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Many people ask me “Where do you buy your food?” What farmers do you buy from? I know this is partial to Michigan, but here are some of the farmers I use most often and what I buy from them (listed alphabetically). Not from Michigan? Visit to find a farm in your area.

Please Note: this is not an endorsement for a particular farmer or farm. Healthy Traditions Network publishes a guide of many farms in Michigan and I must give credit to that group for inspiring and continuing to inspire and educate me toward connecting with farms, farmers and toward healthier eating, buying and living habits. For other great farms get their guide at or visit

Please forgive me if I left out any farms! Contact me to be added to our growing list of local farms:

Farm Name: Al Mar Orchards

Farmer: Jim

What I Buy: organic apple cider and organic apples

Location: Flushing, Mi

Contact: 810-659-6568


Farm Name: BF&E Organics

Farmer: Doreen

What I Buy: grass-fed beef, soy-free eggs

Location: North Branch, Mi

Contact Info: 810-531-6823

Note: Delivers to Birmingham


Farm Name: Creswick Farms

Farmer: Andrea and Nathan

What I Buy: grass-fed beef, lamb, nitrate/nitrite free bacon, chicken, eggs, sausages

Location: Ravenna, Mi

Contact Info: 616-837-9226

Note: Delivers to Brighton, Novi and other locations and stores


Farm Name: Family Farms Coop

Farmers Name: Richard and Annette

What I Buy: raw dairy, grass-fed meat, soy-free eggs

Location: Vandalia, Mi

Contact Info: 269-476-8883

Notes: Delivers to Birmingham and Ann Arbor


Farm Name: Hampshire Farm

Farmer: Randy

What I Buy: organic grains and bread, eggs, chicken

Location: Kingston, Mi

Contact: 989-683-3161

Notes: Royal Oak and Eastern Farmers Markets and others


Farm Name: John Henry’s

Farmer: Family of John Henry Meinecke

What I buy: Grass-fed meats, soy-free eggs

Location: Millington, Mi

Contact: 866-503-5537

Notes: Birmingham and Royal Oak Farmers market and Offers home delivery


Farm Name: Law Family Farm

Farmer: Koliene

What I Buy: free range eggs, chicken, lamb

Location: North Branch, Mi

Contact Info: 810-688-3373


Farm Name: Maitland Farms

Farmer: Charlie and Sarah Maitland

What I Buy: Grass-fed meats

Location: Melivn, MI

Contact: 810-387-2504

Note: Oakland County Farmers Market


Farm Name: My Family Coop

Farmer: Jenny Samuelson

What I Buy: Raw, organic dairy, grass-fed meats, soy-free eggs

Location: Standish, Mi (Raw Milk)

Contact: 810-545-0063

Note: Delivery locations all around SE MI


Farm Name: Rocky Gardens

Farmer: Diane

What I Buy: CSA – vegetables, classes (cheese making and lacto fermentation classes)

Location: Davisburg, Mi

Contact: 248-634-2291


Farm Name: Thomas Organic Creamery

Farmer: Harley and Linda Thomas

What I Buy: Organic dairy, ice cream, yogurt, grass-fed meats, eggs, snack sticks

Location: Henderson, Mi

Contact: (989) 661-2354

Notes: Royal oak farmers market and other markets and locations


Farm Name: 3 Chicks and a Coop

Farmer: Dianne

What I Buy: Pasture-Fed, Free-Range, GMO-Free Eggs

Location: Troy, Mi

Contact: 248-761-8337


Notes: Royal Oak farmers market as well as delivery to Troy, Rochester, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and Royal Oak


Farm Name: Ware Farm

Farmer: Sandee

What I Buy: organic asparagus, strawberries, pies, snap peas, other vegetables

Location: Bear Lake, Mi

Contact: 231-864-3242