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Too Much Breast Cancer and Not Enough Answers

In the US, breast cancer rates are out of control. Presently, one in seven US women suffer from breast cancer.


In 2019, an estimated 268,600 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.


Think about those numbers: One in seven and nearly 270,000 women diagnosed with invasive cancer—THIS YEAR!   Those numbers are unacceptable, or at least they should be!


What are the Powers-That-Be doing to stem this tide? The answer:   They are too busy diagnosing and treating and are not properly searching for the underlying cause of why too many US women suffer with breast cancer.


The Powers-That-Be promote routine mammograms as the answer to the breast cancer epidemic. But, it is important to understand that mammograms are only a diagnostic tool. Mammograms are not preventative. In fact, they are the opposite of preventative. The radiation from mammograms increases a woman’s risk for breast cancer with EACH mammogram she receives. Studies have shown that mammograms result in more diagnoses of breast cancer without a significant difference in the overall rate of death from the disease. (1)


So, what is causing the breast cancer epidemic?


I think there are many reasons why so many US women are suffering and dying from breast cancer. Remember, to be affecting an entire population, the causative factors have to be widely prevalent in the society.


Here’s what I think is going on:


We are exposed to too many synthetic hormones which can disrupt the normal hormonal milieu. Women are prescribed synthetic hormones in birth control pills and conventional hormonal replacement therapy which have been conclusively shown to increase the risk for breast cancer. Needless to say, I do not prescribe synthetic hormones for any reason nor do I recommend my patients take them. This was one of the main reasons, 25 years ago, that I began researching and working with bioidentical, natural hormones. More information about natural hormones can be found in my book, The Miracle of Natural Hormones.

Iodine deficiency is one of the main reasons we are seeing so much breast cancer. I have been writing and lecturing about iodine for almost 20 years. Iodine levels in the US have fallen over 50% during the last 40 years while at the same time breast cancer rates have risen to epidemic levels.


For well over 50 years, iodine has been the most researched nutrient in treating fibrocystic breast disease. Over 80% of US women have fibrocystic breast disease which is a precursor to breast cancer. Research dating back decades ago proved iodine replacement successfully treats fibrocystic breast disease.


For nearly 20 years, my partners and I have been checking iodine levels. After reviewing results from over 7,000 patients, we have found nearly 97% of those tested are low in iodine, the majority very low.


What can you do to prevent becoming a breast cancer statistic? First, do not take synthetic hormones. Especially synthetic forms of progesterone commonly known as progestins. Next, eat a clean diet free of hormones and pesticides as well as exercise daily and do not smoke cigarettes.


Finally, make sure you maintain optimal iodine levels. It is best to work with an iodine-knowledgeable health care practitioner. At my office, the Center for Holistic Medicine, you don’t have to worry about that. We are all knowledgeable about how to properly use iodine. In our toxic world, it is impossible to maintain optimal iodine levels through dietary means alone. I think supplementation is a must. My research has shown that optimal iodine supplementation varies between 6-50 mg/day for most people. However, those with glandular diseases such as breast illness may require more.


More information about iodine can be found in my book, Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It.

  • JAMA Intern. Med. 2015;175(9):1483-9
Author Info

David Brownstein, M.D.

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    Karen G

    This is a follow up to a post I made on Jan 4. I received my Feb 7th Therma scan results today and to my surprise and delight both breasts are now TH1!! I have never had better than TH2 in 12 years. I have been on Iodoral for three months or more now and up to 50mg for 6 weeks. I believe taking the iodoral and going off ALL hormones worked!! I also changed my diet to intermittent fasting and Keto, though I had a good organic, no sugar low carb, no processed food diet before. I used frequencies too, breast health sure changed!! TH4 to TH1 in 3 1/2 months is great! Thanks DR B for all the info you share! I have a few of your books and find them all very enlightening. I will stay on Iodoral for the rest of my life!


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    Wendy Harbour

    I found Iodine supplement (2 drops per day ) completely stopped hot flushing and night sweats (Age 54) , I didn’t have my levels tested because I knew how high the deficiency figures were and was told if you live Inland it was most likely they would be low. I knew the Thyroid needed some help to provide me with the right settings, and I had read your articles on what Iodine does, excellent example of “Pay Forward”

  • Author Icon
    Karen G

    I began taking Iodoral about two months ago after getting a TH4 on my latest Thermogram right breast only. Report said 65-85% risk of malignancy. That was in Oct 2019. I have been having Thermograms for about 11 years, and all were TH2. I had a follow up MRI of the breasts in Nov and it was ok, no signs of malignancy. I have very dense breast tissue and fibrocystic too. I am up to 31.25 mg of Iodine as of today and doing ok. Have your Iodine book and taking supplements suggested. I am also on Acella Thyroid 1.25 gr daily for hypo thyroid. Have chronic fatigue since diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2006. I am much improved since then but not my old self. Had hysterectomy in 2008, tried bioidentical hormones but off ALL now with this latest Thermoscan. Are you taking new patients? I could use the help!

