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New York Times Editorial On Vaccines: A Pseudoscience Mess!

(Note: My wife vetoed my initial headline: Failing New York Times Op-Ed Full of Fake Vaccine News.  She claims that my sense of humor does not translate to all.)


The lead New York Times (NYT) editorial today is titled, “Know The Enemy.” According to the NYT, the “enemy” is anyone who questions the safety and efficacy of any vaccine.


I guess that makes me the enemy. I thought I was a board-certified physician trying to read and decipher the research on vaccines to help guide my patients on how to make their best health care decisions.


The NYT states, “Leading global health threats typically are caused by the plagues and perils of low-income countries — but vaccine hesitancy is as American as can be.” Both parts of that sentence are correct.


In the early 20th Century, infection was the number one killer of Americans and it killed a high percentage of our youth. However, by the 1950’s infection rates for nearly every childhood vaccine- preventable illness (as well as other infectious illnesses like scarlet fever) had drastically declined—BEFORE vaccines were developed and mandated. In fact, for the major vaccine-preventable illnesses such as measles, mumps, diphtheria, and pertussis, the death rate declined well over 90% BEFORE vaccines were mandated. How did that occur? The death rate from infectious diseases declined not by vaccination, but by public health measures. This includes providing clean water to our houses and safely removing waste products.


Did vaccines lower the death rate for their respective illnesses? We don’t know since the rates were already declining dramatically before the mass vaccination program began. To imply that vaccines were responsible for this dramatic decline in pediatric infectious deaths in the 20th Century is nothing more than FAKE NEWS!


One of the best indicators of the health of a country is the infant mortality rate. Researchers correlated the number of vaccines given to infants and the mortality rate for ages five and under. Guess who gave the most vaccines and guess who had the highest infant mortality rate? If you guessed the US, you win.


The NYT states, “On the internet, anti-vaccine propaganda has outpaced pro-vaccine public health information. The anti-vaxxers, as they are colloquially known, have hundreds of websites promoting their message, a roster of tech- and media-savvy influencers and an aggressive political arm that includes at least a dozen political action committees.”


Well, in this case there is just me. And, I am not that tech-savvy.


I don’t write anti-vaccine propaganda. I write about the science behind vaccines. And, if you study the science behind vaccines, it is hard not to question the wisdom of injecting our young with too many toxic-laden vaccines.


“The C.D.C., the nation’s leading public health agency, has a website with accurate information, but no loud public voice,” writes the NYT. The CDC is a cesspool of corruption, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In fact, the CDC has a senior scientist who has assumed whistle-blower status claiming that published studies (by the CDC) looking at whether the MMR vaccine causes autism were fraudulent. The whistle-blower has stated, under oath, that senior CDC managers directed the whistle-blower and others to destroy and alter the data in order to hide the truth. The data, released by the whistle-blower, did show a strong correlation with the MMR vaccine and autism.


Why doesn’t the NYT write a lead op-ed demanding that the CDC whistle-blower testify in front of Congress about his allegations? To date, it has been over four years since the whistle-blower came forward. To date, he has not testified in front of Congress and the CDC has blocked his testimony in other settings. To date, the NYT has failed to write ONE article about this situation. Perhaps the CDC has no loud voice because it is too busy covering up the truth about vaccines. If there is nothing to hide, then why doesn’t the whistle-blower testify? Why has the CDC gagged him from speaking?


Further in the op-ed, the NYT writes, “The consequences of this disparity are substantial: a surge in outbreaks of measles, mumps, pertussis and other diseases; an increase in influenza deaths; and dismal rates of HPV vaccination, which doctors say could effectively wipe out cervical cancer if it were better utilized.”


Would declining vaccine rates increase the susceptibility for some of the vaccinated illnesses? Yes. For example, measles and chickenpox illnesses will increase if we stop vaccinating for these illnesses. But, children rarely die from measles and chickenpox in modern countries. These illnesses are often treated with supportive care and for the vast majority recovery from the illness is uneventful.


