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Somali Measles Epidemic and The Brady Principle

Somehow, a measles outbreak of unvaccinated Somali citizens in Minnesota is supposed to drive a stake in those of us who raise questions about the safety and efficacy of FDA-approved vaccines.  According to the powers-that-be, this outbreak of measles is proof that we need more vaccinations, not less.

I beg to differ.  And, I will make my argument citing the Brady principle.  I am sure most adults over the age of 50 are very familiar with the Brady Principle.

For those unfamiliar, let me provide you with the information you will need to understand the Brady Principle.

From 1969-1974, the Brady Bunch ran weekly as a sitcom.  I watched every episode and can still recall most of them.  The Brady Principle refers to the episode where all six Brady kids became ill with the measles.  What happened to the Brady kids?  They stayed home from school, played Monopoly, and Alice cooked for them, and they recovered from the measles infection.

During the episode, Marsha Brady stated, “If you have to get sick, sure can’t beat the measles.” The Brady Principle would indicate that measles is not a dangerous disease for most who become ill from it.  When I was a child, measles was treated as an illness similar to chickenpox; most children became ill with these childhood diseases and most recovered uneventfully.  Back then, measles and chickenpox were not feared illnesses in the U.S.

Back to the Brady’s.  The good news for the Brady kids, and the Somali children, is that they will have life-long immunity from measles.  And, the female Brady children (Marsha, Cindy, and Jan) passed their immunity on to their children so that their newborn children would not become ill if there was a measles outbreak.  However, this is not the case with vaccinated children as the measles vaccine does not provide life-long immunity and it does not provide antibodies to their newborn children to protect them during a vulnerable time in their lives.

The pro-vaccine cartel is screaming that the Somali measles epidemic is an example of why we need more vaccines.

They are wrong.

Yes the measles vaccine is successful at lowering the incidence of measles.  However, this creates a vaccinated population that does not have life-long immunity to a fairly benign illness.  Yes, measles can be associated with severe adverse effects and even death.  So can the measles vaccine.  During the last 10 years, there has been one death from measles, but that patient was an adult woman who was on immunosuppressive medications and had other serious health problems. (1)  I performed a search on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and found that from 2000 to 2017, there were 156 deaths related to the MMR vaccine.

Somali mothers were not too familiar with autism when they came to the U.S.  An article in the Globe and Mall quotes a Somali mother stating, “In Somalia, we had kids with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. But nobody had ever heard of autism,” Ms. Hassan recalls. “And believe me, it’s not something you can hide.”  In the article, Somalis are calling autism the “western disease” or the “vengeance from abroad.”  (2) Approximately 40 years ago, autism rates in Africa were reported to be much lower than the U.S. (3)

However, things changed quickly for Somali parents when they came here and started raising their children.  The autism rate in Somali children in Minnesota came to the forefront in 2008-2009 when a Minnesota Department of Health study found that Somali preschoolers, when compared to other children, were two to seven times more likely to receive autism services from the Minneapolis school system. (4)

The Somali mothers apparently felt that their children were being affected by the MMR vaccine and began to decline the vaccination.  The Somali mothers should have been concerned about the relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism as this was reported by a senior CDC scientist nearly three years ago. (5)  The CDC scientist has claimed whistleblower status as he has stated, under oath, that the CDC destroyed, hid and falsified data that showed a clear link between the MMR vaccine and autism. And, the altered CDC data revealed that the most affected group of children were African American boys.

Now you can see why some Somali mothers were concerned and chose not to vaccinate.  What parent would subject their child to a medical procedure knowing that it could cause a life-long neurological injury in order to prevent a relatively benign illness for the vast majority who become ill with it?

Folks, saying vaccines are safe and effective does not make it so.  Repeating this line over and over does not make it so.

There is nothing wrong with questioning vaccine safety.  There is nothing wrong with wanting vaccines to be properly studied for the safety and effectiveness-which has not been done.  And, if a parent decides that their child is not going to be vaccinated, there is nothing wrong with that as well.

There is something wrong when parents are vilified for trying to make the best medical decisions for their children.  In the case of the MMR vaccine, we may have less measles and less measles-associated problems, but we may have other unintended conditions.

Our children are the least healthy when compared to other Western countries.  Our children are the most vaccinated.  Where is the data that more vaccines are going to help them?

