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Why Salt Is GOOD For You and 5 Healthy Ways To Use It

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The first step to optimizing your health is to ensure the adequate intake of healthy salt and water. I firmly believe that salt and water form the foundation for any health treatment plan. It is impossible to achieve your optimal health in a dehydrated and salt-deficient state. All functions of the body, including the immune system, hormonal system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system depend on adequate salt and water intake for optimal functioning.

Low salt diets are promoted by conventional medicine as part of a healthy diet. However, low salt diets are not associated with a reduction in blood pressure for the vast majority of the population. In addition, low-sodium diets have adverse effects on numerous metabolic markers, which lead to elevated insulin levels & insulin resistance.

Low-salt diets have been associated with elevating total cholesterol & LDL cholesterol levels which, in turn, have been associated with increases in cardiovascular events. Finally, low-salt diets will lead to mineral deficiencies & the development of chronic disease.

What conventional doctors and most mainstream organizations have failed to grasp is the vast difference between refined and unrefined salt.


salt shakerRefined salt, including refined sea salt, kosher salt & salt substitutes are your standard white table salts. These are not healthful substances for the body. Refined salt has been stripped of all its minerals and bleached to assure a long shelf life. Refined salt always has a pure white color. Due to the manufacturing process, refined salt is contaminated with toxic sodium ferrocyanide, ammonium citrate, and aluminum silicate. Refined salt needs to be avoided. It is a toxic, dangerous substance that provides the body with little nutritional benefit.



Sea saltUnrefined salt is typically light grey in color due to its high concentration of essential minerals. It undergoes a gentle harvesting process to ensure that this salt contains healthy minerals and other elements which naturally occur in salt. Unrefined salt contains over 80 trace minerals, and supplies the body with the PROPER balance of sodium chloride. It is a vital substance for the body. Unrefined salt should be your salt of choice. Celtic Light Grey Sea Salt by The Salt & Grain Society, Redmond’s Real Salt, and Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt are excellent sources of unrefined salt.


For optimal health benefits, it is ideal to ingest unrefined salt throughout the day. I recommend that the average-size adult consume between ½- 1 teaspoon of unrefined salt daily. A suggestion I make to my patients is to place the daily amount of unrefined salt in a bowl or Ziploc bag so that you can see it. By the end of the day, it should be gone. Unrefined salt is terrific for cooking, is a delicious seasoning for popcorn, and is a comforting beverage when added to hot tea water

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Patients with kidney failure should consult with their physician before adding unrefined salt in their diet).

You will find that unrefined salt tastes great and has a light, naturally seasoned flavor due to its high mineral content! Unrefined salt may be used in a multitude of ways which I would like to share with you:

1. Suffering from Allergic Rhinitis (runny nose)? Try this remedy:
– Combine 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic Light Grey Sea Salt & 1/4 teaspoon of Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda.
– Mix with 8oz of water and use as a nasal spray.
– Helps lubricate and stop drainage of the nasal passages.
– Also acts an antibacterial agent
– Salt has antihistamine properties.

2. Try this natural way to treat bug bites (including bee stings) this summer. My family and I love to be outdoors and we are prone to all kinds of bug bites. This remedy has worked wonders for us, time and time again:
– In a small bowl combine warm water and mix with Celtic Sea Salt to create a PASTE.
– Apply the paste to affected area.
– Pain & itching will be lessened.

3. For all you athletes, get rid of the ‘Gatorade’ and try this natural sports drink alternative! This is great for muscle cramps, as well:
– Take 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt, mix with an 8 ounce glass of pure water and drink it before you work out.
– If your exercise caused you to sweat excessively, do the same after your work out.

4. A natural remedy for asthma. I have personally found this regimen to be helpful with my own asthma:
– At the onset of wheezing, add ¼ teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt to a glass of water and drink.
– Repeat in 15-30 minutes.

5. If you have trouble sleeping, try this natural sleep remedy. It has been a simple yet effective way to treat insomnia for my patients:
– Add 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt to a glass of warm water and drink.
– This combination acts as a natural hypnotic agent.

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A final note:

This is a quote that was written thousands of years ago. It really speaks to the heart of holistic medicine:

‘The superior physician helps before the early budding of the disease…. The inferior physician begins to help when the disease has already developed.’

Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine
Huang Ti Nei Ching Su Won
2697-2597 BC

To Everyone’s Good Health!

– Dr. David Brownstein

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David Brownstein, M.D.

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