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Ozone Dramatically Improves Arthritic Joint

Mary is a 48-year-old patient suffering with a long history of rheumatoid arthritis.  I have seen Mary for many years before she moved out of state and then, I began to see her infrequently.  It had been a few years since I had last seen her but she came to me complaining of severe swelling in her ankle joint.  “I feel like I won’t be able to walk soon as the pain and swelling just get worse and worse.  Mary had seen a rheumatologist who recommended that she go on a new rheumatoid drug such as Enbrel.  Mary did not to take this medication because of the adverse effects which include increasing the risk for serious infections and cancer.

When I saw Mary, she had a very swollen right ankle.  It was visibly swollen as you can see below.  It was also very painful when I was examining it.

The conventional approach to treating an ankle like this is to prescribe potent non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs followed by steroids and then medications like Enbrel. These therapies are all associated with serious adverse reactions.

I suggested that Mary try an ozone shot directly into her ankle joint.  Ozone is a gas which consists of three atoms of oxygen (O3).  I have found ozone injections extremely helpful for most arthritic conditions, sciatica, disc problems, as well as many other conditions.  I injected Mary with 10 cc ozone gas (40 gamma) directly into her ankle joint.  I told Mary that I thought ozone would help get rid of the swelling but that it may take a couple of injections.  Since she was only in town for a few days, I asked her to return the next day for an evaluation and perhaps another ozone shot.

The next day I saw Mary walking down the hall.  She had a big smile on her face and she was no longer limping.  She gave me hug and said the ankle pain went away a few hours after the shot and the swelling resolved shortly thereafter.  “It is so wonderful to be able to walk again,” she stated.

Here is a picture of Mary’s ankle 24 hours after one ozone injection.

Twenty-four hours post-injection, May had minimal swelling—I estimated that over 95% of the swelling was resolved.  She was pain free upon physical exam.

Folks, the medical use of ozone has transformed my practice.  Ozone has many positive effects for the human body including:

  • Improving blood circulation and oxygenation to all the tissues and organs of the body
  • Upregulating cellular antioxidant enzymes
  • Stimulating neuroendocrine pathways

Ozone therapy should be taught in all medical schools.  All doctors should be knowledgeable about how to use ozone in the human body.  It truly is a wonderful therapy to employ.  If you are interested in more information about ozone, I refer you to my newest book, Ozone:  The Miracle Therapy.

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David Brownstein, M.D.

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    I wish I lived closer to you instead of California, so I could take advantage of your healing treatments and knowledge. Will the ozone treatments help with degenerative disc disease? I have degenerative discs at L3/L4 and L4/L5 which is very painful and diminishes quality of life.

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    Ozone can help many things. It’s worth mentioning to the doctor and if we won’t listen find one who will.

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    What was the diagnosis for Mary’s ankle?

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    How do you ozinate water and what benefits would there be in drinking it?

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    Dr. B – Does your new Ozone book provide a treatment protocol for rectal Insufflation if you have your own home oxygen generator? i.e. correct number of treatments, desired ozone concentration etc…? thanks

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    Dr Brownstein, I went to the link you provided and there are NO doctors within 1000 miles of me. Yes, I said 1000 miles. I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. What do you suggest?

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    Anita Marie

    My dentist has me breathing ozone 20 min intervals once a week to clear up a chronic sinus infection that showed up on x ray prior to a sinus lift and post implant. Do you have experience with ozone being helpful for this?

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    Dear Dr B
    Thank you so much for your good work. I only discovered you recently but have just finished all your books.
    I will be booking in for some ozone therapy in Sydney and thereafter I intend doing some home treatment. It is a bit wild trying to decide what ozone generator to buy for home use – do you have any pointers to help in this regard? I see that offer a “home package” and he seems to know his stuff but hard for me to judge.
    One other thought/question. I know you do not prescribe oral hydrogen peroxide for your patients and you outline potentially deleterious effects in your book – However it would seem rational to me that taking oral H2O2 on a totally empty stomach would minimise the potentially deleterious effects – or not?. Any pointers where I could get more information on this subject.
    Again thank you very much. I have used the information in your books to effect huge improvements in my life.