It is time to let your Congressperson know your thoughts on these issues. Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the Office of Government Reform has been aware of the CDC whistleblower for nearly three years now.  It is up to him to call a Congressional hearing to investigate the whistleblower’s claims.  Mr. Chaffetz refuses to do so.  I was happy to hear he will not seek reelection as we do not need more Congressmen like Mr. Chaffetz.  We already have enough Congressmen and women who do nothing.

What can you do?  Call the Office of Government Reform (OGR) and demand a hearing on the CDC whistleblower.   The OGR can be reached here:  202.225.5074.  I have been calling on a frequent basis for nearly three years.  I can assure you that the OGR staffers neither like hearing my voice nor do they like speaking with me.   Tell the OGR to call a hearing on the CDC whistleblower after you ask them why they have not acted on this matter before.

Most importantly, email President Trump.  He is knowledgeable about this issue and has the power to push for hearings on vaccine safety.  You can email President Trump here:

Make you views heard. We already have over a million U.S. children with autism.  This is a new phenomenon.   Something is causing this epidemic increase. If it is vaccine related and we do nothing, our Republic may not survive.




(3)    Childhood autism in Africa. J Child Psychol Psychiatry. 1978;19(3):231-44



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David Brownstein, M.D.

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    Greg Madison

    You’re a dumb idiot when it comes to medicine brownstein. 1 in 5 who get measles are hospitalized for it. If you’re too callous to give a damn about that, you don’t deserve to care for patients, you moron.

  • Author Icon

    All of us need to email the president and tell him to push for hearing on vaccine safety and also to put RF Kennedy to chair the committee on vaccine safety now. Dr. B has made it easy for us by giving the president’s email. Just click the email address above and send your email soon as you can.

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    M nielsen

    When I was a kid, back in the 40s, I attended a school in northern Illinois. It was a consolidated school with kids from a small town and the surrounding agricultural area .Students totalled about 1800. There were no vaccines then for the common childhood diseases: measles, mumps, and chicken pox. These diseases were considered as part of the rite of passage. Mothers attnded pox parties with their kids, my mother included. Every kid got the diseases (but somehow I avoided chicken pox, even when my kids had chicken pox, I didn’t get it). Mothers did not take their kids to the doctor for every imagined illnes or sniffle. Every kid got well wi th no lasting effects. You would figure that if something was going to happen in as large as a population of 1800, it would. So I can’t figure out what is now the big deal. Have the infectuous agents changed? My employer used to reqire an annual flu shot, but I always had the flu 48-hours later. Then I stopped the shots amd haven’t had the flu since. The last time I was s ick was when I had the Asian flu in the 60s. I just don’t get things caused by germs. In case you think I don’t get sick because I don’t get exposed, be advised that I was a 911 paramdic, now reti red, for ovr 30 years.

  • Author Icon

    I live in Mexico. I asked my doctor about the vaccine schedule here. Unfortunately, they have gone to the US schedule. That schedule seems to be spreading like a virus.

    Heaven help the next generation worldwide if this continues.

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    Angelique Anderson

    Dr. Brownstein,
    I am so grateful I found you 10 years ago. I believe you are so correct about the affects of vaccinations on the American public, but most especially babies and children. I didn’t realize that the MMR vaccination caused Autism. I thought it was the DTP. When my daughter received her first DTP shot, we were told if she developed a high fever that we should contact the doctor. She had a 104 degree temperature and I was extremely worried about her. I contacted the doctor and they acted like it was no big deal. I was so upset! She had speech issues and auditory processing issues we needed to address after that. I believe the vaccination she received caused this for her. Thank God she is a very healthy and successful adult and she was an excellent student. She teaches Math to 7th graders. Thank God I was a stay at home Mom and was able to help her recover from this “injury”. Thank God for you and doctors like you!

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    ~ Nona

    I just called Mr. Chaffetz’s office to ask why there has been no investigation. I got a pretty anodyne response.

    I’m going to make it a point to make a call every month; I’m actually going to put the matter on my calendar. I suggest that more of us do this.

    We have to start making noise about this; let’s follow Dr. Brownstein’s example.

  • Author Icon
    Lisa Ostendorf

    Natalie: That is fantastic until the lunatics in office Change the Law!!! In California, they just passed SB277 which states No Child can attend either PUBLIC OR PRIVATE school without the dozens of required vaccines!! They are now forcing parents who work at or want to volunteer at these schools to also have their vaccines, and it is happening in health care offices. The disease of Forced Vaccinations is now an epidemic in Ca., and our state is supposed to be the example for the rest of the country! They do not care about anyone’s religious freedom or even their basic freedom! I am so glad my kids are now in college, except oh woops, what’s that I hear? My friend’s daughter was just rounded up with all the other college students, (hundreds), into the stadium at Santa Clara University for a mass vax for meningitis!!! They all went like sheep to the slaughter! None of these poor kids knows what is in the vaccines, or if they are even helpful!

