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Rejected: The Cholesterol = Heart Disease Hypothesis


For well over 30 years, every medical student has been taught that high cholesterol levels are responsible for causing heart disease—the number one killer in the US.  And, the public has been similarly educated that eating a low-fat diet (having less cholesterol) is the best way to avoid becoming a cardiac patient.


At my medical school graduation (nearly 30 years ago—oy vey!) the dean told us that we were trained with the latest medical information.  He continued by stating that, unfortunately, over 50% of what was just taught to us was incorrect.  He told us that it was our job to figure out what is fact and what is fiction.


Perhaps my dean would be proud of me as I have dedicated my professional career to determining what is right and what is wrong with medicine.  Now I can state, without equivalence, that the cholesterol=heart disease hypothesis is terribly wrong.  Keep in mind, I came to that conclusion many years ago after studying the literature.


A new commentary was just published in the September 2018 issue of The American Journal of Medicine (Vol. 131, N. 9, pages 993-4).  The author presented the data from 29  major randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of the cholesterol=heart disease hypothesis since 2004.  The reason he chose post 2004 studies is that trials before 2004 were tainted by scandals that led to new regulations.


Only 2 of the 29 studies—7%–reported a mortality benefit while only 34% showed a cardiovascular benefit.  That means these RCTs—the gold standard for research in medicine—showed that lowering cholesterol levels with the use of medications failed to provide a mortality benefit in 93% and 66% did not achieve a cardiovascular benefit.


I wrote the Statin Disaster to inform my patients that the cholesterol=heart disease hypothesis was not true.  In that book I stated that statins, the most commonly used medications to lower cholesterol levels fail approximately 99% who take them.  IMHO, the commentary in the American Journal of Medicine supports my view.


Statins are a failed drug class. They are fraught with side effects.  They should be avoided.


What causes heart disease?  Heart disease is caused by many factors including eating a poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, as well as hormonal and nutritional imbalances.


I suggest working with a holistic health care provider in order to avoid becoming a cardiac patient.


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David Brownstein, M.D.

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    Hello Dr. B!

    While I am so blessed to have you as my physician, my dad
    wasn’t so fortunate. He passed in April while visiting us in Virginia.
    Its my hope that people will open their hearts and hear your
    teaching to improve their well-being. I tried to teach Dad but his heart was closed. His box of medication containing over 20 drugs sat on my kitchen table during my parents visit. It was difficult to watch him suffer and watch him take those drugs because I knew the truth. He thought the cure was in the pills he ingested twice daily. Its sad to share this news with you especially knowing that you would have helped him. On a cute note – my mom keeps asking about the ozone machine we purchased from your clinic. She overheard us talking about the benefits prior to purchasing it. I am glad her curiosity is sparking an interest. She has even stated some of the organic food tastes good. Who knows… maybe the hook is in and we will have a positive influence with her. ; )

    I am so proud of you and your clinic! With great respect and admiration,
    Pam <3

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    Would be good to have a list of good holistic healthcare providers that are Dr. Brownstein level great. There are a lot of people practicing, but they are not like you

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      A good site to find docs can be found at the International College of Integrative Medicine where I am a board member. The website is: However, to find a good doc sometimes takes time. I know that can be frustrating.

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    Karen Milner

    So thankful to have you and your practice dedicated to finding the reason behind medical conditions instead of treating the symptoms with dangerous medications and causing more problems. We have been patients of your practice for over 10 years and have all benefited from your years of medical wisdom and pointing us in the right direction.

    Related to CVD, you may also find the work of a local company interesting – see

    Keep up the great work treating, educating, and changing lives!