Cervical cancer deaths have rapidly fallen not from vaccines, but better medical care such as the Pap smear.  The HPV vaccine has never been shown to prevent cancer and probably will not in the future.  And, there are too many side effects from the HPV vaccine to recommend its use for a relatively uncommon cancer. Can measles and chickenpox cause serious effects including death? Yes. So can the vaccines.


The NYT mentions the pro-vaccine researchers are having “…to counter pseudoscience with fact” in order to prove vaccines are safe and effective.


Pseudoscience? There is no greater example of pseudoscience than saying it is safe to inject toxic items like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde into any living being, much less a newborn infant.


Pseudoscience? How about the pseudoscience by not comparing a new vaccine with a placebo to show that it is safe. However, in today’s world, in regards to vaccines, pseudoscience rules.  The fact is that childhood vaccines have not been studied against a true placebo (except for one small HPV study which found much higher adverse effects in the HPV group compared to the placebo). Big Pharma studies the vaccines against other vaccines and other toxic agents which hide the true adverse effects of vaccines.


Pseudoscience? Where are the CDC studies comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated? This simple study could put to rest the idea that vaccines cause too many problems. The CDC refuses to do a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study even though Congress has asked for this.
The NYT mentioned the California Disneyland measles outbreak twice. Here are the facts about the Disneyland measles outbreak. A total of 147 people were sickened with measles. No deaths were reported. Of those sickened with measles, 45% were unvaccinated. Of the remaining subjects, 18% were vaccinated and 38% had unknown vaccination status. Perhaps the NYT editorial board should re-watch the Brady Bunch episode where the Brady children become infected with measles. Marcia Brady stated, “If you have to get sick, sure can’t beat the measles.”


Does the measles vaccine protect against measles infection? Yes. Can measles cause serious health problems? Yes. Are there side effects with the measles vaccine? Yes. These side effects include febrile seizures which occur in 1:640 who receive the vaccine. This is five times more often than seizures from a measles infection. Febrile seizures can increase the risk for epilepsy. Other risks of the MMR vaccine include seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, permanent brain damage and death.


The worst part of the editorial comes next. “Vaccines are not toxic, and they do not cause autism. Full stop.” Full stop is right. We need a full stop on vaccinations until the CDC whistle-blower testifies, the CDC does a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study, and the HHS department (which licenses vaccines) demands all vaccines be tested against a true placebo. Vaccines have been proven to cause autism in the Hannah Poling case. Hannah had been developing normally until at age 19 months she received nine immunizations. Shortly after the vaccinations, Hannah developed a fever, diarrhea, appetite loss, and screaming. This was accompanied by a gradual loss of speech, no longer making eye contact and not sleeping throughout the night. In 2007, the vaccine court said the vaccines she received exacerbated an underlying mitochondrial disorder which lead to a brain disease that appeared as autism. The NYT and the other Powers That Be repeat the same hypothesis over and over: vaccines are safe and do not cause autism. For a hypothesis to be proven true, it has to hold true for all cases. In the case of Hannah Poling, the hypothesis that vaccines are safe and do not cause autism has been disproved. I can assure you that there are many cases like Hannah Poling out there.


The NYT needs to do better research before reporting tired, incorrect, vaccine dogma. Parents need the proper information available to make the best choice whether vaccination is in their child’s interest or not.


Folks! For those of you who know me well, I have A LOT  to say about vaccines! If you want to learn more about the vaccine issues, join me for my annual lecture, ‘Holistic Medicine For The 21st Century’ on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 at the VisTaTech Center, Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI. I will discuss other important health topics to include:


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Author Info

David Brownstein, M.D.

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  • Author Icon
    Ted Hu

    There needs to be a third way.

    Behavioral economics and psychology account for why vaccines are so binary a topic. Majority have tendency to protect herd. If a minority are vaccine injured due to vulnerable immune system but the majority isn’t, the former will impose its will accordingly.

    Deriding failing NYT or the ignorant public ain’t gonna do the job I’m afraid. There needs to be more stories and theories of what exceptions boost odds of autism and how vaccines relate. And until vaccine injured kids are a relatable story instead of name-calling and lobbing, the majority will impose its will.

