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The Epidemic of Breast Cancer and Thyroid Disorders: The Common Link

A recent study found higher levels of free T3 (a thyroid hormone) as well as thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies in patients with breast cancer when compared to healthy controls. (1) Nearly one in seven (14%) U.S. women have breast cancer. Thyroid disorders are the most common endocrine disorder present in the U.S. There are estimates that from 10-40% of the U.S. adult population suffer from a thyroid disorder. Could there be a link between the 40-year epidemic rise of breast cancer and thyroid disorders?

The answer is “yes”.

And the link could explain not only the breast and thyroid connection but also why we are suffering from an epidemic of other glandular illnesses—including cancer—of the ovary, uterus, pancreas, and prostate. What is the link?

The link is iodine deficiency.

Our iodine levels have fallen over 50% during the last 40 years. I (along with my partners) have tested well over 6,000 patients for their iodine levels and have found that over 96% are deficient in iodine. Most are severely deficient. As I wrote in my book, Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It, iodine deficiency is responsible for the epidemic of thyroid and breast disorders that we are seeing today. This includes autoimmune thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto’s and Graves’ disease, thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism as well as fibrocystic breast disease and breast cancer. Every cell in the body requires adequate iodine levels to function optimally. In the glandular tissue—the thyroid, ovaries, uterus, breast, pancreas, and prostate–iodine is responsible for maintaining the normal architecture of the glands. When iodine deficiency is present, it sets in motion a cascade of events. This cascade starts with glandular cysts forming. If iodine deficiency continues, the cysts become hard and nodular. The next step is the glandular tissue starts to assume a precancerous appearance—called hyperplasia. The final stage in this sequence is cancer. The good news is that in vitro (in test tubes) and in vivo (in animals and people) studies have found that iodine therapy can halt the progression of  glandular events and even reverse it.

What can you do? One of the most important ways to ensure your optimal health is to maintain adequate iodine intake. Unfortunately, our food supply is woefully lacking in iodine. Iodine can be found in seafood, but the levels vary depending on the pollution levels of where the seafood was harvested from. In today’s toxic world, I feel it is best to supplement with iodine. How much iodine is required? My research has found that most patients require 6-50mg/day of iodine to achieve whole-body iodine sufficiency. However, before starting to take iodine, it is best to work with an iodine-knowledgeable health care provider who can check your levels both pre- and post- iodine supplementation.

More information about iodine can be found in my book: Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without it. You may also click on the link: Iodoral by Optimox Corporation.



(1) Asian Pac. J. Cancer Prev. 15(16). 6643-6647. 2014

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David Brownstein

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  • Karen

    Dr Brownstein,
    Read and followed your book Iodine why you need it …. I found it amazingly helpfu for me personalllyl. I have given it to several people who have also seen benefits and now regularly supplement with iodine. Question you recommend ATP cofactors which has both B1 and B3 niacin to properly absorb iodine/iodide. However some studies show nitrous oxide, to which niacin is a precursor, apparently linked to promoting tumors in breast cancer since NO is found in higher amounts in tumor cells. So first question is do you believe there is a correlation or cause and effect between niacin and bresat cancer? If so , and have to stop ATP cofactors what could be taken in its place to assure proper utilization of iodine/iodide in the body ? I hope you address this here but if not at least in next edition of the book. thank you for all your do to keep American’s educated on the facts and healthy!

  • Jen Upward

    Dr. Brownstein,

    Thanks again for a wonderful article. I am ordering a copy of your book (again) . I loaned mine out and can’t find it!
    I have tried Iodine many times and get anxious and panic attacks. How can I get the Iodine and curb the anxiety?

  • Glo

    I agree an individual should work with a practitioner who has a great deal of experience working with patient who are taking iodine. What patients need to know is that iodine is both synergistic and antagonistic. If you take too much you can cause the thyroid disease. In addition I think patients should know that Iodine inhibits bile, you don’t want to inhibit it too much, other wise your going to cause damage or more damage to mucus membranes. I am overwhelmed by patients who read an article such as this (great article) and self-diagnose and self prescribed causing more often than not more damage.

  • Richard Polley

    As this will not be published, I am using this vehicle to thank you very much for your telephone call to me two weeks ago today. I enjoyed our discussion thoroughly, and look forward to more, as time permits within your obvious very busy schedule.

