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Coronavirus VIII: Why Does S. Korea Have Lower Death Rate Compared to US?

South Korea was one of the first countries affected by Coronavirus after China. Their first case occurred January 20, 2020. The number of cases remained low until February 18 when the country reported 31 new cases. A few days later hundreds more were confirmed and continued to rise. At that time, S. Korea had the highest number of COVID-19 patients outside of China. (1) By February 27, with a few hundred cases of COVID-19 reported, S. Korea had tested over 66,000 people while the US had tested just 445. (2)


How did this not spiral out of control like it has in the US? In later January, just after the first case, S. Korea procured a massive amount of tests. When the infection spread in February, S. Korean health agencies were quickly mobilized to test tens of thousands of exposed Koreans. In fact, they tested tens of thousands of patients and properly instituted quarantining and treatment.


That is a perfect example of how a national health service is supposed to function. We—especially the CDC–have a lot to learn from the Korean health agencies. How did this fare for the Korean citizens?


In the March 13, 2020 Korean Times it is reported that there are 7,869 cases of COVID-19. How many have died? Sixty-six people, mostly elderly patients with underlying illnesses have died so far. That means the death rate in Korea is 0.8% (66/7,869). This is still higher than the death rate for the flu in the US which is approximately 0.1%. However, this number is much lower than the 3-4% promoted by the media.


At present, the US has 1,716 cases and 41 deaths have occurred. That is a death rate of 2.3% (41/1716). It is important to keep in mind that the death rate is currently inflated due to the lack of COVID-19 testing kits. Those most likely to be tested are the sick and dying. Patients who convalesce at home with cold and flu-like symptoms will generally not be tested. Counting them would dramatically lower the death rate.


It simply is impossible to say how many Americans have COVID-19. In fact, we will never know the true number. I have seen dozens of patients over the past month who could have it. Why didn’t I test them? Ask the fools at the CDC. They were late to the testing game, developed a faulty test kit and inhibited private industry from manufacturing accurate tests. I received the proper testing items at my office late afternoon Wednesday March 11, 2020—nearly three months after the first reports came out of China and well into the panicked atmosphere surrounding COVID-19. These test kits only became available after the CDC was forced to open testing to private labs.


Folks, I am not minimizing the severity of COVID-19. But, there is no rhyme or reason for what has transpired. The public is scared beyond belief. I think we need to be vigilant and cautious. If we play our cards right (which includes the use of IV vitamin C—see below), the death rate from COVID-19 should not approach the 2-6% range that many are predicting. In fact, if the CDC played its’ cards right from the beginning and properly monitored Americans coming from infected areas, the story would be much different.


We have lost nearly one-fourth of our economy because of the incompetence at the CDC. Heads should roll when this crisis is over.


What can you do? Follow my advice from my earlier Coronavirus Blog Posts about the importance of eating a healthy diet free of refined foods, maintaining hydration, exercising, and taking Vitamins A, C, & D at the first sign of any infectious illness. Also, find a holistic doctor who is knowledgeable about intravenous nutrient therapies. A Chinese hospital just released data showing the effectiveness of intravenous vitamin C therapies in treating COVID-19. (3) The report stated, “High-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS).” This is exactly what I have been recommending during this entire crisis. It is too bad that over the last 50 years conventional medicine has not only refused to learn about vitamin C, it has vilified the therapy. At The Center for Holistic Medicine (my office) today, my nurses were very busy giving IV nutrient therapies to our patients.


Folks, it is time to take your health care into your own hands. Lead a healthier lifestyle and find a doctor who can help guide you in a holistic treatment program.


To All Our Health,




(3) WHN. Official Statement From China For Recommended Treatment of COVID-19. Mar. 5, 2020.

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David Brownstein, M.D.

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  • Author Icon

    I think we should maintein our iodine levels. But insted of using antioxidants, we should use oxidants. Our defensive system use oxidation to destroid parasites. Also our body works using conbustion, this is create energy from oxidation of glucose. In that sense we can use chlorine dioxide (CDS) as a powerfull tool. The CDS have two good properties, it oxidates whole kind of unicelular parasites and provide the body whit more oxigen.

  • Author Icon

    I try to take extra Vitamin C during the colder seasons, but since I struggle with iron storage problems I also absorb too much iron then. Is there a way to work that out so I don’t have to just have more phlebotomies when I up my Vitamin C, and if I were to have IV Vitamin C, would it cause the same problem or be worse?

      • Author Icon

        The only thing I can use my blood for is to fertilize my plants if I wanted to, because if one is diagnosed with hemochromatosis (I have one of the genetic markers, but Lyme, too, which might be causing my body to hide iron from germs) the Red Cross will not use my blood unless they have a doctor on hand to give me a brief physical exam, and here they don’t do that. So, are you saying that my iron will go up, but it is worth getting the extra vitamin C in any case?

