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The Naet Guide Book (8th Edition) By Dr. Devi S. Nambudiprad, M.d., D.c.,, Ph.d.



This is a comprehensive, yet easy to understand reference and record book for patients going through NAET® treatments. Patients are expected to read the core companion text, Say Good-bye to Illness, before beginning treatment. The guide book helps the patient prepare for food and environmental allergy treatments, as well as provides answers to frequently asked questions about allergies and NAET®. Since the treatment is interactive, both the patient and practitioner can develop mutual understanding of the allergies and treatment methods.

Record-keeping is a problem for everybody. But accuracy of record keeping will help the patient to achieve maximum results in a short period of time. This book is designed to help the patient and the practitioner keep better treatment records with less effort. This book can replace the runner file in the office. Practitioners can keep one book for each patient and mark the treatments and results in the book. The patient can keep another book for himself or herself, and can have a personal journal about the NAET® treatments. If the patient decides to visit another NAET® Practitioner in another town or state, she/he could take his/her own NAET® treatment record with them to the new practitioner and continue to receive the uninterrupted care instead of waiting for days for the patient-record to arrive from the other doctor’s office to begin treatments.

About the Author: Born in India, Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad has made California her home since 1976. In an effort to solve her personal health problems suffered since childhood, and to help others with similar problems, she conducted research in the U.S. over the past fifteen years resulting in the development of a new and effective approach known as Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques(Naet), for diagnosis and treatment of allergies of all types. She has pointed the way to perfect health by combining many methods and techniques form different disciplines of medicine including Allopathic, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, and Oriental Medical procedures of Acupuncture and Acupressure. Dr. Nambudripad has received extensive training in each of these fields, both in the United States and in the Orient. To date, thousands of patients who could not find relief elsewhere have been successfully treated for both food and environmental allergies by NAET. Dr. Nambudripad conducts training seminars regularly in NAET open to currently licensed medical practitioners. She has trained over two thousand medical professionals in her special procedure on permanent allergy elimination. For more information, please visit

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