    Facebook to Amzn are doing the bid of the herd because vaccine makers have played the long game putting out respectable stories about how vaccines save lives. Which they do. Until peeps injured by vaccines do the same, stereotypes will rule the roost.

    I’m speaking as a parent of an autistic 8 yr old child who I’m in process of recovering as a full time job. I’m also an ex Microsoft technologist who knows how FUD works thanks to a decade plus in the industry. The long and short of it is, autism and vaccines must be reframed asap. Because in this war of attrition, at the current rate of stagnation, autism victims will lose.

  • Author Icon

    Thank you for speaking out.
    I found this post while researching mitochondrial genetic variants that make an individual susceptible to adverse reactions from the ingredients in vaccines. (I’m certified in functional genomic analysis, and curious)
    The general public has access to ample resources on the topic of vaccines through PubMed; documentaries, online series and movies (“Trace Amounts” “The Truth about Vaccines” “Vaccines Revealed” “VAXXed,”) independent news outlets (HighWire with Del BigTree, producer of VAXXed), Robert F. Kennedy’s ICAN organization which sued government over vaccine safety (and recently won); numerous YouTube videos by Dr. Suzanne Humphries explaining the science, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny (who offers a course in understanding the science of vaccines), Stephanie Seneff of MIT on how the ingredients in vaccines may impair biochemical processes (methylation, sulfation) … and more. Dr. Humphries wrote, “Dissolving Illusions” after contesting use of vaccines on her hospitalized patients (she is a board certified MD, a nephrologist). You’ll need to buckle in for a ride with these doctors.

    I’m dashing off this comment and likely there are typos and misspellings; I have no interest in arguing with anyone about vaccines. My only response, or comment to politicians moving to block informed consent and exemptions from mandated vaccines is: pull your head out of the sand (and elsewhere), educate yourself about biochemistry and mitochondria and auto-immunity, read the science including the liner notes in the vaccines themselves, and listen to parents.

    The very idea that injecting toxins and viruses into a body to generate a cellular-mediated inflammatory response as an effective approach to protecting humans from pathogens is nonsensical. Ask your mitochondria. Watch Humphries’ YouTube video (still free to watch) on “whack-a-mole” medicine.

    The “godfather of vaccines” (Plotkin) voluntarily agreed to a multi-hour testimony under oath. It’s online. Listen to him for yourself. He and Paul Offit (a name you will soon know, if not already) have made a lot of money off of vaccine sales and will continue to profit from mandatory medical procedures if they can convince you that they are safe and effective.
    Know that it is taxpayers who foot the $4billion payouts, thus far, for vaccine injury, not the drug companies that make the vaccines or the medical community that injects them.
    Contemporary science time and again refutes the use of vaccines as a safe and effective means to address viral infections, even if the CDC, HHS, FDA and mainstream media refuse to recognize, report or act on it. Vaccines kill. It’s an inconvenient truth.
    The byline of HighWire is “Be Brave.”
    The people mentioned above are paving the way for the rest of us to be just a little less fearful in speaking out, to stand up against political, corporate and medical powers who want to mandate a medical procedure, one that has yet to be tested for safety through standard scientific protocol.

  • Author Icon
    Ann Schenck

    So far, I have said no to any vaccines even though I receive letters from local doctors insisting I come in for yearly shots. My intuition backs up what I read from you and other well-informed physicians. In my case, I am 82-yrs-old and never having had a vaccine (other than smallpox), it concerns me to start now and run the risk of some bad reaction. There was no big deal made of mumps, measles, chickenpox, etc when I and my children were young. In answer to people saying these diseases are different now, I wonder if we are altering these childhood “experiences” with the vaccines as well as our attitude toward them. It used to be nothing more than an unpleasant week at home for most of us! We were not scared about getting sick. I ask myself if it is just one more experience that we can avoid with a quick injection or pill? Clearly, our attitude has changed. I find that people do not want to be bothered. We want a quick fix for everything! At what cost? Cancer?
    Thank you, DrB, for caring so much and taking time from your busy schedule to do the research and to take a stand on the front line of such important matters.
    I, for one, appreciate all that you do. Thank you for continuing to be my best teacher!