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    Mary Lou

    I am in my early 50’s and tore my ACL on my left knee over 20 years ago (while skiing). I did not have surgery, but the doctor at the time told me I would probably have problems with me knee as I got older.
    Fast forward 20 years and sure enough, about 2 years ago I started having a lot of pain in that knee and it would also ‘lock up’ on me and I had to lay flat on my back and do all kinds of maneuvers to get it to unlock.
    I work out several times a week and one of my friends who I worked out with (same age as me) was also having a lot of problems with one of her knees. She told me she was opting for surgery and suggested I do the same.
    I see Dr. B twice a year (for health maintenance) and I mentioned the issues I was having with my knee, thinking there was really nothing that could be done. Dr. B suggested the ozone injections and I jumped on the opportunity to try to restore my knee, rather than surgically replace it.
    The very first injection I could feel a difference. The pain subsided and I didn’t have problems with it ‘locking up’. I had 2-3 injections the first 6 months, and since then, I have an injection every visit (twice a year) for maintenance. I have no pain in my knee anymore, and I am still working out (even doing Zumba!) 4-5 times a week. Sadly my friend who had the surgery is still having problems with her knee, and can no longer work out. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I took the path that I did, and how grateful I am to be able to see Dr. B on a regular basis. I have people complimenting me all the time that they can’t believe I am the age that I am, that I look so much younger. So thanks Dr. B – I couldn’t do it without you!

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    I had a debilating systemic mycoplasma pnuemonia infection with resulting brain damage equivalent to that of a severe alchoholic. Had 8 sessions of Ozone IV from my doctor 400km away.
    The infection has gone and my brain in nearly healed.
    It was worth the cost, travel and any convenience.

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    Thank you Dr.B – how does one get “ear ozone” for the sinus ? Could a dentist do this, or a doctor ?

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    Ann Nietling

    Mary is SOOOOOOO lucky to have you fighting for her!! I have an extremely similar situation…..sooo wish I lived closer to you for your amazing treatments–you are a blessing to many and a shining light in this world….keep up the amazing work and sharing the knowledge!

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    Do ozone injections work as well for OA in hips, knees, fingers, wrists?
    Will OA work for gout symptoms in a toe?

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    My mother just had knee surgery to deal with a fungal infection that resulted from steroid shots in her knee. Would ozone injections cause a similar issue once she has been compromised?

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    Can ozone be bubbled into water and drank for benefits?

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    Dr Brownstein is a true wonder.
    Heard him on a Health Summit, and bought one of his supplements.

    So am a fan.

    I have Histamine Intolerance which is very inflammatory.
    Food and chemical sensitive have driven my inflammation.

    I will look into this treatment as it appears to change body systems and reactions. My latest protocol has been to do a modified Ketogenic diet and it has been a surprising change.
    My inflammation is dropping so fast.
    Dr Brownstein, do you have a list of Functional MD’s on your website?

    Finding one in the Midwest has proved, none in the last year that are trained or well trained.
    Some just say they are to get patients, and then one finds out you know more than they do!

    Some push so many costly supplements that you are just taking more chemicals.

    Keep up the good work. Have no idea how I missed your new book.

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    I’ve been trying to find a doctor who will administer ozone injections in the metro St. Louis, MO area with no success. There is one D.O. in the area who uses ozone but he is not taking new patients (I’m not even sure he does the injections).
    Is there any way to find a doctor using ozone treatments other than searching the internet?

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    Dr. Brownstein,
    I have been reading allot about hyperbaric chamber treatments for fibromyalgia and CFS. Do you treat these conditions with Ozone therapy? If so, which one do you think is best and also, I must ask, what therapy would be cheaper? Also, last month I was at my GYN appt. with Dr. Traci Zobel in Naples, Florida and we talked about you. She told me she grew up where you did too and we both talked very highly of you. I was fortunate enough to find her cause she takes my insurance and prescribes bio-identical hormones.

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    Cindy Charlebois

    Truly amazing, Dr. Brownstein! Did Mary require more ozone injections after this one? I have a left knee that has a lot of arthritis (I’ve been told it’s osteoarthritis) that swells and am in varying degrees of pain depending on level of activity. Does this work for osteoarthritis as well as it does for rheumatoid arthritis? Typically does one injection do the job or does treatment require multiple injections? I live in Illinois, but will be in Troy Michigan at the end of the month; can I come see you and get an injection?