  • Author Icon
    Barbara McColley

    This (CDC) is another mess just like the VA that Trump will have to FIX. Those in the Swamp simply refuse to change and do things different. A lot of it is the Democrats trying to stop Trump from shutting down the borders to those from infected areas, it’s also the Dems wanting this to Politically harm Trump, hoping it will help them to win big in Nov. It’s not only the Dems unfortunately, it is also the Swamp Republicans are trying to harm Trump instead of working with him and his team to help the American citizens. In the US Big Pharma controls what kind of Medical Treatments we have access to. If your stuck with Medicare insurance as I am then it’s whatever the Dr. that takes Medicare is opened to testing or treating you for. In my experience they do as few test as possible, why you ask, because Medicare sends the Hospital affiliated Dr.’s & Private Dr.’s offices a bonus at the end of each year If and when they greatly Limit the amount of test and labs they do on Medicare patients, and this holds doubly true if your secondary insurance is Medicaid. I got this straight from a Doctor office.

    • Author Icon

      Don’t forget all the BIg Pharma swamp insiders POTUS appointed to EVERY SINGLE POSITION at CDC, FDA, and HHS. Lots of blame to go around here.

  • Author Icon

    Thanks Dr. B!

    S. Korea is also using antivirals or hydroxychloroquine. Do you think the antimalarial medication would be helpful in some cases? And combined with zinc?


    • Author Icon

      Not sure. I told you what I do in my practice–and I have seen positive results with natural therapies.

  • Author Icon
    Matthew Rhodes

    COVID-19 testing potentially has an 80% false positive rate. Would everyone be so desperate to buy TP if they knew the disease numbers are overestimated by a factor of 5?

    • Author Icon

      I am not sure I am buying the info from this article. We shall see. I have only been able to read the abstract not the whole article.

  • Author Icon
    Denise Cisar

    Hi, Dr. B I’m a long time follower, if it wasn’t for reading your books i would never have convinced my doc to take me off synthroid and put me on Nature-thyroid which i’m doing great on, thanks ! Is it ok to take 1000 Vit C caps a day if you cannot get the IV (or until you do) ? I do all the other recommended Vitamins you suggest and i also take Elderberry syrup everyday. So far so good, having a healthy winter. Ty

  • Author Icon
    Lisa O.

    Thank you so much, Dr. B!! You are a true voice in the wilderness of fear-mongering and misinformation! I know I can always count on you to be the voice of reason and real
    information, and I have looked to you for your expertise repeatedly while the rest of the world seems to be melting down. In your opinion, do you think it is right to be stopping
    all sports and community events, and to shut down all schools? Is this going to happen now every time we get a new version of the flu, as well? Thank you!

    • Author Icon

      Lisa O,
      Your question: In your opinion, do you think it is right to be stopping
      all sports and community events, and to shut down all schools?
      My answer: Yes and a big NO. This will slow the illness down and allow it subside much faster.
      Here’s the ‘No’ part: If the CDC had done its job as the Korean version of our CDC did, we would not have lost 1/4 of our economy and we would not have had the panic that we are currently having. Having no test kits for docs for the first 6 weeks of COVID-19 was an unmitigated disaster. That let the virus spread and containment now is impossible. That is why we are having to cancel everything.
      As for this happening again, oy vey. It better not. We should hire the head of Korea’s CDC and let him fire all the mo-rons at our CDC.

      • Author Icon
        Lisa O.

        Thanks, Dr. B! I totally agree with firing the whole CDC. I don’t understand why, though, if this disease has only a small percentage rate of deaths above the flu and complications of the flu, it is being treated as the next Black Plague. Why is it so critical to “contain” it, to the point of ruining 1/4th of our economy, especially when there are great treatments, like the ones you offer? Thank you!

  • Author Icon
    Kim D

    How do we force our dr or hospital to give us IV vitamin C if they’re not willing

    • Author Icon

      FIND A HOLISTIC DOCTOR. You don’t need to force him/her to do nutrient IVs. They are ready and able to do these things.

  • Author Icon

    To blame the CDC without also looking at Trump is to be willfully blind. This moment called for leadership but Trump is the fakest of leaders. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and remember all your ranting against Democrats, the only adults in the room and the only ones who have an appreciation for the expertise required to deal with this situation, before blathering on about the CDC.

    • Author Icon

      When was I ranting about Democrats? I am looking in the mirror and see nothing of the sort. Trump’s fault was saying there were test kits available when they weren’t. He did not make faulty test kits. The CDC did. He did not refuse WHO test kits. The CDC did. He did not take forever to allow private labs to test for it. The CDC did.


      • Author Icon

        Ever consider their lackadaisical reaction to all this was intentional? So we would be where we are now?

    • Author Icon

      my, my — your TDS disease is out of control. The incompetence of the CDC is legend, and not just for this epidemic but for all the deaths and destruction they caused for the last 33 years on vaxxing alone… and long before in other years of PNEUMONIA [curable with C] and POLIO and on and on… including cancer.

      And as for indications of forethought out crimes… the CDC was hiring QUARANTINE ‘EXPERTS’ last NOVEMBER but conveniently [to amp the fears and prevent rational responses by leaders and people in general] ‘somehow’ neglected to order test kits like S.Korea did when the reality was there……

      And the idea that Trump’s support by PRIVATE INDUSTRY pulled off the supply of test kits IN SHORT ORDER shows just how criminal the CDC is.

