiviral drugs like Tamiflu.


And, most importantly, keep the CDC away from our pockets.


One last thing, someone (President Trump!) needs to force the CDC to complete a study comparing fully vaccinated children to unvaccinated children.


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To Everyone’s Good Health!

~Dr B


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Author Info

David Brownstein, M.D.

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    Hello Dr. Brownstein,

    How is Iodine on gut bacteria. I assume it kills any, the good and the bad it comes into contact with. Will taking it orally (liquid or pill) just kill a bit of your gut bacteria each day but as long as you have healthy gut bacteria or are supplementing with probiotics you will be alright?


    • Author Icon

      There are clear studies that show iodine does NOT harm good bacteria in the gut. And, after 20+ years of using it in practice, I do not see gut problems from iodine usage–in fact, it helps gut issues because it kills bad bacteria and yeast.

  • Author Icon

    Dr. B,

    Thank you for this article.
    I totally agree that CDC should not be given
    any of our hard earned dollars, especially to
    the tune of 2.5 billion. I find this to be simply obscene.
    First of all, the CDC is still unwilling to answer many
    important questions regarding deceit, fraud and the
    destruction of records they had concerning the studies on vaccines.

    I highly recommend a book that is based on perhaps the
    first study of its kind, that may compel more folks to demand
    studies be done comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children.

    This book is based on the results of studying more than eleven thousand children, as
    well as other evidence based scientific information.

    “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” is written by Paul Thomas, MD & Jennifer Margulis, PhD.;
    Ballantine Books, 2016.

    • Author Icon
      Camille V

      Thank you Dr Brownstein for being an advocate for us all. I have followed you for years…since discovering your writings while seeking solutions for my thyroid problems. Each year when you announce your upcoming holistic medicine event I wish I lived closer so I could attend . In the future I urge you to consider offering an option for online participants. Thank you again!

  • Author Icon

    Dr. B, thank you for this article.
    I totally agree with your opinion here.
    CDC really doesn’t need any more of our money,
    especially to the tune of 2.5 billion. If find it obscene.
    They also need to be held to some important truth telling
    that is LONG overdue.

    I highly recommend that folks read an easy to read, scientifically researched
    book written in a respectful tone towards parents needing to make important
    decisions about childhood vaccinations.

    It is probably the first study done of its kind, by a pediatrician on over eleven thousand
    children in his practice. It’s a real eye-opener that might compel more people to demand
    that proper studies be made on vaccinated and unvaccinated children. I promise you it’s a
    very worthwhile read that will make you think & understand the pros & cons of vaccinations.

    The book is “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” by Paul Thomas, MD & Jennifer Margulis, PhD;
    Ballantine Books, 2016.

  • Author Icon
    Marilyn Cleveland

    Dear Dr. Brownstein,
    Thank you for all your information and newsletters. I particularly like the one that explains how too many vaccines are the cause of Autism. While I was living in the Portland area, I had a neighbor who had a grandchild that was so very lovely and happy. She was a infant less than a year old, smart, alert and happy. She came back from the doctor one afternoon after receiving numerous vaccines and was never the same. She was listless and non-responsive to the usual things that made her giggle and laugh.
    When my grandson was born, I did not know these things and he was given all those vaccines that they now give (many of which I find not necessary).
    He was not diagnosed as being Autistic but he was very slow to start talking which worried all of us. Today, he is 14 and is a big handsome teenager but he is an average student and has to work much harder to comprehend what he is reading. When my granddaughter came along three years later, I did have this information. My daughter insisted that she not get all the vaccines and what they made her get, she arranged to have them spaced months apart. Our granddaughter spoke in full sentences and pronounced words clearly months before she was two. She was such a wonder, so very bright and curious. l don’t know if the vaccines made the difference but I think it did.
    You wrote an article that said the scientists that did the studies knew that the vaccines caused autism but that they would not say so. Then I read that they finally admitted it, admitted they lied but Obama didn’t ever announce it. Did something happen? Is this true and could you write to President Trump?
    I would gladly write if you would provide the information needed to convince him to do something. He is doing a great job in making changes and I think he would take it seriously.
    Thank you.

    Marilyn Cleveland

  • Author Icon

    Shows how deep the corruption is in the CDC. I can’t believe people believe the garbage the CDC pumps out. They have no interest in health. Their only interest is $$

  • Author Icon

    Agree. Today’s culture is to throw money at something to try and fix it. The common cold is a virus. How is the cure for that coming

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