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Coronavirus Part V: The Epic Failure at The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention


I just finished a busy week seeing patients. During this time, I saw at least six patients who had flu-like illnesses. Did they have COVID-19? I don’t know. Why don’t I know? I can’t tell my patients if the are sick with coronavirus because there are no test kits available to me.  However, test kits are widely available in many other countries including Iran, Japan, South Korea, Germany, or China. In fact, hundreds of thousands of coronavirus tests have been run in other countries.


But, NOT in the US.


As of Monday, March 2, 2020, the US has tested a few hundred people for coronavirus. According to the CDC, 337 more kits were released on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


Why are other countries able to test for coronavirus and we aren’t?!?!


When the coronavirus epidemic started late last year in China, the World Health Organization (WHO), with help from German researchers, quickly developed a test for coronavirus. This is the test used by every other country except…the US. “The CDC insisted that only its test–and not the one developed by the WHO, for example–could be used on suspected cases, and even CDC tests would [only} be administered under limited circumstances.” (1)


Folks, this is an unmitigated disaster! How do we know how many people are infected with coronavirus if we can’t test them? It feels almost idiotic to ask that question.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are a perfect example of a FAILED Federal agency. On the CDC homepage it is stated that the CDC “Is working 24/7 to protect America from health and safety threats both foreign and domestic.” (2)


The coronavirus pandemic illustrates the failure of the CDC to properly do its job. And, because of that, we suffer.


In the US, we spend almost 18% of our GNP on healthcare. This is markedly higher than any other Western country. Yet, we are last or nearly last in every health indicator. We are last in neonatal mortality and we live shorter lives when compared to every other major Western country.


We are clearly getting cheated when it comes to healthcare.  And, the CDC is very good at cheating us. They cheated us by stealing $1 billion dollars for the Zika non-epidemic. Now, they will get paid handsomely for their missteps with coronavirus.


You see, the CDC is supposed to protect us from viral pandemics and epidemics. Yet, in the case of COVID-19, because of a lack of testing kits, we have no idea how many are infected with coronavirus. Furthermore, COVID-19 could have been a perfect example of our public health system working: a new virus is identified and contained through proper quarantining and treatment. Well, those days are long gone. This virus is clearly spreading out of control due to the ineptitude of the CDC. No longer can it be maintained.


But, I have good news for the CDC. Our Federal legislatures, in true fashion, have approved over $8 billion for US Governmental agencies dealing with virus. The inept CDC gets $2.2 billion.


Wow. They made out better than they did with Zika. What a DEAL!


I am sure this money will be well spent.


Why would we give more money to the agency that failed epically? Will anyone at the CDC lose their job over this failure?  I doubt it. At my lecture on Saturday, I will talk more about this.


Final Thoughts:

1.  I predict the mortality rate for coronavirus will be much lower than the 2-3% currently reported.  Once we are able to test everyone, there will be many more asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic coronavirus patients that will lower the mortality rate.  The mortality rate will be somewhere near the influenza mortality rate. Keep in mind that coronavirus has been around for nearly 100 years. It causes a flu-like or an upper respiratory illness (a cold).  We have all been getting and recovering from coronavirus infections for nearly a century or more.


2.  My experience in treating patients for viral infections has shown that vitamins A, C, D as well as iodine & nutritional IVs are very effective. Not only do these protocols help to prevent infections, but they also help to recover from them. I suggest working with a holistic doctor who is skilled with nutritional IVs. They can provide you with antiviral therapies that work. At the Center for Holistic Medicine we have been doing nutritional IV therapies for well over 25 years. We have been ready to treat viral infections, like coronavirus, for over 25 years.


To All Our Health,



Author Info

David Brownstein, M.D.

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    Potatoes O'Brien

    Today I posted a link to your article regarding coronavirus on The Patch Worcester, MA. It is sad to see people being fear-driven into trusting the CDC and others without researching their options! Thank you and thank you. Perhaps by posting it, some will see and listen.

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    Referring to my previous comment replace “genomes” with “genomic targets.” With all the genomes and shared genomes, how can these PCR tests be accurate. Also, because PCR detects very small quantities of what it’s measuring to begin with and amplifies it, wouldn’t that violate Koch’s Postulate in that not enough of the pathogen is present to cause a disease to begin with. It’s why healthy individuals should be tested too. If they have the suspected pathogen but are not sick then the suspected pathogen isn’t a pathogen.