  • Author Icon
    Whitney Burton

    I believe your heading for the article would have been perfect. I am not offended by the truth. Like you, I love being a doctor. It truly is an honor and a privilege. As a chiropractor, I started my 36th year treating patients last November.

  • Author Icon

    Both our children have followed the vaccine schedule up here in Canada …with the exception of the flu shot. After every round we dealt with sleep regression amongst other things …however that is annecdotal. Recently both our kids came down with flu (confirmed by the lab to be H1N1). Our oldest son (3.5 yrs) had fairly mild symptoms such as being tired, low-grade fever and loss of appetite. Our youngest (1 yr 9m) ended up in the children’s hospital due to some major inflammation in her respiratory system. She required multiple epinephrin masks (12 or so) and 3-4 rounds of oral steroids. Once the breathing was under control she bounced back almost immediately and has since recovered. (I should note this runs in my family and I was asthmatic as a young child. I grew out of it but it’s relevant) Up until now, I’ve been able to convince my wife the flu shot is not for our kids …but after this round, she was shamed by I don’t know how many health care workers including our pediatrician. Especially because our daughter is high risk due to her respiratory sensitivity. My wife is an ICU nurse so you can just imagine …Anyhow, I’ve had to compromise and have our kids vaccinated with the single-dose flu shot tomorrow (not multi-vial). My wife was in tears constantly and cannot see the forest past the trees. However, I will say that even my convictions were shaken throughout the ordeal. Now I’m concerned about these repeated shots each year …particularly with some data coming up concerning potential issues with serial flu vaccinations and potential weakening response to future mutated strains.

  • Author Icon
    Ira Goodman MD


    What an idiotic post you just wrote. Full of unsupported assertions, ad hominem statements, and pedantic blather. Dr. B was too kind in his reaction to you. You dont know a thing about the issues. No telling who or what you will attract on the internet.

  • Author Icon
    Karen Levine

    hi Dr. B.I grow up in the 60’s when polio was a big scare. I received the polio vaccine both oral and injection. I did not suffer any side effects. My children also received this vaccine when growing up.
    What is your opinion about the polio vaccine for children growing up today?

    • Author Icon

      I will refer you to an excellent book on this topic by Tom Cowan, MD. “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness”.

  • Author Icon

    Dr B
    Thank you! Thank you for speaking out!! Thank you for being a true doctor of HEALTHcare not DRUGcare as doctors are inDOCtrinated at the pHARMa bought MEDS schools. It is heartbreaking to see the horrible vaccine damage done to millions of children in this nation all for Satanic pHARMa greed. Unbelievable how they’ve been able all these years to manipulate and control the narrative that vaccines are life saving.☠☠ They have bought the media, our government, researchers, hospitals, doctors etc all for the love of money. How can that be??😭 Now the World Health Organization is saying one of the greatest threats to health is anti vaxxers!!!😱😱 I see a global full forced mandates to vaccinate coming. Our God given rights vanishing. I pray🙏 we can awaken more people to push back an win!!

    THANK YOU for being a fearless warrior for truth! I hope to see you n MI for your talk, I’ll definately be on line watching if not.

    I post multiple time daily vaccine research, but praying how I can do more to help educate. I’m thinking I’ll start doing educational talks in libraries with side presentations from doctors and researchers like you. Message me on FB if you have any ideas!! I just know there’s more I can do!!🙏🙏
    I will not stop !!! Time to take this fight for health and freedom to the next level!! 👊👊

    God Bless you for all you do!!!

  • Author Icon

    Would love to own a DVD of your live. Please let me know if they’ll be available for purchase.

  • Author Icon
    Tedd Koren

    Dr. Brownstein, excellent response to the New York Times (a former newspaper) and I’d love to see them publish it (I’m not holding my breath).