    Thanks for all the fantastic info you offer to so many on your site and books!
    Karen G

  • Author Icon
    Dena Barrett

    Is it safe to continue taking 50 mg. of Iodoral every day? Will the body just eliminate what is not used?

  • Author Icon
    Evelyn Johnson

    Can’t iodine levels be tested when you are having your routine blood work during your physical?

    • Author Icon

      Most doctors have no knowledge about how to test for iodine deficiency. It is important to work with an iodine-knowledgeable doctor.

  • Author Icon

    Hi Doctor Brownstein,

    I would like to know if Iodine helps for colon cancer. If it does help, how much one needs to take. Also can you take Iodine with chemotherapy and radiation.

    • Author Icon

      Iodine can help prevent/treat colon cancer especially when used with a holistic treatment program.

  • Author Icon


    It is well documented that women who have abortions, whether natural miscarriage or an elective abortion, have higher rates of breath cancer which increase with every pregnancy loss.

    • Author Icon

      The NIH and the National Cancer Institute do not agree with you.

      “In February 2003, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) convened a workshop of over 100 of the world’s leading experts who study pregnancy and breast cancer risk. Workshop participants reviewed existing population-based, clinical, and animal studies on the relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer risk, including studies of induced and spontaneous abortions. They concluded that having an abortion or miscarriage does not increase a woman’s subsequent risk of developing breast cancer.”

      See: NIH National Cancer Institute

  • Author Icon

    do you have a plan to visit Australia to give a lecture or hold a seminar? I would love to attend as I’m sure would my Doctor and naturopath and my pharmacist as she’s always researching and attending seminars. Thanks for the great books of information and decades of research etc. Now if we could just educate more of our medical practitioners in Australia perhaps we could prevent breast cancer in a lot of people (or be able to detect it at stage II instead of later.