    • Author Icon

      I have been contemplating a post on this topic! Thanks for posting. It is a similar argument that some reasearchers make about HPV and cervical cancer: Just because you find remnants of the organism does not mean the organism caused the cancer (in the case of cervical cancer).

  • Author Icon

    I have heard that there isn’t an FDA approved test for Covid-19. Dr. Brownstein do you consider serology tests accurate in determining if someone is currently sick with the infection(bug) the test is testing for? Would you consider a Molecular Test to yield useful information if it’s only targeting 2 genomes (wouldn’t there be a big cross-reactivity potential.) I also think some healthy people need to be tested too. If healthy people are testing positive then we need to question the validity of the test.

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    Ruth Pearson Smith

    I understand your frustration because of not having the best test, but you didn’t say how you treated these patients. Does identification of the exact virus make a difference in the treatment? Can you give the iodine and IV Vitamin C for any kind of flu?
    BTW, homeopathy can address the individual symptom picture without know the exact infectious substance, and has been very effective in epidemics such as the 1918 “Spanish Flu.”

    • Author Icon

      No. Identification (for me) would not matter on treatment. Intravenous ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or vitamin C are all effective. However, if we want to stop this pandemic, one of the best methods we have is to quarantine those ill. How can we do that if WE DON’t HAVE THE KITS TO TEST FOR IT??
      I just asked Quest lab yesterday for the kits. Their reply: Quest has not kits and is not testing for it. I am not blaming Quest at all–The CDC is at fault here. The CDC needs a few heads rolling when this is all said and done.

  • Author Icon

    I suspect this alleged Coronavirus has been actively infecting people for months if not years before this recent media frenzy. It’s likely people have had CV thru time and were diagnosed with ‘flu like symptoms’ an upper respiratory infection…some died and some lived. It’s just recent now they have a specific test to identify this specific virus plus media frenzy hysteria. Medicine needs the ability to ‘diagnose’ a disease to justify medical intervention. CDC gets the billion$ funding they want (Trump signed Billion$ bill on Friday) and now you’ll see a decline in the virus just like Zika in 2016. It’s all about the $$ The CDC is a sham.

  • Author Icon

    CDC inept? I suppose so. But, I think it was done on purpose. I no longer believe the CDC ‘s goal is to keep us healthy. Their goal is more likely to kill off as many of us as they can.

  • Author Icon
    Bill Fargo

    Since the CDC is a private corporation like the Federal Reserve Board, why would we expect the CDC to manage national health issues better than the Fed manages the national economy?

    • Author Icon

      A very interesting take. The author draws the conclusion that since antivirals did not work on previous corona infections, and they are not working on this one, then there must be another cause. However, as I have written before, antivirals like Tamiflu are terrible drugs. They don’t work because…they are lousy drugs. They don’t work on any virus. That may or may not mean something or it just may mean the antiviral drugs…are lousy drugs.
      Please look at my latest–Part VI–post.

  • Author Icon

    “It would be a medical mistake not to give chloroquine against the Chinese virus”, according to Professor Didier Raoult

    Professor Didier Raoult in his office in February 2020 – Gérard Julien / AFP

    -Chinese scientists say in a publication that treatment for malaria can cure coronavirus.
    – Based on this study, teams from the Mediterranean Infection Institute in Marseille are now planning to use chloroquine to treat the disease.
    -For its director, Didier Raoult, the reservations expressed by certain colleagues are irrelevant.

    A small tablet, known for decades, to treat an as yet unknown epidemic. According to several Chinese scientists, chloroquine, a widely available and inexpensive molecule commonly used to treat malaria, is an effective remedy to cure one of the diseases that cause the most fear today:
    Read article at link. Not in MSM.
    Prof Raolut has an amazing resume as an infectious disease specialist

  • Author Icon
    Joseph Bolz

    I gotta agree with the commenter that said it’s just another stunt.