    I have a suggestion that would make your response stronger and put the NYT and its minions on the defense. I recommend discussing the many benefits that having an infectious disease of childhood confers. These diseases help strengthen the immune system and provide protection against cancer and heart disease etc. for the rest of the person’s life.

    • Author Icon

      You are correct. There are positive effects of having measles including a decreased risk of cancer.
      Thanks for pointing that out,

      • Author Icon
        Denise Ignatowski

        Dr Brownstein do you have a reference to the fact that childhood diseases such as measles mumps and chickenpox help protect against czncer? I’m trying to explain this to my daughter who continues to vaccinate my now 9 month old grandson. So far he is ok but as the shots increase I am so worried for his health.

        Hope you have a DVD if your talk on Feb 2 as I am unable to make it. Sounds really great though.

        • Author Icon

          This has been written about many times. See: MUMPS: Researchers investigated whether mumps might engender immunity to ovarian cancer through antibodies against the cancer-associated antigen MUC1 abnormally expressed in the inflamed parotid gland. Read more….
          MEASLES: Albonico et al found that adults are significantly protected against non-breast cancers — genital, prostate, gastrointestinal, skin, lung, ear-nose-throat, and others — if they contracted measles (odds ratio, OR = 0.45), rubella (OR = 0.38) or chickenpox (OR = 0.62) earlier in life. [Med Hypotheses 1998; 51(4): 315-20].
          MEASLES: Montella et al found that contracting measles in childhood reduces the risk of developing lymphatic cancer in adulthood [Leuk Res 2006; 30(8): 917-22].
          MEASLES: Alexander et al found that infection with measles during childhood is significantly protective — it cuts the risk in half — against developing Hodgkin’s disease (OR = 0.53) [Br J Cancer 2000; 82(5): 1117-21].
          MEASLES: Glaser et al also found that lymph cancer is significantly more likely in adults who were not infected with measles, mumps or rubella in childhood [In J Cancer 2005; 115(4): 599-605].

    • Author Icon
      Richard King

      Thanks for providing a “litmus test” re The New York Times (NYT): if NYT is correct and adequate evidence exists for the safety and efficacy of vaccines, then NYT should be glad to publish a thorough rebuttal, with appropriate references. With NYT’s resources and intelligent reporters, doing this should be easy. But if NYT is merely playing along with “CDC, Big Pharma & Co.”, we can expect (1) an attempt to bury the matter by ignoring it, or (2) a lukewarm how-little-can-we-say-without-ignoring-this response. The NYT is now in the proverbial hot seat; how will the newspaper respond?

  • Author Icon
    Michael Pomroy

    Perhaps the fact the CDC holds patents on vaccine has something to do with it, much like the ADA holding patents on amalgam fillings.

    • Author Icon

      The CDC holds multiple patents on vaccines. Of course that has something to do with it. I like the analogy of the ADA.

  • Author Icon

    Thanks for everything you do Dr. Brownstein. Its a breath of fresh air to hear honest doctors working to expose this incredible cover-up. People who question vaccines are the 2019 “top global health threats” according to the World Health Organization. Its disturbing to see how high this cover-up goes, but things seem to be coming to a head so I am optimistic. Hard to believe they can keep this under wraps too much longer as people continue to see what’s happening with vaccines with their own eyes.