      CDC and WHO were however VERY UP ON CONTROLLING THE MEDIA and the BIG TECH to immediately CENSOR ANY NEWS FROM THE DOCTORS of the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine who had BOOTS ON THE GROUND IN WUHAN IMMEDIATELY due to the KNOWABLE TO CDC establishing of a FDA CLINICAL TRIAL for doing precisely the sort of IV-C that Dr Brownstein does,, and when the trucks of 50tons of C arrived in late Feb the scene turned.

      Now don’t tell me they were too busy to notice the change. As DrB says, HEADS SHOULD ROLL, not a dime should go to that operation, much less $2.2Billion.

      Thank you Dr Brownstein. ttyl

  • Author Icon

    Thank you for the ongoing updates Dr. B. Taiwan has also done a good job responding to COVID19. Although a smaller country, they are very close to China in many ways and have managed to have very low rates of cases/deaths. Despite being denied WHO membership! Makes you wonder if they are better off because of that fact.

  • Author Icon
    K G

    I agree 100%! It makes me furious what has transpired in this country over the coronavirus. NO testing for all yet. What dose is considered ‘High’ in a vitamin C IV?

    Karen G

  • Author Icon

    DR. B.
    Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.
    For myself, who has been drinking Perque Potent C guard day and nite for the past 8 months, about 5 to 6 000mg buffered.
    How much IV vitamin C do I need at my weight of 107 lbs?
    For for weekly maintenance ?
    Or for Monthly maintenance ?
    Nancy Scarfone Cherven

    • Author Icon

      I have a lot of patients who receive monthly or bi-monthly nutritional IVs and feel that it helps maintain a strong immune system.

  • Author Icon

    Thank you for the great post. How many grams of IV Vitamin C do you usually use in case a person is suspicious of having corona?

  • Author Icon
    Betty G

    Thank you, Dr. B. This is where I come to receive the balanced and accurate health news and protocols I want for myself and family. I am forwarding the vitamin recommdations found here to all who will listen. I already take them but have increased the amounts. God’s wisdom flows through you!

  • Author Icon
    George Pravato

    I see a lot of estimates on death rate for COVID-19 but I would guess that same “guestimates” apply to the death rate of common flu. No one really gets tested for the common flu and, I would imagine, many people just stay home when they get. So why are we so sure the common flu has a death rate of 0.1%? That seems to be the most “common” estimate for the flu, pardon the pun. I am also not minimizing the severity of COVID-19, but, isn’t the media and WHO being a little overly cautious about it? Our economy is suffering greatly for what I see as another type of flu, which happens every year.

  • Author Icon
    Gabrielle S

    Thank you Dr. B for your wise words during this time!! Everyone is panicking and creating more stress therefore becoming more susceptible to illness!

  • Author Icon

    Thank you Dr. Brownstein for keeping us informed during this covid-19 outbreak.

    I noticed early on China was taking the temperature of their people. I was wondering why they don’t suggest we take our temperature daily since they can’t supply test kits. Isn’t fever an indicator and even though it’s not specific to just covid-19 wouldn’t help to know? I would self quarantine if I had a fever.

    • Author Icon

      Countries with competent governmental agencies started doing this from the start. Not our CDC.

      • Author Icon
        Bill Shaw

        Perhaps I missed something, but you may not be thinking about the case fatality rate correctly.

        The “Total Cases” column lists all identified cases. Some of these cases will not have run their course to a resolution: either recovery, or death.

        Your calculation seems to be including persons who may yet die (thereby lowering the estimate), or who may yet recover (therefore inflation the estimate).

        Perhaps a better calculation would be Total Deaths/(Total Recovered+Total Deaths).



  • Author Icon
    Cheryl Houdek

    Thank you for your information. I believe the CDC is part of the deep state that’s infecting many areas of our government. Hopefully President Trump will win re-election and clean house there also. He’s already talking about America First when it comes to bringing our drug manufacturers back home. The average American citizen knows we should not have China in charge of our medications – how could our so called leaders choose profit over common sense. It’s just ridiculous that South Korea could get 4 private companies to mass produce testing kits, and the CDC and FDA held our private sector back for so long!!

    • Author Icon

      Wait a minute. Trump appointed all the Big Pharma swamp people to head the CDC, FDA, and HHS. He would have to get rid of his own appointees. I was very disappointed in this. CDC is part of the deep state? Well, Trumps appointments are no better than the previous appointments. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss– as the Who song goes.

      • Author Icon

        Thanks for adding some clarification. I stand corrected! As we have learned in the past, Trump does not always make the best appointments. With this fiasco, maybe, just maybe, he will realize his error and actually clean house. (Look how long it took for him to get Bill Barr -let’s hope that turns out well). I’m encouraged that the administration removed many regulations to keep us from being so hamstrung when the next pandemic strikes. On a side note, they are rushing through a covid-19 vaccine. From someone who hasn’t had a flu vaccination since a “coerced” swine flu vaccination in college, I’m wondering what your thoughts are on that? Fuggetaboutit??

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