  • Author Icon
    Charles Nguyen

    America…..Land of the cheats and the thieves. Everything is about MONEY MONEY MONEY.. Freedom and democracy…LOL LOL LOL

  • Author Icon
    Bruce Trethewey

    Does it help to have an incredibly accurate ( and expensive) record of the passage of a virus through the community? If we had done this with every yearly flue, would we be ahead after spending billions? Youth barely show any effects of this virus if healthy so are you going to test every healthy looking person? Maybe with someone else’s money, but not your own. A waste of time. Lets manage how this goes through the society, and try to minimize the damage.
    At risk are the elderly and disadvantaged with asthma etc. You can try to build a wall around these people but that is a challenge. Better to ensure that all are supplemented with required vitamins to minimize damage ( D, C, B1, zinc A and ? ) We are almost all going to get this. It is just too effective at spreading and our society will not take the draconian steps to slow the spread. I don’t trust the CDC and would not take one of their vaccines but rather try to get through the disease and the resulting benefits of protection. ( always partial I understand) At 68 I am at risk but with adequate supplementation, I hope to survive.

    • Author Icon

      Good points. However, this one was different. We know where it originated. It was not here. It could have been manageable…IF the CDC knew who had it from the start. We had enough time to get ready.
      This was an epic failure of the CDC.

  • Author Icon

    Dr. B, I have been wondering how clinics offering IV supplements will handle infected, or suspected infected patients coming in for therapy? Is there a protocol?

    • Author Icon

      We separate those patients and put them in a ‘sick’ room. After the IV, we clean the room.

  • Author Icon

    Your boy Trump doesn’t want to know how many people have the virus. I’m sure you’d be shocked to hear that the administration has influence over CDC decision-making and that the CDC does in fact feel political pressure.

    • Author Icon

      My boy? I think not. No one is “my boy”. I am a staunch independent. Both parties are a disaster.
      The CDC is a mess. They deserve lots of political pressure as well as public pressure. They have failed us too many times.
      You are right, Trump doesn’t know how many have the virus. That is because of the failed CDC.

      • Author Icon

        We have the tools to get statistical information needed. It’s not happening. Use a YouTube video to show how to sample. Get tests to homes. Have a drive in like at a bank to submit samples. Instead Billions go to the CDC… But, rest assured, no one will be fired at the CDC.

  • Author Icon
    D. Smith

    People NEED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS THING. It only encourages others to keep it at the forefront, when in fact the whole thing is another scam. China doesn’t know what’s happening over there because they aren’t testing anyone anymore. I don’t know why they aren’t, but they aren’t. They admitted it.

    This whole thing was nothing but hype. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – – it’s being used as a way for the gubmint to “test” how people will react when THE GUBMINT SAYS SOMETHING IS SO, when in fact it’s not true. But America has set aside billions (not millions, billions) of dollars for this “fake virus”.

    To me, it’s just astounding how people will follow like sheep.

    I NEVER watch tv news but this morning I was curious to see what’s being “reported”. Sure enough, every single station I went to (ahout 8 total) were ALL blasting away about the corona virus. They have NO CLUE what it’s all about, but everyone’s talking about it. Doesn’t that seem strange to anyone but me???

    You all have no idea how our economy benefits when something like this is blasted at the people continually, 24/7.

    But to me, the worst part is the constant coverage of a non-issue. Now they’ve got the president on board because if he doesn’t respond SOMEHOW, they will tear him to shreds. Can no one else see that this is a political stunt?

    Wow, people are just idiots.

    But just keep talking about it constantly. We’ll STILL be talking about at the end of 2020. It’s become a sensation.

  • Author Icon

    Korea tests anyone symptomatic or not for free. Its down by drive through to prevent crowding and spreading. How is it USA and our own CDC has failed so miserably?

    • Author Icon

      Yes, how did this happen and why did we just give the CDC over $2 billion dollars for their screw ups?

  • Author Icon

    The American public has been brainwashed, desensitized in the things that matter, and developed fear over everything. The media and the government has created a nation of fear. Isn’t this what happened in Nazi Germany? Mmmmmm?

  • Author Icon
    Leo J Kramer

    CDC: Centers For Disease CREATION And PROPAGATION.