  • Author Icon
    Suzanne Eovaldi

    After the end of WWII, the Nuremberg Trials precipitated the declaration from the Nuremberg Court judges an opinion that each human being has the right to declare dominance as to what is done to his/her human body/ no one, i.e. outside entities, govt or private, may dictate who must take what type of medical interventions w/o the precise approval of the patient himself or herself!!/just how did the USA get itself in the position of attempting to abrogate this basic human right as re-confirmed by the Nuremberg Court’s response to horrific medical trauma and experimentation inflicted on Nazi POW’s is behind my comprehension/ anyone, let alone a parent, who has been in the classroom of any neurologically challenged child must realize instinctively that we as a country are putting our most precious progeny at terrible risk / how can giving a pregnant mother a shot containing mercury which is the 2nd most dangerous substance on the element chart of earth’s minerals be called medicine?/ one study I read tells us by puberty our dear children have rec’d 69 different jabs of 16 different vaccines/ I am 83 and remember at the most getting no more than 5-6 vaccines in my entire life =1 polio, one scarlet fever, and maybe 2-3 tetanus shot with boosters/ when I got the measles Mother kept me home from school for a week, and I stayed inside with the blinds drawn/where; when did all of this insanity begin?/another estimate I read reveals that in the year 1976 only one in 15,000 children were autistic yet by the year 2032 80% of our male children are projected to be on the autism spectrum/ this is insanity/ btw in my J school classes way back in the ’50s, we were taught to never take the “official” reason as the real reason for some action/ could it be that the official govt authorities are mandating this aggressive vax sked to avoid loss of income from state or fed. govt reimbursement in re truancy requirements? hello/ I just this a.m. tried to download the Mike Adams, Health Ranger vid trailer of computer crashed, a lot of back & forth ensued etc/ finally, I now appear to be back on line/my love, heart, and prayers go out to you, Dr. B, and other courageous doctors fighting this lone battle/ our country simply has to step fwd on this and support PDJT’s recent EO giving everyone health freedom to refuse these dangers/ the forms for doing so are on online/ we must stand up to the “white coats” who try to intimidate us/ thank you so much , Dr. B. Suzanne Eovaldi, ret. English Professor, reporter, web writer/ IL, IN, FL

  • Author Icon
    Louise Brislane

    Dr Brownstein, I live in Sydney Australia & did I get blasted the other day when I admitted that I refused to be vaccinated for the whooping cough vaccination so that I could see my first great grandchild! She is now around 4 to 5 weeks old & I have seen her twice now in the last week but not to touch, just to look at & only because I do not have a ‘cough’! I am still stinging from the blast of an ex nurse & others who said, I shouldn’t even be allowed around people until I get vaccinated.

    What is the site I can download that has the actual ingredients in the vaccines & what the words mean in layman’s language, so that I can at least have them in my computer & print them off if needed or send them onto others when they blast me!!! I am beyond tired of being called every name under the sun for refusing to be vaccinated.

    I had whooping cough when a child, am I likely to get it again!!! I have never had chicken pox even though I nursed grandchildren while they were sick, also my own children, my siblings got it but not me!! I never got the mumps either, just the measles a couple of times.

    thanks for all your hard work in getting the word out. Please download some of your videos on your talks so I can show others if they are interested in watching before they judge!!

    • Author Icon

      Tell the ignorant that if you get the whooping cough vaccine, there is an increased chance that you could harbor the illness and pass it on. If you have already had whooping cough, it is likely that you my carry life-long immunity.
      Your story is awful. A perfect example of insanity.

    • Author Icon

      A few years ago my 10, 4 and 2 year old kids all got whopping cough (confirmed by a lab test). They basically had a bad cough for about 6 – 8 weeks but otherwise were fine. It really was not a big deal like the media makes it out to be. That being said, my kids are generally very healthy and active. No TV, almost no processed foods, lots of fruits and veg etc. Perhaps if you have the average American diet and lifestyle those illnesses may be a lot more dangerous.

  • Author Icon

    Just so you know, the media is having fun scaring us folks in the Pacific NW too.
    A measles outbreak!! LInk to the local news station:
    Anyone I talk to who is pro-vaccine is rabid in their beliefs, can seldom (if ever) cite any proof other than MSM or the NYT article – especially with regard to flu shots.
    Fortunately, I have your links at the ready.

    Thanks for all the great – researched and easy to explain – info!!!

  • Author Icon
    Dean Mindock

    Dr B,
    Thanks for speaking truth to power. Thanks to you and Dr. Guy Abraham, we learned just how important iodine is. We make our own Lugol’s 5%. It and a few other other
    supplements like D3, magnesium L-threonate, ubiquinol, PQQ, and NAD, the wife and I are looking forward to a hundred or more trips around the Sun.