    I find this blog most interesting, but refrain from tossing in my two cents. This is your blog, not mine (I do not have one) and you are the authority and arbiter, as it well should be.

    I am preparing to conduct further iodine potable water demonstartions for man and livestock, and, should you be interested, will keep you apprised of all progress.

    The UN’s World Health Organization declared the 90s the “Decade of Water”; water-borne doiseases were to be eradicated, worldwide. they move forward the date with constancy. finally, they have recognized the huge failures of attempts at water disnfection via community central supplies, and now want each home to have its own individual water sanitizing unit. My invention, the incredibly accurate iodine metering device, is ideal in that no electricity is required; there are no moving parts to supervise and break down. Formerly, I had to formulate a liquid test for determination of water iodine levels, using the approved Black-Whittle method. Today, a Carolina company makes an iodine level plastic test dip stick, very much akin to those used for other chemicals, in swimming pools. Its accuracy is such that is is accepted to the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, making reliable iodine level control very simple and easy to accomplish.

    As I mentioned in our telephone call, my reliable and safe method of iodination of water is the onlyvehicle to supply iodine with precision at the desired level, and also, in addition to the disinfection destruction of water-borne pathogens, supplies enough iodine to offset Iodine Deficiency Disease (IDD), the world’s largest disease. No other method of iodination achieves this rectification of the numbers one and two diseases on the planet, affecting billions of sufferers.

    i believe I informed you that my iodination method is the sole method wherein Jod-Basedowism is not prompted. This means that there is no life-long medicating the subjects otherwise affected by all other iodine methods.

    i notice in this blog that some people are aware of the substition reactions the other halogens bring to bear upon iodine and the iodinated chemicals within the thyroid and the other trillions of cells.

    i am sure you are aware the cruciferous vegeatbles are fairly potent goitrogens. Another very major source are the various perchlorates dumped indiscriminately into surface water supplies that become drinking water sources. Iodinated water passing through coal mines, in contact with the veins of coal dissolve the resorcinols – other nasty goitrogens.

    It is little wonder that IDD haas once again appeared in the so-called “conquered’ areas, such as the USA, Great Britain and Australia, to name but a very few.

    The beneficial impacts of iodinated water are many; prevention of Cretinism (should the mother receive sufficient iodine during the first trimester of pregnancy); significant stillbirths reduction; higher IQs and advanced psychomotor development, and more.

    I remain fascinated by the fact that more then 40 percent of mental retardation is caused by IDD.

    Keep up the good work.


    Dick Polley

  • Awesome Dr. Brownstein. My mom didn’t completely know french, so it’s a little off, but I pronounce it Ah-may. I am the AMAzing Nurse;o)

  • David Brownstein

    That is what happens in autoimmune thyroid disorders. That is exactly what I see in my practice.

  • Karl Baba

    I think it’s worth noticing that autoimmune thyroid conditions and breast cancer are dominantly conditions affecting women. Up to 10x as many women versus men have Hashimotos. Estrogen definitely plays a role in breast cancer but its role in Hashimotos and autoimmune disease is still speculation.
    Since some breast cancer is estrogen sensitive and some isn’t, I think it would be a good idea for those researchers to correlate which types of breast cancer they are finding in women with Thyroid disorders

  • Sid Davis

    I understand that the test for the degree of saturation of a fat is to measure how much iodine it absorbs. Saturated fats absorb no iodine, but the more unsaturated a fat is, the more iodine it absorbs in laboratory tests.

    It is logical to conclude that not only in a lab, but also in our cells that the more polyunsaturated fats are present, the more iodine will be bound to them and be unavailable for other bodily functions. While iodine may somewhat protect these fats from oxidation by binding where oxygen would otherwise bind, the downside is that we become increasingly iodine deficient.

    Barry Groves says that it is known that polyunsaturated fats suppress our immune systems and contribute to cancer, and I question if the mechanism involved is that an iodine deficiency is either created or made worse by these oils. Ray Peat says the evidence is that polyunsaturated oils not only suppress our immune system but thyroid function as well, which fits in with the hypothesis that polyunsaturated fats bind iodine making it unavailable for thyroid and immune system functions.

    I wonder if you have an opinion on the danger of using polyunsaturated oils instead of saturated fats in our diets as they relate to iodine.