  • Author Icon
    Donald G Meyer

    Hi Doctor Brownstein. I have studied your Iodine Book from cover to cover, and written a treatment to apply what you have taught in your work. I would like to email it to you and ask you to review it. Can you give me an email address to sent it to so you will get it and can give me your feedback. It is called The Iodine Protocol, and I have spent a great deal of time working on it. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for all your wonderful work, and I am working very hard to get doctors to use it I have written this Protocol for the average patient to be able to use your wonderful work on their own by following the protocol. Love, Donald G Meyer, 505-342-1291

  • Author Icon

    The dramatization of these non-epidemics is tantamount to nothing more than the boy who cried wolf at the taxpayers expense and the American people’s peace. Not only that but the horror that the CDC subjects people who go through truly serious diseases that could have been cured by now if testing was truly efficacious is not acceptable and a con job at the expense of human suffering and death. Just had the flu and supplemented with Vitamin D, Iodine, etc, better within 1 day – no big deal. Measure that against someone who has stage IV cancer or something truly serious. CDC needs to stop being corrupt and get to its mission. Because of the hysterics of the American people who believe the misinformation on the corona virus, in addition to the $8 billion, the federal reserve drop rates by 50 points to target interest rates back down to 1-1.25% and pumped more money into the economy, devaluing the dollar – all over fear and hysteria. The USA is not the only country to do this, many other countries have taken the same action, all over a virus that is all media hype. Pathetic and the majority of people are ignorant and happy to be that way at the expense of everyone. Its all stupid, medicine has not really advanced for the majority of serious diseases and the government really doesn’t care about the people. Follow doctors like Brownstein and have faith in the Lord, not the government.

  • Author Icon
    Nancy Pattyn

    You’ve nailed it again!

  • Author Icon

    That $2.2 BILLION was clearly not owed nor due… That $2.2Billion is MONEY LAUNDERING plain and clearly….

    The Democrats [extort tax funds while taxpayers are under scare-threats imposed by CDC/WHO and] pay the biggest failures [PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES aligned with CDC vaxxing] who then take those taxpayer benefits and ‘DONATE’ liberally to DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES to continue the scheme… all funded by our tax moneys, totally appalling…. while the public cowers…

    Trump hadn’t wanted that massive $8billion, that was Democrats threatening that government was not taking the virus threat seriously and not protecting our citizens meanwhile CDC/WHO are terrorizing the media’s ad-money drooling mouth with near-impotent ‘help’, stuff that was known multiple centuries ago when civilization was still under the constant epidemic black-death terror or other, not a single bit of contemporary discoveries to beat the viruses…….

    Extortion and money laundering…..

    BUT WE CAN PUT AN END TO IT…. by PLASTERING THE HIGH-DOSE NUTRIENT THERAPEUTICS THAT DEFEATED THE VIRUS into every nook, cranny and available brain cell… then there will be NO NEED FOR VAXXING since the COMPLETE PICTURE OF CORONAVIRUS DEFEAT BY NUTRIENTS is a stunning defeat for pharmaceutical power….

    MAKE THEM POUND SAND.. thank you Dr Brownstein for the reminder to do IODINE and to TESTIFY and demonstrate your LONGTERM SAFE successes with nutrient IVs

      • Author Icon

        Check out the latest video from Del, if you have not already done so. The ants are awakening…. and the hoppers know it.

      • Author Icon

        Dr. Brownstein is right on. looked up the roll call only 3 no votes total in senate (Rand Paul) and the House (Biggs and Buck). Although, President Trump first introduced $2 B, many politicians continued to escalate the public hysteria with the medias full participation. The bill increased to $8.3B.

        • Author Icon

          What’s a few billion here and there for failed agencies to handle? I am sure this will go well.

  • Author Icon
    Chance Peterson

    Dr. B.
    Where can I go to find a holistic doctor near me? Also, what certifications should I look in a good holistic doctor?

    • Author Icon

      Try the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM) at: They have a list of docs.

  • Author Icon
    Lauri Lackey

    What nutritionist type of IV is recommended for immune strength and. Or recovery?
    Thank you

      • Author Icon

        A bilion $ here and a billion there and pretty soon it is “Real money”. However it is never the politicians money, however rest assured the politicians and the Pharmaceutical Companies will benefit financially or politically somewhere.

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