  • Author Icon
    Gene Levin

    Just a great website overall. I cannot say enough about the issues you tackle.
    Please continue the phenomenal work you do and know that you ARE making
    a difference.
    PS I’ve tried challenging a number of mainstream medical practitioners on these
    issues but find that they typically run scared and are are not willing to engage in any
    meaningful analysis or discussion. The typical response is…………silence!
    So much for their supposed points of view.

  • Author Icon
    Leonard Gauthier

    Great article Dr. Brownstein. I have, and continously read all of your blogs, especially the ones
    on vaccines, and purchased a couple of your books namely: iodine-why you need it, and salt your way to health, and have come to the conclusion that you are a hero to me as well as to all people who are seeking the truth around the vaccine issue, or coverup better said. Your humility, and down to earth wisdom demonstrated in your type of medical practise, your courage and unwavering determination to stand with and expose what is right, when all the odds are against you, is truly inspiring. I sincerely believe you will prevail in getting your message out, for in this corrupt world, you provide a beautiful ray of hope. If I lived in the US instead of Canada, I would move to the state of Michigan just so I could possibly have you as my physician. May God bless you in all you endeavours.

    Sincerely ; Leonard.

  • Author Icon
    Lisa Deiterick

    You may tell your wife, your original ‘working title’ for your response to the NYT, was not lost on me.
    It was brilliant!
    I asked myself, what was worse than poisoning my daughter with drugs that caused autism (at 19 months, too), I’ll tell you… a government that not only makes it ILLEGAL to not embrace the poison, but also constantly posts fake news as to it’s safety.
    How does this happen? So so simple.
    Follow the money.

    • Author Icon

      Follow the money is right. One of the reasons for the push for vaccines in order to be allowed to go to school is money. In our district, the vaccination of the student body is well over 90% (information is right there on our school website). It is written in our state laws that if a school has a vaccination rate over 90% (again, information is right there on our state government’s website), they will still get their state funding. If the rate falls below that, their funding will cease. Do parents understand why the school really pushes vaccination? No. If they knew this little tidbit, they might start to question the real reason and not just go with the assumption that it has anything to do with actual health and well-being.

  • Author Icon

    Hello Dr Brownstein. I have followed you for many years now and understand your critical approach after taking everything into account. Over 35 years of study and experience I have come to understand the thyroid is a particularly important master gland with powerful healing qualities when functioning properly. I am not medical just totally natural having treated thousands over the years. I am against the callous removal of the thyroid after what amounts to only negative restorative attempts.
    Almost all our treatment in that time have been to restore the functionality of the thyroid. Significant short term results have seen diagnosed heart problems, liver swelling, depression, autism, crippling skin conditions and even cancers reversed depending on the dedication of the patient. I suggest the thyroid is the most attacked of all the organs, glands or systems consequently being depleted in almost every woman and a substantial percentage of men including myself.
    I observe the administering of vaccines causes children to be sick enough to require medical attention and the medically indispensable application of antibiotics. Comparison is obviously with untreated children. The antibiotics and most other medications block the digestion of essential nutrients while incessant attacks come from junk foods, household chemicals, pollution, radiation, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The thyroid used to be depleted in older women but now is common in women just out of their teens. A depleted thyroid, unable to assist in the healing process then becomes party to the decline of other organs, glands, tissue and systems. The thyroid is selected as being relatively easy to restore naturally and having direct connection to all the cells and systems of the body while understanding the holistic body.
    I would seek your comment on our approach as being beneficial in general to the health of many peoples.

    • Author Icon

      The thyroid is, indeed a master organ as every cell in the body depends on proper thyroid hormone levels. It is important to ensure a properly functioning thyroid gland.

  • Author Icon
    Alice Galeotti

    Although I blindly followed my kids’ vaxx recommendations (they are 20 and 30 now), my gut intuition made me insist the shots were spaced out over weeks, which I recall made me a “troublemaker” in those MDs opinion. Both kids okay, thank God, but I am trying to educate them both on the truth now that they are starting their own families. Thank you for taking the media and (some) peer potshots so someone like me can make educated choices in medicine. Keep up the great work! ~Alice G.