    • David Brownstein

      You bring up an interesting thought–that the ingestion of polyunsaturated oils may make the iodine deficiency epidemic worse. I cannot quote you any studies about this, but your hypothesis is interesting.
      The wide use of polyunsaturated fats in our diet has been a disaster. The human body needs and requires saturated fats.

  • F

    I would like to find a doctor in New York City who is iodine literate. Can anyone recommend someone? Thanks.

  • David Brownstein

    Iodine deficiency is responsible for causing Hashimoto’s. Yes, this is covered in my book,

  • F

    Dr. B,

    The following Guest Blog post is from Dr. Malcolm Maclean of the UK states:

    “Unfortunately, the standard test for Iodine status in the human body (the urine iodine test) tells us nothing about the state of Iodine absorption and therefore the true state of the body’s Iodine status. Saliva Iodine level (after Iodine loading, 50 mg) appears to be a more reliable test of the body’s true Iodine status. [9]”


    What do you think about saliva testing? I have both your books on iodine and thyroid and did not see this test mentioned.

    • David Brownstein

      The best measure of whole body iodine status is the 24-hour urinary loading test.

  • Dawn

    Thank you for all you do Dr. Brownstein. I was taking the thyroid drops, but I think I was getting too much and I felt like I drinking ten cups of coffee.. Then I switched to iodoral like you suggested, and it’s a dream. Any one out there who has trouble taking iodine, I would start with vitamin e and selinium and then start with one fourth of a pill of iodoral. Once your body adjusts to that, make it one half a pill, and do the same thing, and then three fourths of a pill, until you reach one whole pill per day. It will make you feel much in the long run.

  • Maria Smith

    Dr. Brownstein,

    Dr. Dan Pompa (, has worked me up to 100mg Iodorol over a 12 month period for my Hashimoto’s, high RT3, and Heavy Metal Toxicity (Lead,Thorium and Uranium).

    1) May I ask if you think this is too much for my situation?

    and 2) Have you seen Hashimoto’s patients drop their Natural Dessicated Thyroid medication (I’m taking WP Thyroid – 3 grains) ALL TOGETHER after being on Iodine for a time??? If so, how long would it take to heal the thyroid to be able to stop my medication?

    Thank you SO MUCH for all you do! You’re a real blessing to me!

    • David Brownstein

      I have many patients on a similar dose. Yes, about 1/3 of patients are able to drop their thyroid meds when iodine is supplemented. 1/3 cn cut their thyroid dose in half and 1/3 maintain the same dose. That has been my experience.

  • David Brownstein

    6mg/day to 50 mg/day–1/2 to 4 tablets of Iodoral 12.5mg, Iodozyme HP 12.5mg or Lugo Tabs 12.5mg.

  • David Brownstein

    Thanks for sharing a very interesting story.

  • David Brownstein

    You may want to consider trying NAET to help you tolerate natural thyroid preparations better. Go to: to find a practitioner.

  • David Brownstein

    I explained it in the post and explain more in my book. If iodine were responsible for causing AIT, then why have AITs increased exponentially while iodine levels have fallen over the last 40 years.

  • Bill

    Why would free T3 be higher with breast cancer?

  • Diane

    Dr. B, you said “…My research has found that most patients require 6-50mg/day of iodine…”. Did you perhaps mean mcg?

    • David Brownstein

      No. Milligrams is correct.

  • Trisha

    There is a Jeffrey Dach, MD in Davie, FL.
    I have never seen him but being a well informed
    RN with years of research & knowledge, I can
    attest that he is holistic in his approach and well
    versed in thyroid issues and much more, inclusive
    of Iodine, I believe. Good luck. Trisha

  • David Dressler, BA, RMT

    Here in British Columbia, Canada, as far as I know, there is no test for iodine available from laboratories. Over 20 years ago I developed Graves’ disease (hyperthyroid), although no antibodies were found. I was told I would have to have my thyroid burned out with radiation. Instead, I reversed alleged Graves’ disease by taking Lugol’s solution of iodine. I then became hypothyroid within a week and was then diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease but no antibodies. It seemed obvious to me that I did not have two “diseases” but actually a thyroid oscillating between one extreme and another in response to iodine. I withdrew Lugol’s solution and my thyroid returned to normal. This is proof to me that thyroid function is powerfully regulated by the amount of iodine, and there is a direct relation between how much iodine and how much thyroid function.

