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Measles Amnesia is Giving Me a Headache!

Measles has become the cause célèbre for conventional medicine and mainstream media in order to convince us that we need the measles vaccine. Furthermore, the Powers-That-Be are using everything they can about measles to stop any anti-vaccination talk.


Let’s get some FACTS straight! Measles can be deadly. So can chickenpox. However, for the vast majority of us—over 99%–measles (and chickenpox) is not deadly. For the person who gets it, it is an annoyance that lasts about a week. Then, there is life-long immunity from measles (and the same is true with chickenpox). However, a complication from the measles virus can occur. Even death can occur. Every death is tragic and we should do all we can to avoid suffering such a fate from any infection. The main stream media keeps talking about how deadly measles is. What they DON’T tell you is that the death rate from measles declined by over 98% BEFORE the introduction of the measles vaccine. This is shown in the picture below:





When my much, much-older sisters were young, they got measles and a host of other childhood diseases and recovered uneventfully. For having measles, my sisters had lifelong protection and would provide their babies with immunity against measles when they were born.


Vaccinated people do not receive life-long immunity from measles vaccination. And, vaccinated women do not provide the strong maternal immunity to their children as the women who had the illness naturally do. Therefore, the vaccinated mothers have children who are vulnerable to the measles virus. Since the measles vaccine is a live-virus vaccine, all newborns should avoid being around recently vaccinated people. But, that is another story.


The Powers-That-Be are pulling out all the stops to scare us into believing the narrative that the measles vaccine has saved millions of lives (in the US it hasn’t—see picture above) and that every person needs a double dose of the vaccine to be safe.


The new scare is measles amnesia. Measles amnesia refers to those who are recently recovering from the measles infection having their viral antibody memory wiped out of their system.  This leaves them susceptible to illnesses which they previously recovered from.


During childhood, as colds and other infections pass through, the immune system forms antibodies against the particular strains so that it can maintain a memory of the infection. The memory allows the immune system to fight any future exposure to the infectious agent.


The New York Times (NYT 11.1.2019) article on this subject is titled, “Measles Can Kill Memory Used by Immune System.” The NYT was referring to two new studies (1,2) published October 31, 2019 that show that measles infection can cause lasting harm to the immune system. The NYT claims the measles infection “…erases that memory leaving the patient prone to catching {previous} diseases all over again.”


Further in the article, the NYT states, “In fact, if a person who has received vaccinations for other diseases contracts measles, it may wipe out the protection those vaccines had provided.”


Since the studies were released on Halloween, that is truly scary stuff!


IF it were true.


But, alas, it is NOT true.


(An excellent blog post on this topic was written by Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD. Her post can be found here: I utilized information from her blog in the following paragraph.)


It is true that the researchers found individuals who suffered measles infection had lowered antibody levels after the infection.   That could pose a problem if antibody levels conferred protection against an illness. But research dating back to 1960 has shown this to be false. The 1960 Nobel prize was awarded to Sir Macfarlane Burnet for studying children who cannot produce antibodies. Agammaglobulinemia is a genetic condition characterized by a lack of production of antibodies. Dr. Burnet found children with this condition, when infected with measles, had a normal course of the illness and recovered uneventfully. He wrote, “To everyone’s surprise [children with agammaglobulinemia] showed a normal measles course with a typical rash which faded at the normal time and was followed by just as substantial immunity against reinfection as would be shown by any other convalescent. Antibody production is therefore not necessary either for recovery from or for the development of immunity to measles.” (Burnet and White. Natural History of Infectious Disease. Cambridge University Press, 1940)


Dr. Obukhanych also points out the chickenpox, similarly to measles also results in the loss of immune memory cells. That does not mean that chickenpox survivors were suddenly becoming infected with previous illnesses or previously vaccinated illnesses.


Measles amnesia? There is simply no good science showing that those recently recovering from measles (or chickenpox) are at an increased risk of infection from previous infections or from previously vaccinated illnesses.


Where is the data that, in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, that we were having a recurrence of previous infections in measles survivors? As I stated above, the same holds true for chickenpox.


In fact, there is robust data that those who recovered from natural measles infection were protected against a wide range of illnesses and that those same individuals had a lowered mortality when compared to children who did not get the infection naturally.(3) Other researchers have found a life-long benefit of recovering from measles infection. This benefit includes a lowered risk of asthma, autoimmune disorders, and mortality from heart disease.(4, 5,)


Does measles infection suddenly wipe the immune system clean making the host susceptible to old illnesses? To answer this question, ask the mothers of the kids born in the 1950’s and 1960’s this question: Did your children suffer terrible illnesses they previously had after measles or chickenpox infection? The answer is “NO”!


Measles amnesia?


Don’t get a headache. Fuhgeddaboudit!


~Dr. B





(4): Lancet 1985 Jan 5;1(8419):1-5


(6): Atherosclerosis. 2015 Aug;241(2):682-6. doi: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2015.06.026

Author Info

David Brownstein, M.D.

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  • Author Icon

    Fighting a measles infection depletes Vitamin A. Perhaps it’s this depletion in the body that makes it more susceptible to infection, post measles?

    • Author Icon
      Allan Mitchell

      What explanation can be given for the tragic situation in Samoa? I believe there was an issue with some contaminated vaccines but what has happened since is horrible – and nobody seems to be asking why a generally benign disease has become so deadly in this case.