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    John rubie

    Hello Dr Brownstein. I have been following your posts for as long as you have been doing them and your research is solid. Can you also add any input to the thyroid theory that it is a major healing gland in the body with many balancing capacities. It suffers attack from every direction because of its connection to every cell and so is now depleted in almost all women of the world. Once it is depleted every attempt at healing by any method in the body is that much harder. Examples are diabetes, cancer, arthritis, asthma and all the known thyroid symptoms.
    Using natural methods it is relatively easy to restore to a high level function, getting a little harder with age. Once again it’s connection with each cell benefited by hands on treatment will act as the trigger for restoration given the establishment of nutritional improvements.
    All over the world doctors are rushing to take thyroids out! Condemning the patient to constant medical adjustments for all the imbalances with accompanying weight gain, fatigue, mental torment and metabolic discomfort. It is time a doctor with your reputation for solidity took up the fight for some sense in this destructive practice affecting the women of the world!!

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    Carole P

    How lovely to hear truth!!

  • Author Icon

    Thank you once again for speaking TRUTH! Dr. B, I got bitten and VERY sick from a tick! Was in a wheelchair for 8 months. I now have over 87 dx codes slapped on me and thousands of dollars of Dr. bills. I have a table full of pills that never helped. They just guessed, referred me on, did more tests and gave me pills to “hopefully” help me. Most of the time they were “pain pills” to mask the real issue. I wasnt going there.

    One day, completely defeated, I rose up, got angry and got off the hamster wheel. I decided “DO NO HARM” was not an oath many doctors understand. Follow the money!!! Aren’t most studies tainted in favor of the desired outcome? Aren’t most continuing ed for doctors sponsored by Pharmaceuticals?

    I decided if I was going to get better, I had to do it myself. Getting completely healthy with food, drink, exercise and thoughts/prayer has kept me feeling better. I still have some issues, but I know it is generally something I did (like ate the wrong food, didn’t drink enough water, got too busy, etc.).

    Why is it that we think we can eat all of this junk, watch all of the toxic news, drink all of these new wines, beers, etc. Sit playing games and staring at our smartphones all day and not feel the effects? Why is it, we have been duped into thinking a pill will cure our ails and yet we refuse to change our habits? Most of our problems lie at the end of our fork! The solution is not in a brown bottle, but in our hearts!

    Keep exposing and keeping your oath! Thank you!

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    Jim Forward

    Thank you for caring enough to keep fighting the profit driven brain washers and helping us find the true causes of poor health. You are truly making a difference-please don’t ever stop fighting for humanity – we need you!

  • Author Icon
    Nathalie Khalili

    Please tell us what you think about the flu vaccine for adults and children!
    Thanks a lot,
    Best Regards

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    So relieved to read your articles. I am French and I came across several artcles about French researchers telling that there was no direct correlation between the use of statins and the reduced number of heart diseases….my gut was telling me to believe that…..happy and relieved because I had an akward moment with my internist who asked me to sign a waiver 10 yrs ago because I refused to take the statins. During my last pregnancy my cholesterol level was very high 360, right after I gave birth I was put on statin…and a severe pain was shooting through my neck….I realized afterwards it was a side effect of the statin. Stopped it immediately…..thank you for your amazing contribution to medicine. I am grateful for people like you who are devoted to research and stay ethical and place above all the well being of their patients! BRAVO and THANK YOU

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    Thank you Dr. B for speaking the truth about statins!

    Dr. Hamer has extensively identified (in thousands of cases) that the unexpected “shock conflict” lies behind all diseases and includes the specific cause in heart attacks. Whether or not you agree with Hamer’s findings is up to you however the point here is consider including the emotional component in any “disease” and especially any heart condition.

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      Good words Chef-Doctor…

      Check out this website where many people have been healed when they addressed the root issues spiritually:

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    Bonnie Camo MD

    The commencement speaker at my class of of 1978 graduation from Hahnemann Medical College told us the same thing, that half of what we had been taught was wrong. I think it was actually a lot more than half! I rejected allopathic medicine and went into Orthomolecular Psychiatry (treating mental illness with nutrition), and homeopathy. My recently published book, Natural Medicine, is available on Amazon. Bonnie Camo MD

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    June Lyman

    I so appreciate your work!!! 😊😊 Your dedication and service has changed sooo many lives!!! Allow me to express gratitude for ALL OF US out here who are lucky enough to have found You!

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