  • Author Icon

    I had regular mammogram checks every two years due to family history (mother’s sisters) of breast cancer. In Jan 2014 (aged 49) I underwent the mammogram and as usual received a letter that stated I had ‘no cancer in my breasts’. This turned out to be incorrect as I actually had a 10mm tumour in my left breast in a location that the mammogram should have been able to detect. There were no physical signs of the tumor and i had no symptoms. Fortunately, my local Doctor had given me a referral for a bilateral breast ultrasound as she wanted to check the ‘fatty breast tissue’ (a common issue for people with thyroid issues – or for me only half a thyroid gland since the 1999 right partial thyroidectomy). Well turns out that Doctor literally saved my life, because in March 2014 I finally attended the bilateral ultrasound and follow up fine needle biopsies when the 10mm tumour was easily visible on the ultrasound. I was referred to the Mater Hospital Brisbane, Australia for further investigations (core biopsy) in May 2014 with my diagnosis 29 May 2014 ‘stage 2’ and surgery conducted a few days later with a second excision surgery mid June 2014. This is the first time I’d learned that ‘fatty dense breast tissue’ can cause a ‘silent mammogram’. they had a term for this but given the family history i had never heard of it. so since then the hospital ensures that every six months I undergo a ‘mammogram’ and a ‘bilateral breast ultrasound’. the mammogram can detect cell changes that the ultrasound doesnt so both are necessary. I am extremely grateful that I didnt wait the usual two year period for the next mammogram check in 2016 as I’m sure my cancer would have progressed to stage 4 and no doubtedly spread through my system. My surgeons and breast cancer specialists can’t believe how early the cancer tumor was detected but luckily for me. My advice to anyone who has dense breast tissue, thyroid issues, iodine issues and/or family history – dont let the medical practitioners push you around when it comes to getting tests. they dont test because there are regulations to how much can be spent in Australia in the public health system. what was more interesting when i was diagnosed with breast cancer was i attended a really good Naturopath Alan Profke who followed Dr Brownstein’s Holistic Medicine for many years. Alan definitely gave me an education about my thyroid and iodine – among many other lifesaving advice. I have bought all Dr Brownsetin’s books in 2014, 2015 – especially about thyroid, iodine, natural hormones, statin disaster. Alan was the first person to test my iodine levels in June 2014, i had never heard of the term ‘iodine’ and had never undergone a 24hr iodine loading test – quite surprising since i had half a thyroid since July 1999 and suffered ongoing chronic fatigue since early 1998 following a virus contracted overseas whilst backpacking in Germany. Alan prescribed 12mg lugol iodine during my cancer treatments and supplements to assist me through the radiation treatment. Unfortunately, i had to undergo a full hysterectomy in December 2014. The severe sleep deprivation, ongoing post cancer fatigue, radiation damage to my heart, lung, liver, thyroid have not resolved and the induced menopause, severe hormonal imbalances – for which i can’t be prescribed ‘progesterone’ due to the breast cancer risk. In July 2016, when i developed a ‘stiff heart’ (diastolic heart failure) my iodine levels had depleted to 33ug even with 25mg/day supplement. the Brisbane Lucy Rose Thyroid Clinic recommended 100mg iodine dosage for six months to increase my iodine levels and then back to a reasonable dose. i preferred to increase to 50mg/day so my iodine levels have only elevated to 44ug (July 2019). fortunately, my medical Doctor specializes in holistic medicine, chronic disease management so i am in good hands. its just a slow process. I need to increase my progesterone as pathology shows <1 and this is causing my sleep deprivation and post cancer fatigue. we tried 'withania' for a few months but that didnt achieve any changes to my progesterone levels. I was wondering if DHEA could be prescribed? my DHEA levels are 700 [optimal should be 2500 according to medical ranges in Australia]. I know my DHEA levels are affecting my white cell count as it hasn't elevated beyond the level it was during cancer treatment. my cognitive issues have been impacted by all the conditions and especially the 4 general anaesthestics in 15months, not surprising as i had significant cognitive dysfunction following the July 1999 thyroid surgery. by the way i was never prescribed any thyroid medication until September 2018. after reading your book on Thyroid/Iodine i'm grateful the Doctors didn't prescribe me thyroxine all those years ago. i now take a 32mg thyroid hormone compounded by the pharmacy (pig hormone) which i requested my Doctor to prescribe with the 50mg iodine as i have two nodules on my left thyroid gland since mid last year. I'm very grateful for your books of information and that my naturopath Alan. Even more grateful when my cholesterol levels increased to 8.2 after cancer treatment the GP wanted to prescribe a 'statin' to lower my cholesterol. i explained from your book about the biomedical pathways from your book. My cardiologist clearly understood this as he said to me 'from reading your information i am guessing your are not going to take a statin?'. my polite response 'you are correct, let's not discuss statins' (my brain saying i should lend you 'the statin disaster' book). I have found that you have to be an advocate for your own health. There are a lot of medical Doctors out there that dont understand the complexities. I'll have to ask if i can be referred for a 'thermogram' instead of mammogram from now on. i dont have my 'five year' clearance yet as 'calcification around the surgical site' to be investigated further. if you have thyroid issues please find someone to conduct a 24hr iodine loading test; a bilateral breast ultrasound with a thermogram; and ultrasound on your thyroid gland instead of CTs. When they tell you the radiation therapy treatment is 'targeted' only to the breast area I'm sorry if that was true why do they all exit the room whilst you are undergoing the radiation? the radiation caused muscle depletion in my lower limbs which caused significant immobility about 6weeks post treatment. big surprise walking 20minutes and having your lower limbs seize up and cause severe aching pain from toes to hips. my suggestion make sure you rest during radiation treatments (not work full time as the medical advice was that there was no problem with me continuing to work) because with someone already suffering fatigue and having half a thyroid, your body is going to react differently to radiation therapy than other normal healthy people without auto-immune disorders. Don't expect the radiation medical team to understand the complexities of the thyroid. the breast cancer team didnt have any knowledge about iodine levels or thyroid issues as they only specialize in breast cancer. my thoughts, well perhaps if you learned about iodine levels the diseases of thyroid and breast cancer (and heart issues) might be prevented. Hmmm but that wouldnt sell billions in drugs and cancer treatments now would it.

    just wondering if there is any alternative for getting progesterone?
    can DHEA be prescribed if post breast cancer HER2+ diagnosis?