  • Nancy Boddy

    I have a low thyroid for which I take a thyroid RX. I have wondered if the fluoride added to our water could be a cause of all the thyroid problems. I have read that fluoride was used in past times (maybe still is?) in large doses to slow down overactive thyroids. Also, isn’t the fluoride added to our water a toxin? Why isn’t the fluoride in toothpaste enough for our teeth, should we choose to use fluoride?

    • David Brownstein

      You act as though we live in a sane society where up is up and down is down!

  • Karen

    My question to ask all people with Thyroid disease is: Have you or were you ever on an Fluoroquinolone antibiotic, such as Ciprofloxacin, Levaquin, Avelox or any of their generics, before the Thyroid disease was diagnosed?
    The reason I ask is that both my husband and I, after being on these drugs and having many side effects, were diagnosed with low thyroid. My diagnoses was 18 years ago…Then 2 years ago my husband was put on Cipro and shortly after he was then diagnosed with low thyroid also….There is fluoride in this antibiotic! This antibiotic is supposed to be a last resort antibiotic, but is being prescribed as a 1st choice for such things as UTI’s, prostate infections, ear infections, sinus infections and others…The drug did tendon damage to us both, shoulder and arm pain diagnosed as tendonitis, eye pain with floaters and flashing, torn rotator cuff, hip and knee pain and more!, including nerve damage such as peripheral neuropathy, which I got and still have…..,We have researched and there are thousands of others that have had these injuries from these poison antibiotics….And some much worse, including death…It seems lots of these people have gotten ruptured achilles tendons. heart damage, thyroid problems, and are also being diagnosed with the mystery disease…Fibromyalgia! I was!!
    Both my folks died after being put on these drugs, my sister-in-law is sitting in hospice after taking Cipro twice for a UTI…she has congestive heart failure and such pain in her legs now she needs a wheel chair..My friend hasn’t been able to talk above a whisper for over 5 years due to tendon damage in her throat after being on Cipro, my other sister-in-law got a torn miniscus in her knee, for no reason after being on Cipro….They now believe that the Gulf War Syndrome is really damage done to the soldiers bodies by the Cipro they were all made to take, just in case they came in contact with Anthrax…My neighbor could also barely lift her arms after being on a Cipro IV for an infection she acquired while in the hospital…
    I know many more people that have suffered bad side effects from these poisons! So what is happening is that these drugs deplete your body at the cellular level of magnesium, which is needed in the function of every muscle, ligament, tendon and joint in your body…Magnesium is involved in over 325 biochemical reactions in your body. It is crucial to support healthy muscle,, nerve function, cardiovascular function, hormonal balance, and blood sugar metabolism…So just saying the problems don’t have to begin while you are on the drug, it can happen days, weeks or months after you are off the drug. So if your diagnoses came sometime after being on one of these antibiotics, including Macrobid which also has black box warning about nerve damage etc….you may have an answer for your thyroid problems…Go to Youtube and write in “Cipro is poison and watch the videos of people that are sitting in wheel chairs thinking their lives are over after being injured by these poisons and Google “Cipro is Poison,” Or Cipro Gulf War Syndrome…I truly believe that my thyroid problems are due to the antibiotic from 18 years ago and my husbands thyroid problems are from his taking the Cipro for his prostate infection…We were both healthy before taking these fluoroquinolone antibiotics!!!!!!!!!!!! Your heart is your most important muscle and these drugs can do much damage to it..And the pain in your arms, legs, eyes tendons, muscles is horrific…But there is a protocol to get well and includes a certain type of magnesium supplements, transdermal magnesium oil, epsom salt baths, B12, D3, K2, and a few others, like CoQ10 are needed…Eating only grass fed meat, with no antibiotics or hormones, eating organic food when ever possible, making broth from grass fed bones, organic eggs, cream, fruits and veggies and anything else you can buy that is organic..Free range and cage free chickens etc…We are now pretty much healed of these problems, but many people have no idea what to do to be healed and get their bodies healthy again and some have way more serious injuries, such as the ruptured tendons…or death.. Also psychotic behavior can happen and one man did research on this because his wife became psychotic after being on these antibiotic and he wrote a book called “Bitter Pills” and another man’s daughter died after being on the Levaquin, I think and he wrote a book called “Death By Prescription” There is so much info out there on these drugs you can find out for yourself…Trouble is doctors usually pooh, pooh it, because often the damage doesn’t show up until you are off the meds…But right now the FDA is finally conducting s study to find out exactly what is going on with fluoroquinolones…and they want people to fill out questionaires about their experience with these drugs So if you or someone you know has suddenly been diagnosed with thyroid disease or body pain, eye pain, ruptured tendons or any new mysterious injuries to your body, and you have been on one of these antibiotics, please do your research…And that’s my story and I am sticking to it…..Thanks!

