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Three Steps to Eating and Living Healthier

Meal plan
What are the top three steps you need to take to eat healthier and live healthier?  Plan, Plan, Plan!  Sounds simple right?  Well, in a way it is, however, when you are running your kids around or getting home late from work its easier said then done.  I have created meal planning tools to make the process simpler for you. These tools are available for free on my website in Shopping Resources.

Here are a couple meal planning tips to get your started:

  • When creating your meal plan, have your schedule handy so you can plan to reheat leftovers on nights when you know you’ll be too busy to cook. Account for the evenings when you won’t need to provide dinner (attending events, parties, etc.). Consider how many diners you’ll have. Is your spouse going to be out of town? Are you inviting friends over for dinner? Will one of your kids be eating at a friend’s house?
  • Designate a day to cook a few meals to get you through the beginning of the week. Many people choose Sunday to do their bulk cooking, or possibly a Monday if your schedule allows. Ideally, during the week you’ll be reheating leftovers, cooking simple meals or adding side dishes to reinvented leftovers.
  • Once your meal plan is complete, post it on your refrigerator as accountability insurance. Having a plan creates a sense of responsibility for everyone and also gives you and your family something to look forward to.

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