    the oncologist discussed tamoxifen but my research showed not reliable. i was prescribed femara (aromatase inhibitor) which caused me significant side effects 24hr/7days a week for 2wk trial severe migraine. so i made the informed decision for my health that i would continue to take 'Estrosense' (a natural Aromotase Inhibitor with D.I.M) that didnt give me any side affects and actually was more useful because it blocked the bad oestregen without blocking the good oestrogen, whereas tamoxifen and femera block all oestrogen (E1, E2, E3). I was surprised to learn the medical staff didnt know there was an E1, E2, E3 (neither did i until i read Dr Brownstein's books and my naturopath explained it to me). fortunately, my current Doctor understands the difference. i'm thinking this is a good way to find out how much your Doctor knows about hormones. If you are a breast cancer patient ask them about E1, E2, E3 and ask them to test your DHEA levels, progesterone levels, testosterone levels, cortisol levels and all TSH, T3, T4, Reverse T3; white cell count. i have this done every six months and i monitor the changes with my Doctor.

    by the way, my liver pathology in 2015 showed 'normal' no problems. it was a surprise when a CT scan (for another reason) showed a 30mm focal nodule hyperplasia on sector 7 of my liver and my liver was deemed 'severe fatty liver' (pre cancer it was mild fatty liver). My then GP was very surprised that the liver blood test didnt show any signs of the changes or the nodule. be strong, trust your instincts, advocate for your health. keep looking until you find the right holistic practitioner with an open mind and ongoing knowledge.

  • Author Icon
    Suzanne Jenkins

    I have been a fan of Dr. Brownstein for many years.
    Would appreciate the names of the labs running good iodine testing.
    Many of us use Life Extension (which uses Lab Corp) to order the majority of our blood work. However,
    Lab Corp’s iodine testing based on Dr. Brownstein’s requirements is not adequate. Many of us are
    competent biohackers and prefer to find labs that provide services directly to the public.
    Thank you.

  • Author Icon

    Thanks for the timely reminders about the dangers of ‘fake’ hormones and the need for iodine.
    The apparent over diagnosis of breast cancer leading to possibly over reactive invasive surgeries and subsequent therapies is quite concerning.
    What do you recommend as the most effective method to check for breast cancer?( I have heard that thermal testing is not thorough and miss signs.)

    • Author Icon

      I think thermography can be utilized as an initial screen. Mammograms, Ultrasound, and MRI can also be used or used as follow-up tests to thermography.
      Over the years, mammograms have missed as many cancers as thermography in my practice.

  • Author Icon
    Mike S.

    So if over 90% pts are iodine deficient what would be a safe dose for both men and women to prevent breast cancer and for guys prostate cancer , with use of Tri-iodine ? Is it absolutely necessary to run a iodine level before starting any iodine therapy ? If not what lab test do your recommend and what iodine text do you think is best . Both wife and I live in Great lakes Erie near Cleveland so assuming those demographics are of the same with your pts in Michigan.?

    • Author Icon

      It is best to work with an iodine-literate practitioner. I have found from 12-50 mg/day to be the adequate for most. However, I suggest working with a health care practitioner before starting it.

  • Author Icon

    Thank you, Dr. B!

    Dietary and environmental factors are certainly worthy of consideration however until we accept the psyche/mind-brain-body connection these other factors will not directly address the actual root-cause of cancer as an intelligent, biological survival program that is launched by the brain via the impact of a sudden, unexpected and overwhelming shock conflict. This connection between physical “disease” and the psyche has been very well identified based on the original findings of Dr, Hamer:

    The research from Dr. R.G. Hamer shows us that there are two kinds of breast cancer. We have breast gland cancer and we also have milk duct (intra-ductal) cancer. Each of these cancers has its origins in different areas of the brain and they each consist of different embryonic germ layers (histological formations).


    Breast gland cancer has its relay in the cerebellum and will form compact adenoid tumors that consist of the old mesodermal germ layer. Milk duct cancer has its relay in the cerebral cortex, (the sensory cortex to be more exact) will develop squamous epithelium carcinomas and is derived from the ectodermal germ layer.

    These manifestations are in accordance with the rules of laterality. To be more precise, a right handed woman will respond with the left breast if she has a mother-child conflict or a daughter-mother conflict and will respond with the right breast if she has a partner conflict. Her partners include her life’s partner as in husband, a friend, her brother, sister, her father, or even her business partner. The opposite breast will be affected in a left handed woman.

    We do not develop either intra-ductal or breast gland cancer without reason. The specific nature or feeling behind the conflict will determine precisely what brain location will receive the impact of the conflict-shock (DHS) and whether it will be the duct or the gland affected.

    Breast gland cancer has to do with the woman’s nest in the sense that she has a “worry”, “quarrel or argument” going on in her nest. The worry could be over a health concern of a loved one, or even being thrown out of the nest by her mother! The overall issue concerned however is really a separation from a loved one.