    ACTION ALERT – We all need to do as much as we can to keep this epidemic from spreading!

  • Author Icon

    While changing legislation is the right way to go, it may take a while. In the meantime, schools are forcing us, parents, to give shots to our kids. As a workaround, you may get a “religious exemption from immunization”. Not sure if it’s valid everywhere, but I could get it in my home state Florida. I went to the local Department of Health office and asked for Form DH681. Everything worked smoothly, no questions asked. This form never expires. I hope this can be helpful to some of you.

  • Author Icon

    Both called OGR and sent message to Pres Trump; however, the address you posted blocked my message. I went online and got this address to contact the White House:
    FYI – the person I spoke to at OGR said a hearing had been held a couple of years ago. I said I hadn’t heard any results of hearing and she told me to go to to see results. I searched through 2015 and didn’t find anything and a search for CDC whistleblower didn’t turn up anything.

  • Author Icon

    Tried to contact the President via email but couldn’t send because message came up need to enter captia (or whatever)

    No place to enter nutting’! Tried Safari and Firefox. Both came up with same message. 🙁

  • Author Icon

    I just got off the phone with OGR she said she would pass my message along. I asked if I could have a reply back from him she says he doesn’t take contact information or return calls. I said what does he do he said I can give you his website if you want, he supports this district in Utah … so I said he’s basically just going to look at my message and throw it away and do nothing like he has for the last three years. She says I wouldn’t say that.

  • Author Icon

    I second what Glenda Heathscott says above … read “Science for Sale” … it explains in more detail what the CDC did and what happened to those children without their consent or knowledge. For those of us who think and question and research like Dr. Brownstein, it sadly is no surprise because we are aware of the rampant conflicts of interest and corruption that takes place. For those who are not aware and are willing to keep an open mind, it’s a real eye-opener.

  • Author Icon

    They have plenty of evidence that vaccines hurt and may not help. Maybe they gave even higher doses to certain people which would be unethical and even giving vaccines once they know they hurt is unethical. Greed for the vaccine companies. They need to be held accountable. No forced vaccines is needed. Vaccines may hurt and not help and may destroy the brain/body/health of the next generation in addition to GMO/Roundup/Gluten/soy/sugar/food with a label etc. Baby formula maybe 1/2 sugar and GMO corn/GMO soy. Prevention is easier than cure. Stop what hurts. Natural only help may help the immune system, prevent health issues and heal a person fast.

  • Author Icon
    Glenda Heathscott

    Dr. Brownstein:
    Thank you for your continued pursuit of truth. I will not only call the office of the OGR and email President Trump, I will suggest he read “Science for Sale” by Dr. David Lewis.
    Glenda Heathscott

  • Author Icon

    Thank you Dr. Brownstein, I hope this raised some red flags for some folks out there. It goes along with Campbell’s China study, where he found US immigrants from rural China with extremely low cancer risks adapting to the cancer incidence of the United States over several decades. There is something in our environment. Just looking at your VAERS numbers, if it won’t kill you, you end up with something less, e.g. auto-immune disease, autism, cancer…Thanks for speaking the truth.

  • Author Icon

    Mr. Trump appointed Robert Kennedy, Jr to chair a committee on vaccine safety. Trump is following through on his promises. You will never hear about this from the mainstream, which may be where you are getting your information and your attitude toward Trump. No mistaking that the radical left is trying to bring him down. It’s not going to happen. We on the right have much more common sense about where we get our information.

  • Author Icon

    Mr. Trump appointed a very business friendly person to look after our health. I am afraid he has decided to support the CDC rather than our children.

    I do think I read something about Trump meeting with people with damaged children??? I think it was near the end of 2016.

  • Author Icon
    Kelly Forfar

    Thank you Dr. B for your tireless efforts to get this very important information out to all of us! I just got done emailing President Trump and imploring of him to take action in this matter, the same way that all of us need to do! This matter requires all of us to unite in this effort and to be persistent! I agree with Dr. Brownstein, this is of utmost importance if we are going to enjoy our tomorrows. United we stand, divided we fall!

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