    • David Brownstein

      Thanks for the quinolone update. I have seen many patients injured by quinolones.

  • Sunday Sommers

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I went through early menopause at 39, I am now 63. A Functional Medicine Practitioner changed my prescription from levothyroxin to Armour two years ago and I did notice some change in hair growth and a little in energy level.

    I stopped using iodized salt about a year ago and replaced it with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. For iodine I sprinkle granulated kelp on my meals once or twice daily, about 1/4 tsp. Is that enough?

    I also remember reading that thyroxin medicine of whatever type has iodine added to it to prevent deficiency. Is that correct?

    I don’t eat bread or use toothpaste with flouride. I live in Mexico and use bottled water, so that may contain fluoride. I don’t have any options for that.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Enjoyed your segments in The Truth About Cancer series.

    Sunday Sommers

  • Martha R

    I am curious. My endocrinologist stated I did not need to take iodine since I have not had a functioning thyroid for years. Now I find I have nodules in my lung and a neuroendocrine tumor (carcinoid), which is inoperable. Should I start taking iodine?

    Thank you,

    • David Brownstein

      Ask your endocrinologist if you have skin, a liver, a lung, cells, a gastrointestinal tract, etc., etc., etc. All tissues and every cell requires iodine.

  • Laurie

    I have a large glandular cysts forming that has become hard and nodular. The next step is the glandular tissue starts to assume a precancerous appearance—called hyperplasia; I may be at this stage-can it be reversed? I just got lab work done and asked for reverse T3 but they only did T3/T4 and TSH; can I gather any insight from them alone?

    • David Brownstein

      I have seen precancerous lesions reverse with iodine.

  • Rita Browning

    Hey Dr B,

    Thanks for all the great Blogs you send out! I hope your Mom is doing well.

    I am an MS Patient, Paplillary Cancer Thyroid Survivor (took RAI unfortunately) and live in Atlanta GA with very few Drs like you available.

    After I pushed my Endo she did the standard Iodine Blood testing and I was “normal”. I showed her all info on Iodine Loading Test but she thought it was a waste of money…I do not! I feel like I need it!!

    Do you think I should order the test on my own? Do you know of a Dr in the Atlanta area once I get my test results back that I could go to to start Iodine or do you do Telephone Conferences with out of state clients?

    Thanks for all you do!!!


  • Arnold Rodriguez

    Hi Dr. B! Do you have any recommendations for iodine knowledgeable physicians in South Florida?

    Thank you!

  • Marg

    I agree with Mary. Fluoride in water supplies would have to be a major reason for iodine deficiency.
    If you observe young women on tv you will see that most have footballers necks with enlrged thyroids.
    I noted that a young female dietician on tv giving the usual low fat diet rubbish advicehad an enlarged thyroid.
    I wrote to her very plolitely asking what iodine supplement she was taking. She replied quite nastily that there was nothing wrong with her and she didn’t believe in supplements and good health comes from diet.
    I responded by telling her she should look into her mirror and also that her diet must be lacking. 🙂
    I have lived in both fluoridated and non fluoridated areas. My health goes down very fast in the fluoridated places. It affects my heart and lungs. I avoid it completely nowadays.
    Yet still dentists push it onto us.

  • Elaine Lemieux

    I take 525 mcg daily. What is that comparable to in mg?

  • Debbie minor

    I am allergic to iodine. Is there something I can take in its place. Already have throid issues,can’t take synthetic it has gluten which I am also allergic too.

  • Mary

    Iodine is displaced in the body by bromnine, fluoride and chlorine.

    Bromine is used in bread products as well as a fire retardant in some clothing and bedding.

    Fluoride is in most major water supplies and most toothpastes.

    No wonder we have thyroid problems.

  • Mary

    I live in Mexico and have not attempted to get my iodine levels checked here.