      • Author Icon
        Carol Porter

        Healthy people do not die of measles. Samoa’s people suffer from malnutrition and poor hygiene. This at-risk population was forcibly vaccinated, en masse. Deaths are being recorded officially as “measles deaths,” but the entire “emergency” has been suspiciously staged.

  • Author Icon
    Brian Stanton

    The only question the American public has to ask themselves is how many vaccinations is enough? Older baby boomers had about 4 or 5 shots growing up and most of us are still alive. Kids today need around 26 shots and boosters before high school. Throw in a few dozen flu shots and human papilloma virus shots and that count can double in a hurry. Big pharma uses greedy politicians and the education system to push its vaccines. How much is enough? Laws are passed in a hurry, hearings aren’t held, medical and religious exemptions are cancelled and new procedures are not gradually introduced.
    Remember, the same corporate/advertising complex that lied about asbestos, told us cars were safe and used doctors to advertise cigarette smoking is telling us all vaccines are perfectly safe. Do you still believe these guys?

  • Author Icon

    Yes. Our response to this nonsense should be simple.

    “If viral infections *increase* our susceptibility to disease then how did the concept of immunity (and therefore vaccination) ever take hold? If measles virus doesn’t teach us how to overcome measles infections in the future, then how do you propose that the measles vaccine (which is supposed to mimick actual viral infection) could possibly work?”

    The measles amnesia argument actually destroys the entire logical basis of vaccination.

  • Author Icon
    Kathy Christian

    Some years ago, we were forced to get the measles vaccine by our employer, even though we had no patient contact (worked at home). When I protested that I had had measles when I was a kid and that had made me immune, they told me with a straight face that the immunity had worn off. So I was forced to take the vaccine anyway.

    • Author Icon

      If anyone ever requests or forces you to get a vaccine even if you were previously vaccinated as a child or physically had the disease….get a Titer blood test done. It shows if youre immune or not to the diseases vaccinated for. I just recently did that for my company since my childhood vaccine in the 80s was blasted across the media and CDC website that those vaccines weren’t lofelong and to get revaccinated…well I had the titer done and wow the numbers were sky rocketed and the doctor said with those numbers I’d be immune the rest of my life. I am not vaccinating my child though which is a little scary, but Here’s the truth: yesterday my daughter fell with fever overnight and it reached 105.2 so I rushed her to children’s hospital because she refuses medicine. (We go all natural except for ibuprofen for fevers) the 1 or 2x a year its needed. Well she tested neg for the flu and some respiratory infection and they said it takes a few days to know what virus she has and what it’ll turn into. Again last night her fwver spiked up high and again I gave her ibuprofen. I honestly pray it is measles because if its not and she can survive with 105 (doctor said kids can go up to 106 with the flu and rarely 107, but its not the number I should be concerned with but how she is acting -aware, able to drink or is she confused lethargic unresponsive etc) if she can do this high for two days she will survive a course of measles. We both went through a 12 week COLD virus last year! Measles is just 1 week.

  • Author Icon
    Mary Saunders

    Not to mention advanced adopters around the world are now using probiotic viruses, such as Rigvir from Latvia. It is logical that some small life forms have co-existed with humans and have supported human-host health in a symbiotic fashion. What is illogical is fanning the flames of paranoia concerning life forms other than thoughtless human consumers of expensive, lab-constructed, small-shot products.

  • Author Icon

    Similar studies posted in 2015.
    -Measles Weakens the Immune System for Years
    By K. N. Smith | May 7, 2015 1:00 pm

    -A deadly shadow: Measles may weaken immune system up to three years
    by B. Rose Huber, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
    May 7, 2015 2 p.m.
    -Measles leaves you vulnerable to a host of deadly diseases

    Not surprised to look at the funding source and see: a grant from the Gates Foundation to S.J.E. Don’t know who S.J.E. is but I’ve seen the initials before on some studies that support the pharma industry.

    • Author Icon

      I did some checking and it turns out that S. J. E. stands for Shri Jayanthi Enterprises, one of the fastest growing companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Author Icon

    When I first heard about this measles amnesia, I too thought it was absurd, another scare tactic. Then I thought if measles makes your body lose antibody memory, that should be good for allergies and autoimmune diseases. And you say that effect has been found by researchers! Perhaps that’s why autoimmune diseases are increasing in this country – not many people get measles anymore.

  • Author Icon
    Christa Stosiek


    It is LAUGHABLE what they come up with to scare the public. I can imagine them sitting around searching for the next claim to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Such a preposterous idea! How is it that we, throughout history, somehow missed this ‘reality’ of being suddenly susceptible to previous viruses, once we got the measles?! Nonsense! Vaccines will never equal the benefits of of our own immune systems, so they have to use fear tactics to push their agenda. COMMON SENSE FOLKS, and a good dose of real research clarifies all.

  • Author Icon
    Edward F Fogarty, MD

    Commonsensical and well documented as always David, thank you for putting this together. I tried to teach these facts to a hostile crowd of University of North Dakota faculty and medical students years ago. Needless to say the pitchforks were out from the very age group that went through measles without any trouble. Medical students have been miseducated to the tune of how many billions of tax payer supported state school curricula? That’s one to work on together later. We could estimate the subsidy from government in medical education by comparing the public school average tuition against the private schools. Tally that up across all schools and multiply by the years since measles introduction. Figure just an hour of the curriculum is devoted to didactics in vaccine administration / safety / efficacy / ethics. That number reflects a lot of misspent tax dollars-all for indoctrination of the $50B seed market for humans conditioned to dependency on a multi-trillion dollar global racket.

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