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Deodorant Body Powder- 4 Oz


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Crystalux® mineral salt powder provides full body, 24 hour, 100% natural odor protection. While other deodorants may temporarily mask body odor or clog pores by stopping the sweating process, Crystalux® deodorant adjusts to the skin’s pH level to stop odor causing bacteria before they multiply on the skin’s surface. This incredible natural mineral salt cornstarch powder improves the skin’s pH level while controlling wetness.

Crystalux® is especially beneficial for men & women with sensitive skin who experience irritation with chemical based products.

No talc. No aluminum chlorhydrates or zirconium. No chemical additives. Unscented. For all skin types. No animal testing. No animal by products.

Directions for use: After bathing, sprinkle powder on the hand and apply generously to any part of the body that produces odor. Avoid inhaling.

Ingredients: Natural mineral salts, pure topical cornstarch.