  • Author Icon
    Christiane Koeksal( not in the medical field)

    I loved reading your article, as a layperson, I still have enough common sense to know what is right and what is wrong. I am glad that you Dr. Brownstein are providing your view on this subject. Vaccination can be causing a lot of problems because of all the unnecessary ingredients in the vaccine. In my opinion, it is all about profit, and people get sick over this, it is shameful. What happened to ” do no harm”? Wish you all the best.

  • Author Icon

    I would love to hear your talk on February 2nd, Dr. Brownstein. Will there be a video posted for us to pay to see or transcripts to purchase afterward? I’ve done my best to finagle raising expenses for the trip out your way. It’s not happening. Please consider getting the word out to your loyal readers (fans) who live too far away to listen to you in person.

    Sending much appreciation & gratitude for your article! Hoping you sent it off to the NYT.

    • Author Icon

      we will be live-streaming it on my FB page. More info to come. Thanks for the nice comments,

      • Author Icon

        So very glad it will be live-streamed . . . thanks much !!! Hoping the NYT publishes this piece!

  • Author Icon
    Robin L.

    “I Believe”

  • Author Icon
    Mary Kay


    There is no way I can attend your lecture on February 2 as I am in Nevada. Any chance you will be recording it for online viewing?

    Thanks much,

    Mary Kay

  • Author Icon
    Ira Goodman MD

    Great article and right on! The “debate” concerning vaccines is insane. Anyone willing to do the reading and thinking about this issue will side with Dr. B. All the rest, willing to delegate their frontal lobes to the ” experts” and allow them to think for them will disagree with Dr. B. Unfortunately there are far too few of the former and way too many of the latter. That will change but until it does MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND..

    • Author Icon

      Your MDs should be revoked from both of you! How awful of human beings are you. Using your knowledge and understanding to make more money off people. Last I check you have not done any research or contributed to vaccine research in any way. You laugh at experts who have devoted their lives to understanding the make up and functionality of how medications and vaccines work in the body. Have you ever stopped to consider all the other things that Americans are consuming and how that might affect the body? Brain development happens in the womb long before a child get vaccines. You already know that though since you are a well educated doctor. What does affect a child is what the mother consumes. Hence why expecting mothers are told not to drink alcohol and refrain from other substances and certain foods as well. Maybe you should consider all the chemicals in plastic, processed foods, and the beverages that are consumed over 9 months and the effect that might have. But no you can’t consider that because in the end you line your pockets with more money with your holistic approach.

      PS your article has nothing but your own thoughts and very little citation to research. That is a very poor article of trying to make a scientific statement. You might want to reconsider your career as a doctor because I hope you aren’t prescribing medications this way as well.

      • Author Icon

        Research is what I do. You may not like it, but so be it. I am laughing at no one. A sick child is no laughing matter. Right now, we have lots of sick children in the US and the CDC, HHS, and FDA are not doing their jobs trying to figure out why so many are ill.
        As for reconsidering my career, sorry. I love being a doctor. It is an honor and a privilege. I would choose none other.

      • Author Icon

        ‘Matt’ is a troll.

        As mentioned, a CDC scientist ADMITTED in 2014 that in the 2004 publication of their study, they removed the data which proved the links between the MMR vaccine and autism from the analysis of study data. He admitted to committing criminal fraud.

        I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry in research and development for 30 years. Vaccines are not tested with the same rigor or length of follow up time that’s required for the development of ANY other therapy on the market. If any of the companies I’ve worked for omitted the same amount of data the CDC did from their analysis, we would be put OUT OF BUSINESS.

        Vaccine manufacturers have been legally exempted by congress from any liability regarding damages their products cause since 1991, and there have been billions of dollars paid out in damages by the US taxpayers by the vaccine injury courts.

        ‘Matt’ is either woefully uninformed or a paid government troll.

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