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Ketsumeisei Tea- 180 Capsules- Save 20%!

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Product Description

Ketsumeisei is relatively new to the United States, but has been a popular product in China and Japan for many years. Kestumeisei, which was developed by renowned Chinese medical expert Dr. Xianen Wang, is a proprietary blend of Chinese herbs, including Chinese Wild Yam, Cape Jasmine fruit and Chinese Ginseng, which studies have shown may be effective in supporting healthy metabolic and microcirculatory functions in the body. By assisting in liver function and microcirculation, Ketsumeisei may provide significant value in many ways, including helping to maintain already normal blood sugar levels.*

Most food production today involves enhancing color, flavor and taste. This is done by adding chemicals, pesticides and hormones, much of which ultimately become toxins in our blood. The liver��s job is to detoxify these substances by breaking them down so they can be expelled from the body. Unfortunately, poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle decisions and lack of regular exercise can lead to liver damage. Poor liver function can result in the liver being unable to break down and expel all of these toxins on their first pass through the bloodstream, which can lead to difficulty in supporting the body��s metabolism and already normal blood sugar levels.*

Ketsumeisei acts as a facilitator to support microcirculation throughout the body. This, in turn, may have wide-spread beneficial effects on all organs, including the liver. Ketsumeisei may help maintain healthy liver function and support metabolic and microcirculatory disorders, as well as blood-sugar metabolism.*

Ketsumeisei��s proprietary blend also contains Sicklepod Senna, Safflower, Astragalus Root, Kudzu Vine Root and Chinese Licorice.*

Kestumeisei is specially engineered to help support:

Healthy energy levels*
Normal blood viscosity*
Healthy extremity circulation (cold hands/feet)*
Sexual health*
Healthy vision*
Healthy liver function*
Already normal blood sugar levels*
General organ health*

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