    I believe Dr. B does not like liquid iodines yet I am able to get Iosol to me here and the small bottle lasts quite a long time and that is useful to me.
    Most days I take 3 or 4 drops in the morning. I do not detect any negative effects from that practice.

    I had (have?) both uterine fibroids and fibrocystic breasts and was never tested for iodine levels. I am now 76.

  • This is quiet scary…I have Hashimotos and I can not tolerate iodine. Everytime I try to take it my heart races like crazy and I have pressure in my head and my blood pressure rises etc. I used salt with iodine for ten days without knowing it and it was terrible. So what can be done? I need iodine but obviously I can not take it. Why does my body react like this and is there a substitute?

    • David Brownstein

      You need to find an iodine-knowledgeable health care provider to help you.

  • Birgit

    Every time I take iodine , kelp, or dulse than the whole plant form form my adrenals FIRE UP like afterburners. I eat fish 2-3 times a week . I have read the book, but I am now nervous about taking iodine, as it also spikes my BP. I am on a beta blocker that I cant seem to get rid of. HELP I have read your book, but I still do not know where I fit in in all of this. Better docs in person are not feasible to me for the foreseeable future .

  • Lorrie

    Thank you Dr. Brownstein,
    I am 9 years post papillary thyroid cancer and a total thyroidectomy. Everything I’ve read talks about the thyroid absorbing iodine. Do most other tissues absorb iodine? How much iodine supplementation would you recommend?
    Thank you! Lorrie

    • David Brownstein

      Every cell in the body requires iodine.

  • Linda Kessler

    Iodomere, Standard Processes, Willner Chemists, NYC

  • I’ve read your book. I’ve read “Stop the Thyroid Madness.” I start most of my hypothyroid patients empirically on 12.5 mg of Iodine tabs (Lugols), selenium, methylated b complex, mg and C. After a few months I do Hakala’s iodine load test. They come back 60- 80 percent saturated usually. I keep them on same dose. How do you figure on their maintainance dose? Secondly, many of those with antibodies come back feeling better but their antibody burden may be same or greater. Their NDT dose appears to be adequate though some still have significant rT3 levels. I check iron, B12,and correct that. I check salivary cortisol and address adrenal fatigue when appropriate. What else can be done to lower the antibodies? Do you use hydrocortisone ( cortef) for flat adrenal curves? Lots of questions…

    • David Brownstein

      Dr. S,
      I have found that patients with thyroid antibodies generally require larger doses of iodine as compared to those without antibodies. I find 25-50mg/day more effective. And, using unrefined salt with the iodine helps. If reverse T3 levels remain elevated, that is a clear sign (in my world) that they may need more iodine. I cover this in more detail in my book.

  • Diane

    Thank you Dr. Brownstein. I have learned so much from you. In sharing with other friends and family who have all kinds of problems that our parents and grandparents never had, we have all queried our doctors and to no avail. No MD around here seems to know or want to take on any medical problems relating to Iodine use. I am going to a former pediatrician turned naturopathic doctor. He really isn’t up to date on Iodine. I feel like it is a process of stabbing in the dark and the blind leading the blind when dealing with the thyroid. Your blog, books, articles, videos, and especially your interviews have been most helpful.

  • Roy

    If you check the literature, you will find that although one study did find a correlation, two subsequent studies found no link nor any link for relapse or over-all survival rate. It is hard to say though which study you are talking about as you did not actually provide the reference.

    • David Brownstein

      The reference is at the bottom of the article.

  • Karen

    I love this blog. No matter how busy I am, I stop to read it. Regarding iodine, I used to love eating sea vegetables. I hear wonderful things about how harvesting them might save the planet. However, I don’t trust anything right now that comes out of the Pacific particularly near the radiation leak. It’s sad that most sea vegetables in stores these days are harvested in that area. I’d love to find someone in the north Atlantic that harvests it and sells it online. My next homework assignment…

  • Dana

    My doctor never even heard of iodine test. What is the name of it? My sister past away from Brest Cancer and my other has severe MS Thanks in advance.

    • David Brownstein

      It is the iodine loading test. More information can be found in my iodine book.

  • Isabelle

    I heard a trick to know if you are iodine deficient is to rub some on the inside of arm (tender part) and see if it gets absorbed or not. If it disappears, it means your body needs it. Is that true?

    • David Brownstein

      That is a useless test for assessing iodine levels. Urinary excretion tests are much more reliable.

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