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Vaccine Choice or Vaccine Mandate? Watch My Video And You Decide.

Last Thursday (10.25.18) I lectured to the Michigan for Vaccine Choice group at their annual fundraising meeting, ‘The Vaccine Choice Empowerment Symposium’. I wanted to present a case that we need to have vaccine choice available to all of us.




Did you know that in 1953, the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule from birth through the age of 6 years was 16 doses of just 4 vaccines? Fast forward to 2013 and the CDC’s recommended schedule is now 50 doses of 14 vaccines starting at birth! Why?!


Folks! We do not need government mandates dictating what is injected into our bodies. In my lecture, I break everything down for you so that you can understand why the CDC’s point of view about vaccines could not be further from the truth.


Watch my video and let me know your views. Your opinion counts! ~DrB



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David Brownstein, M.D.

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    Laura Givens

    Dr. Brownstein you are fantastic!! Like some of the others said, the video was very difficult to hear. You are completely correct and on point about vaccines. I appreciate all your work. I wish ALL drs had the knowledge you do. Keep doing what you’re doing. Please keep putting up videos. I do hope the audio will be better 🙂

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    I was just finally able to watch your presentation. As others had mentioned, it was very hard to hear, as well as difficult to see many of the projected images. I hope you will be able to give the presentation again and get a better video. I didn’t mind struggling to hear because I have been following you (reading books and blogs) for some time and I was motivated to stick with the difficult conditions of the video. Unfortunately, some of the people I would like to share the video with, who don’t have any knowledge of you, would probably be less likely to bear with it since it was extremely difficult to hear.

    Thank you for what you’re doing. I appreciate your willingness to stand up for truth and stick your neck out, knowing you will be maligned by some.

    Yesterday my son (26) told me that one of my cousins who is an R.N. told him recently that the author of one of the first studies linking vaccines to autism has come out saying that the study results were altered. I wonder if my cousin, and others in the medical field, were told the opposite of the truth, and that really it may have been this whistleblower saying the opposite. People can say anything, others believe it and spread it around, and only one in a million will try to verify the story.

    I will try to find out more about what my cousin said. Whatever the truth is, my son now believes that the main study showing a link between autism and vaccines was manipulated. He has had bad experiences with modern medicine and with natural medicine and thinks all of them are just out to make lots of money and doesn’t trust anyone.

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    Janis Ray

    Great presentation! Thank you so much for your stand!
    I’m a R.N. and was in shock when I learned doctors were giving vaccines to pregnant women. I was taught to tell pregnant women to not even drink a caffeinated drink!
    Keep up the great work and keep making those phone calls! You’re making a difference!
    God Bless!

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    Excellent presentation. I agree with your message, and I like your Wizard of Oz analogy. I am very concerned to hear that doctors, who speak out on the truth about vaccines, risk losing their license to practice medicine. Corrupt and/or incompetent regulatory boards need to be cleaned out and re-populated with people who know the truth and have a genuine concern for public health.

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    Ira Goodman, MD


    Great lecture especially the graphs about pre vaccine disease reduction. What do you think of the shingles vaccine. They are promoting it as ” 97% effective” . So misleading. No control group. Will email privately. Ira

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    Suzanne McKenzie

    I have been fighting this since my son was a baby. He is now 47 years old.
    His doctor had a child the same age. Neither of us stuffed them with poison. My child got a Rubella shot when he was three years old. Never had another until he was in college. Also never drank fluoride in his water or was fed junk food. He is healthy, great teeth, and a PhD scientist himself.

    Government has no right telling us what to put into our bodies when they lie straight on for big agriculture and pharma. Monsanto should be out of business, not sold to another poison manufacturer.

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    Stephanie Jasky

    I couldn’t agree more. ANY form of forcible healthcare is unacceptable in my opinion. This idea that those who choose not to vaccinate risk the health of other people who have vaccinated, and therefore, supposedly have immunity, defies logic. The promulgation of this sort of thinking is nothing but fear-mongering. Freedom over our bodies, freedom of speech….freedom in general is an endangered species and it is frightening.

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    Jim Forward

    I agree about the transcription and picture – I could not understand most of your speech unfortunately! I agree that vaccines containing any even possibly toxic substances should not be mandated, and especially when the health system is being run by those motivated by profit over human life.
    Thank you for the efforts you continue to make to bring the truth about the pharmaceutical companies to the public!

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    Penny West

    I just read J.R.Handley’s book, How tho End the Autism Epidemic. It clearly explains the herd immunity fallacy as well as the danger from the aluminum adjuvants. Every pregnant woman and young mother needs to read this book. We must protect our children and not expect the government to do it for us.

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    Nancy P

    Mandatory vaccination of any type violates informed consent, for, if you are presented with both the pro’s/con’s, therefore, you also have the right to refuse any treatment. Mandatory Vaccination goes against the
    Nuremberg Code as well, of which the U.S. were signers.

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    Dr. B!
    Wish I had a transcript of your talk because the audio was a challenge for me to hear. Also the camera position left a lot to be desired and apparently it wasn’t set on a tripod.

    In any case – re: the topic: “Vaccine Choice or Vaccine Mandate?” – The truth of this issue all depends on the individual and how they identify themselves.

    If an individual knows who they are as an American-born “free-inhabitant” (see the second Organic Law) who is not government property then they have their innate freedom of choice and can Lawfully stand firm with their choices. However – if the individual only believes what the government tells them – that they are a “citizen” of the federal government (under the “14th Amendment” ) then I am very sorry but you just volunteered to be a “person” who is wholly subject to whatever “mandates” come rolling down Capital hill!

    Nevertheless you truly have the choice as to how you identify yourself, if only you can hear it, see it! Once you make a conscious choice about your status then you’ll either have more choices in regards to external governmental “mandates” or virtually none.

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    David Weiner

    I quite agree. We do not need government vaccine mandates. We do not need government vaccine recommendations or disease tracking. In fact, we would be far better off without them. Let there be a separation of vaccines and state.

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