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Deodorant Liquid Roll On- 90 Ml


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Crystalux® mineral salt crystal deodorant provides 100% natural odor protection.While other deodorants may temporarily mask body odor or clog pores by stopping the sweating process, Crystalux® deodorant adjusts to the skin’s pH level to stop odor causing bacteria before they multiply on the skin’s surface.

Crystalux® deodorant is especially beneficial for men & women with sensitive skin who experience irritation with chemical based products.

No chemicals or synthetic ingredients added. Unscented Ideal for all skin types. Hypo-allergenic. Non-staining for skin and clothing. Non-aerosol. No chemical propellants.

Directions for use: After bathing apply to clean skin only.

This product does not contain any chemical thickening agents or additives, making it less viscous than other roll-ons.

Ingredients: Purified water, natural mineral salts, cotton cellulose (natural thickener).

No animal testing.