    Milk duct cancer has quite specifically to do with the conflict of, “my child, mother, or partner has been torn from my breast!” Again it is a separation conflict and the rules of laterality also apply here.


    As previously mentioned, each of these cancers have a different histological formation and have their relays in different brain locations.

    Since breast gland cancer has it’s origin in the cerebellum, or old brain, the tissue starts to augment from the time of the onset of the actual conflict, and will stop growing as soon as the conflict has been resolved.

    In contrast, intra-ductal cancer has it’s origin in the sensory cortex (cerebrum) or new brain and develops ulcers or cell degeneration in the squamous epithelial tissue of the milk duct during the conflict active phase. As soon as the conflict has been resolved, this tissue goes through the repair phase and begins to augment the squamous epithelial cells that will swell and eventually obstruct the milk duct and form a so called tumor. If the manifestation goes unnoticed, the so called tumor will either degrade or calcify and no longer be a concern.

    In some cases the entire sensory cortex may be affected in the patient and she may display some very specific skin problems on the inside of her arm, hand, belly and inside leg, if there is a mother-child separation conflict. If she has a partner separation conflict, she could develop skin problems on the outside of her arm, or leg. The side of her body affected will depend on her laterality (left or right handedness).

    The biological sense behind these manifestations has to do with where she may sit a child (on her lap), cradle the child (in her arms) according to her laterality, or where a partner is concerned, which side she may use to defend, slap, or push him or her away.:

    • Author Icon

      Thanks. However…nearly one in seven women (breast) and one in three men (prostate) point to some common factor that is affecting the entire country. Stress has been with us for a very long time. Breast cancer has not (to this extent).

  • Author Icon

    I agree with every thing.
    Since I moved to the USA from Europe 10 years ago at 50, I feel terrible. After about 5 years, I started feeling worse and worse. I don’t even know what to eat anymore. When I go back to Europe, and eat…I feel heart again! What’s going on???
    I. Any get my US docs to prescribe a ultra sound or thermal imaging for my breast. They will only prescribe a mammogram , which I refuse. So I’m dropped like a hot potatoe.
    Iodine is so complicated and there is so much different iodine products out there…who can slog through all that?
    I’m fast losing hope over here.

  • Author Icon

    When I take 3mg iodine it pushes up the TSH

    How can I use Iodine when this happens? My dr thinks I’m more hypo

    I use 60mg of Armour thyroid

    • Author Icon

      Read my book. I cover that topic. Elevated TSH’s with iodine therapy is normal and expected (at least in the beginning).

  • Author Icon
    Larry Parks

    DR., Your thoughts on nascent iodine. Is it sufficient 2 drops a day for the most part? 1950 mcg per drop. I ‘ve been on and off with it for a few years. I feel like some is better than none, but I don’t know that you ever mention this form of intake.

    • Author Icon

      I do not think nascent iodine is strong enough in our toxic world. Iodine requirements are higher than what is in nascent iodine.

    • Author Icon

      Thank goodness I found one of your videos 2 months ago via The Lucy Rose clinic in Aust, it prompted me to ask so many questions. 12 months ago I was diagnosed with a multi modular goiter. 2x 10 mm nodules and 1 cyst, plus a sudden onset of high blood pressure. I have always struggled with fatigue, sudden weight gain and trouble losing weight, even though I am a consistent exerciser and healthy eater. My thyroid hormones measured normal, (TSH slightly elevated) so I was told there was nothing to be done, but repeat ultrasound in 12 months. The nodules put me on high alert so I asked for a mammogram, and told at 42 you are young fit and healthy it would be considered over the top given I exercise regularly etc. 6 months later feb 2019 I was diagnosed with a stage 1 ductal carcinoma, found because I had a gut feeling something is not right, I felt constantly exhausted, kept gaining weight, and puffy. Post surgery and radiotherapy now I have just discovered after iodine test I am severely deficient, plus very low vit d levels. It is all now making a lot of sense, my body was a disaster waiting to happen.
      My question is will increasing my iodine intake also help the nodules heal as well as help prevent bc returning? I am just starting a supplement program after a full functional heath screening, plus taking tamoxifen. Also any plans on coming to Australia next year?
      Thanks Jo

      • Author Icon

        HI Jo,
        Iodine can help prevent/treat cysts and nodules in all the glandular tissues. And, I think iodine deficiency is one of the major factors behind the epidemic of breast cancer we are seeing.

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