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    I’ve used ozone shots in my jaw for a cavitation with excellent results.
    Would ozone be useful for a bacterial or viral infection in the sinuses ? And would one use the website you gave above to locate a doctor that does ozone injections? My dentist did the injections into the jaw for the cavitation. Would like to find a doctor that knows about ozone and uses it. Thank you.

  • Author Icon
    Michael Moreland

    My mother has been receiving ozone injections from Dr. Brownstein to her knee joint for several months. She has experienced noticeable improvement in her mobility and the lessening of painful episodes due to swelling and diminished cartilage. My mother is 86 years old and his been under the care of Dr. Brownstein for several years. She takes no prescription drugs except for a low dosage blood pressure medication but she does take a regimen of great supplements all recommended by Dr. Brownstein. At her recent annual physical my mother’s regular PCP asked her why she refuses to take any drugs but how it is that she is such good health. My mother just smiled. Dr. Brownstein and his colleagues are the real deal when it come to holistic health. But hey, you already know that.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Dr. B.

  • Author Icon

    Why aren’t there any practitioners in Iowa???

  • Author Icon

    I have RA real bad and am on no do you find a doctor to do this procedure

  • Author Icon

    I have 2 friends, one has bone on bone in her ankle and the other has bone on bone bilateral knees. Will the Ozone therapy help them?

  • Author Icon

    My functional medicine doctor offers ozone therapy through IV. Apparently, he runs the patient’s blood through the ozone and the blood enters back into the body. Dr. Brownstein, can you speak to this treatment as well? Just curious and thanks, Jean

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    Anita Marie

    Is OZONE helpful if inhaled? What issues could benefit from inhalation?

  • Author Icon
    Bob Moorman

    Dr. Brownstein-thank you for all your useful information-I am 71 and have ongoing artherosclorosis clogging my arteries(48 stents-3 in my iliacs-1 in my left carotid-the rest in my heart). Even with all the stents I still have angina and no energy-do you think ozone therapy would be helpful to oxygenate my heart muscle and body to help reduce the work load on my heart consequently less or no angina and better health-if so how would it be administered-Thanks Again- Bob

  • Author Icon

    ozone also kills anaerobic bacteria. marshal protocol theorizes bacterial basis for RA. the university that discovered most ulcers are caused by bacteria came up w/ the protocol.

    my periodontist kept placing an antiobiotic called retsin in the location he said I cound never reach properly to keep clean/ once I noticed there was no attempt to cure, only to ‘maintain’ I looked for a new dentist, found one a few miles from my house, got an ozone treatment from him, no more infection ever since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no more periodontist visits, just regular cleanings and dental exams.

    my dentist’s wife happens to have RA so I will show him your post.

    many thanks for all your info!!!

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    Juddee' Maxwell

    What a wonderful response to ozone therapy! Do you know of anyone in northern Michigan that would provide such therapy?

  • Author Icon

    I had the same problem and it went away evenually. I had hurt my leg one windy day my car door hit me, I thought my swollen ankle and leg might have been from that incident. I know my doctor would have recommended the cortozone shots because when it happened to my knee that’s what he suggested. I refused; however.

    both swellings eventually went down but i take responsibility for my aches and pains as well. I know excessive sugar in the diet causes inflammation. I am watching my diet again diligently and hope this never happens again.

    I find it interesting that it may not have been from a bump but rheumatoid arthritis, The orthopedic surgeon told me after xray that I just had mild arthritis in ny knees. If this is mild I hope I never experience the extreme pain because I tell you this was very painful and I could hardly walk.

    One thing that did help was physical therapy which I ask for and received. But when my leg had the same symptoms I was too embarrased to go back and admitt I wasn’t doing the exercises like I should have and had relapsed.

  • Author Icon

    Would Ozone therapy work on someone who has several arthritis in the spine?

  • Author Icon

    This is amazing news….is there any adverse side effects long term? Is this something that must be taken regularly? Is this addicting? Thank you. Kind Regards.. Constance 🙂

  • Author Icon

    I live in Mexico and am lucky enough to have a physician who looks to alternative practices as well as standard. Ozone therapy is something he has used in the past.
    I do wonder what it could do for a hip joint w/o much cushioning left. I may follow up and find out.

  • Author Icon

    Now THIS is what I call “healing” and the practice of medicine at it’s most intelligent, thoughtful,and ethical. This should be required reading/viewing among all medical students.